My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 11

Mr Jackson and Smithy walked in not saying anything and sat down either side of the mahogany desk. They looked at each other in silence for a moment, neither wanting to be the first to speak. What is going on here?

“So, you wished to see me?” Smithy asked finally.

“Yes, I felt that we parted on bad terms the last time we spoke.” Mr Jackson answered.

“Yes well that discussion was necessary and I do not take back what I said. Have you amended the problem?” Smithy asked.

“We are working on a solution to make it best for everyone. I do understand your concerns. You should know that was not my intentions. The students were getting uneasy having someone around that would know all of their thoughts. This is a College where super naturals are supposed to feel safe.” Mr Jackson replied.

“Yes but do not forget this is also a place where super naturals are supposed to be allowed to make progress and adapt their powers. You, as the headmaster of this College need to make sure you best provide for your students, you cannot do anything that would limit their powers. I understand that your other students may have not been too happy about the situation, but instead of jumping to the solution that you did, you should have waited until you thought of something better for everyone involved. What you did didn’t just limit a student’s power, but cut it out entirely.” Smithy said seriously.

“I know that now. Can I ask you something Smithy?” Mr Jackson asked. Smithy just nodded cautiously. “You seem to know Thea well. She seems intensely secretive to us. She has shown signs of having powers that she will not admit to. We just wish to be informed on anything we should know.” Mr Jackson said.

“You said us.” Was all Smithy replied with.

“Excuse me?” He asked.

“You said ’she seems intensely secretive to us.’” Smithy repeated. Mr Jackson hesitated for a slight moment.

“I just meant the College staff, that’