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In Too Deep

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Fair Lake Academy was established as a safe place for supernaturals to study their powers, so why is Freya instantly suspicious? Going undercover as a student, will she uncover Fair Lake's secrets, or will she just land herself in danger? With seemingly everyone out to get her and a shock from her past, will she be able to survive? Surrounded by death, will love prevail?

Fantasy / Romance
Sonia Stokes
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

As I walked through the cast iron gates of Fair Lake Academy for the first time, I think back on my reason for coming here. It could end up being a complete waste of time, but we’ll see. Fair Lake is an educational facility for supernatural beings, its purpose is to help people like me, to help hide our powers from humans, to avoid exposure, and to prevent unexplainable incidents.

Even with my extensive research in to the Academy, I still wasn’t able to dig up any dirt on the place. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Past and current students provided this place with an exemplary reputation, they all seem to highly recommend the facilities and seem to genuinely believe the teachers here helped them to develop their powers.

I couldn’t help but think this all sounded too good to be true. A campus full of supernatural beings and there seems to be no bad blood amongst the students or faculty at all, no fights or altercations have been reported in all the years it’s been open. None that are on record anyway.

So either, the people running this place have a handle on everything and anything that goes on here to prevent any issues, or someone’s covering for them. I know which I’d vote for. Multiple different races of super naturals don’t tend to coexist for long, our history is full of stories of wars.

I’m sceptical about the idea of an Academy such as this, that amount of power all in one place, is bound to spell trouble. My curiosity couldn’t keep me away.

“Hey, are you new here?” I glanced in the direction of the voice that had interrupted my thoughts, the guy was about the same age as me, 18 and was only a few inches taller than me. His small brown eyes were hidden by his rectangular glasses, and his black hair hung in a mess at the sides of his face. His plain dark blue shirt and black jeans, weren’t exactly clothes that would make him stand out in a crowd, which I figured was the point.

His gaze lingered a little too long, his eyes traveling down the length of my body. I can’t particularly blame him I suppose. Unlike him, I do not dress to blend in. My figure hugging top and tight jeans, paired with knee high boots, isn’t exactly going to make me blend in with the crowd. He was still staring wide-eyed at me, I raised an eyebrow, letting him know it hadn’t gone unnoticed. He blushed and looked down at the ground.

Although I don’t particularly wish to talk to the boy, it would be considered rude not to answer, and besides, I might need him for something later on, you never know.

“Have you seen me around here before?” He looked up in surprise at my answer. Well I said it would be rude not to answer, I didn’t say I was going to let him off for staring at my body, not that easily anyway.

“Um er, well no. Stupid question I guess.” He stared back at the ground again, clearly waiting for me to say something and seemed more than a little put out that I hadn’t yet. Perhaps my response was a tad harsh. Whilst sympathy isn’t my best trait, I decided to try and be a little nicer to the guy. Despite his initial reaction of staring at me, he seemed harmless enough, and he did go out of his way to greet me.

“What is your name?” I asked, to break the silence.

“Lucas.” He replied, finally meeting my eyes again.

“Well Lucas, I’m Freya.” I said. I hear a few wolf whistles from the crowds that we pass as we head further on to the campus grounds. A strange look crosses Lucas’ face.

“Hey Freya, just say if you’d rather I leave you alone.” He stared back down at the ground again.

“Why would I do that?” I asked, not following this new line of conversation, I stayed out of his mind to try and allow him his privacy.

“I’m not exactly popular around here.” Lucas told me.

‘I don’t know why I even bothered; she is totally out of my league. I hope she does walk away so I don’t make a fool out of myself.’ I heard him think. Ok so staying out of his mind didn’t exactly last long. I’m aware that spying on someone’s thoughts isn’t exactly advised, you can never guess what you might find lurking there, but I can’t always help myself.

“You shouldn’t think so little of yourself. What makes you think I care so much about popularity?” I asked him.

“It’s not just me, everyone thinks it. And because you’re pretty, and you seem like the type.” I ignored that last comment and pursued a different line of questioning.

“You would know this how? Because you’re a mind reader?” He gave me a strange look.

“For all you know I could be.” Lucas said and smiled at me; he actually has quite a nice smile, I can’t sense anything dark or evil about him, unlike most people I cross paths with. He would be a good person to hang out with whilst I endure my tedious classes. Hmmm but he wants to play it that way does he? Two can play at that game. I smile back at him.

“Ok, so if you’re a mind reader, what am I thinking right now?” His smile falters, seriously? How could he not have seen that coming?

“Um, er, um, well.” I gave off a little laugh at him stumbling over his words. I couldn’t help it.

“You walked right in to that one, but calm down I know you’re not a mind reader, I know what power you have.” I told him and his forehead creased as he frowned.

“Oh.” Was his only reply. I just raise an eyebrow questioningly. He sighs but answers my silent question. “My power is useless.” I happen to disagree with him, I know Lucas has an elemental power to control water, which certainly has its uses.

“Really? What powers do you think are useful?” I asked.

“Well, mind reading I guess.” Interesting…

“You’re right.” He looks at me questioningly, so I continue, “Mind reading is useful-”

“See.” He interrupts me.

“Let me finish” I say with maybe a little more force than necessary. He shuts up instantly. “Mind reading is useful. But have you ever tried drowning people with their thoughts?” I asked. He looked shocked at what I was suggesting.

“How did you know what my power is? I would never-” He begins.

“I know.” I’m the one who interrupts this time, “You’re too nice, I’m just making my point.” I ignore his question. Best not to mention that unlike him, I have used that power to drown many opponents in the past, it’s quite effective. He studies me silently.

“I get the feeling that there is more than meets the eye with you.” Lucas observed. I smiled.

“What else does your feeling tell you?” I ask.

“That it would be a mistake to ask what that is.” I couldn’t help laughing again.

“See, I am right, you are smart.” I stated.

“You never said-” He began.

“I know, but I was thinking it. Which you would have known if you were a mind reader.” I said and wink at him with a laugh. He smiled and shook his head. “So you have two powers then.” Lucas looked at me questioningly.

“You control water and you have a good sense of those around you. You use the latter less as you are not as aware of it.” By the look on his face he may not have actually been aware of it at all. Oops.

“I have never heard of that kind of power before. And you managed to get all of this from talking to me for 5 minutes?” He asked, his eyebrows raising in shock.

“Yes.” Lucas expected me to elaborate. I didn’t. Lucas showed me to the office so I could get my schedule. On my way to my first class, he gave me a brief tour of the campus.

“Do you need me to walk you to your next class as well?” He offers, how sweet. I can tell by the look in his eyes he hoped I’d say yes. I’m sure I wouldn’t actually need him to, I could easily find my own way.

“Yeah that would be great, thanks.” I reply. Lucas seemed shocked, but glad. I walk in to my first lesson, Maths, and everyone stops talking and stares at me. Oh joy. I don’t even know why I’m even surprised, this happens every time. The whispers start instantly. Rumours about me already perhaps? That might actually be a new record, I only just walked through the front gates. I walk up to the teacher’s desk.

“Class be settled please.” The teacher demands. I started to sort through information in his mind to give me more information on my new teacher. It’s an invasion of privacy I know and I would absolutely hate it if anyone did it to me but being able to slip in to people’s heads undetected is just too tempting to pass up.

I found out that he is a 200 year old vampire. He was getting quite tired of living after watching all of his friends and family die, but then he tried teaching and found that he had quite a passion for it.

Hmmm well this should be interesting. Let’s see how much he enjoys teaching me. I have been known to challenge and or publicly irritate my teachers. After a few classes they decided that teaching wasn’t the right career choice for them. Of course, they were all human, but we’ll see what happens.

“Class, we have a new student with us today.” He motioned to me. If they couldn’t work out that he meant me then I’m seriously worried about their intelligence level.

“This is Freya. Freya why don’t you tell the class a little bit about yourself.” The teacher suggested.

“I’d rather not.” I replied bluntly.

“Why is that?” He asked as if he hadn’t heard me right.

“It’s none of their business.” The whispers started up in the class again, this probably wasn’t going to help with the rumours.

“What about your last name?” He asked.

“No.” I answered bluntly, he sighed.

“Why not?” He didn’t seem very pleased with my answers, I’m not particularly surprised.

“I don’t have one.” He squinted his eyes, analysing me, but continued trying to get me to share something about myself.

“Would you like to tell the class what kind of supernatural you are?” Everyone looked interested now. I heard everyone’s thoughts all mixed together. Many appearing more than once –

‘What power does the new girl have?’

’What is her problem with Mr. Bentlen?

‘Why was she talking to that loser Lucas?’

That last one bothered me, people can be so cruel.

But I answered simply.

“No.” The teacher looked a bit impatient now. I get the feeling he isn’t disobeyed often.

“Why is that?” He asked again.

“Because it’s none of yours or their-” I glared around the room “-business.” Mr. Bentlen folded his arms across his chest and looked me straight in the eyes and I returned a steady stare of my own. I felt a little tickle at the edges of my mind.

“Isn’t it considered kind of rude to try and enter someone’s mind without their permission, Mr. Bentlen?” He looked taken aback at being caught and the class started to whisper again.

“Quiet.” Mr Bentlen ordered and the class fell silent. So, the class fear this vampire teacher do they? Can’t think why.

“How do you know my name?” He asked. My gaze was starting to make him suspicious.

“It’s on my schedule, and on your desk.” I gestured to the metal name plate. At least this way I didn’t have to confess to reading the minds of the other students. The class laughed, then silenced instantly at a glare from Mr. Bentlen. He looked kind of embarrassed at being so foolish but he hid it well. But not quite well enough, I couldn’t help but smile a little.

Mr. Bentlen motioned me to an empty seat. Right next to a guy wearing a sports team jacket, oh great, a jock. Mr Bentlen set some work from a textbook and the chatter started up again.

“Do you need any help?” The jock next to me asked, his eyes travelling down my body, resting on my chest. “My name is Johnny, but everyone calls me Jo.” The real question he wanted to ask me was, ‘do you want to hook up later, maybe we can skip out early?’ Which I had taken directly out of his head. Hell no was the answer to that. I looked down at the work for the first time since it was set, Algebra.

“No I’m okay thank you; I’ve done this before.” And even if I hadn’t, taking maths lessons from him would be a bad idea. His thoughts led me to believe he had no idea how to complete the task that was set. I thought it would be almost entertaining if I took him up on the offer of help, where would he have actually gone with it, considering he had no idea how to solve the equations in front of us?

“So what’s your name?” He asked. Did the teacher not just introduce me like 5 minutes ago? I expect Jo was too busy looking at my body.

“Freya.” I answered anyway. There was no point in being sarcastic to this guy, it would be a complete waste of my energy.

“So, Freya. Are you new here?” For flip sake! This guy is a complete moron! And I have to sit next to this idiot every lesson? Oh geez someone help me.

“Have you seen me around before?” I say repeating my words from earlier but with a little more force. He wasn’t expecting that answer. Am I to have this conversation a lot today? Because if so I might just punch someone. Which would cause a lot of damage to that persons face.

“So, uh, you got a last name?” I think it might be Jo that I punch. I decided to just ignore him this time, he seemed a bit put out but decided to talk to a pretty blonde sat on his other side instead, deciding that I would be a little more difficult to get in to bed then he originally thought. Guys like that bug me. I focussed on the work that was set and the time soon sped by.

I met Lucas outside of maths and he walked me to English. I could tell from his demeanour that something was bothering him.

“Hey are you alright?” I asked.

“Um, yeah. I’m fine. Do you mind if I get going because my class is on the other side of campus.” He stammered.

“Oh yeah sure, see you at break?” I asked.

“Alright, cool.” He said while plastering a fake smile on his face. I knew what was bothering him, I just wanted to know if he would tell me. Then again, we only met an hour ago. I can’t exactly expect him to want to open up to me about his problems already. Bearing in mind that I hardly know him, perhaps I shouldn’t get involved?

I walked in to English and spoke to the teacher, there was no introducing myself nonsense this time, just showed me to my seat. Next to yet another jock. Seriously? This is not my day. But he was in the middle of flirting with his girlfriend so I’m safe. For now.

“Hey.” A small voice said in greeting from my right. I turned to see a tiny girl with dark brown hair and small brown eyes. She was 17 but looked even younger. It didn’t help that she is meant to be in the year bellow but got moved up, I found out from digging in her mind.

“Hey, I’m Freya.” I decided to be nice to this girl. It turns out she doesn’t have many friends in her year or this one. Which is understandable, I can imagine advancing beyond your peers doesn’t generally result in a large group of friends. She smiled.

“I’m Violet.”

“So what are we working on in this class?” I asked.

“Macbeth.” She replied.

“Ahhhhh.” I said with a smile.

“You like this play.” It wasn’t a question but I answered it anyway.

“Yeah it’s one of my favourite Shakespeare plays.” I told her.

She tilted her head to the side as she looked at me.

“A play filled with murder, betrayal, ghosts and witches is your favourite play?” She questioned. I bit my lip, considering how this made me sound.

“Yeah, I guess that makes my taste sound a bit questionable?” I shrugged, Violet laughed.

“If it does then it doesn’t say much for my either, I love this play too.” She smiled at me.

Violet showed me where the class had gotten to in the play and let me use her notes to help me.

“So where have you moved from?” She asked. Then after a thought she added, “If you don’t mind me asking.” I searched her mind to see if she had heard about my conversation with Mr. Bentlen but she just didn’t want to be rude.


“That’s amazing, I’ve always wanted to go there, what is it like?” Violet asked me.

“Alright I guess.” I said with a shrug.

“Oh really? I thought it would be a beautiful place to visit.” Violet seemed disappointed by my dismissive response.

“Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful place, but the novelty wears off after a while. It just becomes another place.” I explained.

“I guess you’ve moved around a lot?” She asked.

“You could say that.”

“What’s the favourite place you’ve lived?” Violet asked. I think for a minute, that’s a much harder question then she realises. There have been so many places, not many of them good at all.

“Anywhere in the countryside. I love the woods, and it’s a lot less crowded than cities. Have you ever lived anywhere else?” I asked, trying to deflect the questions away from me.

“No, I’ve always lived in England, my family aren’t much for moving around.” Violet said.

“You’re lucky.” She gave me a questioning look, I decided to change the direction of the conversation before she could ask me any difficult questions. “Although, the shopping in Paris is amazing, that’s for sure.” I say with a smile thinking about how much I spent, which is better not to think about actually. She laughed.

“I bet it is, I know what I’m like when I go shopping.” She frowned and in her head she was also remembering how much she had spent on her last shopping trip, and how annoyed her parents were when they found out. We spent most of the class talking, and not about Macbeth like we should’ve been, the bell went and we packed up our stuff.

“Hey do you have anyone to hang out with?” She asked me.

“Yeah I’m hanging out with this guy Lucas that I met earlier.” She seemed surprised, but knew exactly who I was talking about. “If you want to come hang out with us then you are welcome to. I don’t really know a lot of people here, and by what I’ve seen so far most are jerks.” That made her laugh and in her mind she agreed with me.

“Sure that would be great, thanks.” She replied. We dropped by the office on our way as I wanted to transfer one of my classes.

“Already got a class you think you won’t like?” Violet asked.

“Something like that.” It was easy enough to change my class and then we headed out to the courtyard to try and find Lucas. “I think I know where he might be.” I said to Violet.

When he gave me a tour earlier he mentioned a place he likes to hang out. We walked around the outside of the cafeteria building and sure enough there he was, sitting on the ground leaning against the wall. He was so deep in thought he didn’t even hear us approach.

“Hey, Earth to Lucas.” I said with a smile and a wave.

“Hey Freya.” He looked beside me. “Oh Violet, hey, hi.” He stammered. Smooth Lucas, real smooth. I fished for information in their minds, I knew they both liked each other, but they have never really spoken more than a few words to one another. I will never understand this type of behaviour. If you like someone, talking to them is usually a good starting point. “So, making friends already I hear.” He wasn’t referring to Violet, he had heard about Maths.

“Is the response - the jock was an asshole he deserved it good enough?” I wouldn’t have thought me blanking that idiot Jo would’ve travelled around through gossip already. It wasn’t that big of a deal was it?

“The jock? I meant your conversation with Mr. Bentlen, no one stands up to that teacher. What’s this about a jock?” Oops.

“Aw. Everyone’s scared of the big, bad vampire?” I asked fake mockingly, I ignored his question, best not to get in to that situation.

“How do you know he’s a vampire?” Lucas asked, wide-eyed.

“Oh come on. It’s totally obvious.” I replied, trying to dodge yet another question.

“How so?” He asked. Damn, he wasn’t letting this one go.

“Well you pointed out yourself that everyone is scared of him. It was either that he is a vampire or the entire class is a bunch of wimps. Although thinking about it, those points probably aren’t mutually exclusive.” They laughed.

“So what was that about a jock? What happened, who was it and is he still able to walk?” I was shocked, but laughed anyway, how does he know me so well already? Perhaps I’m getting too predictable.

I was about to answer him when I saw a rugby ball flying towards Lucas’ head. I spun, and caught it in mid-air a few inches from his face. The dumbass jock that threw it looked stunned. I threw it back at him. Hard. It hit him right in the stomach and he barrelled over, winded. Damn I should’ve aimed lower.

“Remind me never to get on your bad side.” Lucas commented, shocked.

“You think that’s my bad side?” I laughed. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of that and remained quiet.

A gang of jocks came over to us, including the one that I hit with the ball now that he had recovered, although he will have a nasty bruise. He’s lucky I didn’t break any of his ribs. Violet and Lucas stood by my sides as the jocks got closer.

“What the hell was that?” One of them asked. He thought he was tough, let’s see about that. I took a step forward.

“Well that was me, testing your star quarterbacks’ reflexes. Not looking too good is it?” The one who spoke first, whose name is James, was fuming. Lucas tried to hide a laugh with a cough and failed miserably. James didn’t particularly like that very much.

“You’re new here. So I think you need to be taught the rules. We are at the top of the social ladder. Newbies who do not yet have a social status are right at the bottom of the student body, even below your loser friends here.” He said with a smirk and his mates laughed along with him.

“Oh really?” I asked.

“Yeah that’s right.” I could almost smell his arrogance, maybe it’ll be James that I punch instead.

“Well I don’t give a shit.” They didn’t seem to like that reply either. Oh well, they weren’t really meant to. James took a step closer to me, he was towering over me now, most would find it intimidating and I think that was what he was going for. I remained unflinching.

“I think you need putting in your place.” James said, trying to act cool. A crowd of students began forming around us, not wanting to miss out on any drama going on.

“And I’m guessing you’re going to be the one to do that are you?” I laughed.

“Hey mate that sounds like a challenge to me, are you going to let her talk to you like that?” One of his friends encouraged him.

I heard James’ thoughts and that was a clear ′hell no’.

“Yeah that’s right.” James said to me with a smirk, answering my question.

“Well James, how is this for putting someone in their place?” I asked and I took a step closer, I was right in his face now; I lifted my leg ever so subtly and kneed him in the groin. He fell to the ground, his hands on his crotch. Well he won’t be using that department for a while, I thought with a smile. But for now I had bigger problems, most of the crowd either laughed or let out ‘ooooos’.

But the other jocks were not impressed. As one they all stepped forward, Lucas and Violet were pushed away and the jocks formed a circle around me. So, I’m getting in to a fight on my first day? Well, that’s definitely a new record, I’m impressed.

One guy threw a punch at my stomach and I caught his hand in my fist. The crowd were shocked but the jock whose hand I held, was more concerned about whether or not he was still going to be able to use it after I let go. I tightened my grip some more and I heard some of the bones break, none of the major ones though. Not yet. The crowd started cheering on their star athletes, all expecting them to win the fight. I’m not going to be sorry to disappoint them.

I heard movement behind me and another guy from the circle aimed a kick at the back of my legs to knock me off balance, I was faster. I dodged to the side and kicked backwards, connecting with his leg, which let out a loud crack as I snapped the bone, he fell to the ground in agony. Well, serves him right, attacking me from behind was a cheap shot.

Three more jocks charged at me, I grabbed the arm of the first one, using his own strength against him as I threw him to the ground, hearing a thud as his head connected with the concrete. The other two decided to attack as one, thinking this would double their chances. I disposed of them just as quickly, they soon joined their friends on the ground. It barely felt like a fight, I almost felt bad. Almost.

I knocked three others out and I was just finishing off the last one when someone grabbed me from behind and tried to pull me off of him. This guy was a lot stronger than the others, I was surprised I didn’t hear him approaching. I lashed out with my foot without even looking and hit my attacker in the leg, trying to knock him off balance. Other than a slight grunt the hit didn’t seem to faze him all that much, he grabbed my wrists and spun me around to face him. I expected to see another jock, but no.

It was Mr. Bentlen.

Oh crap.

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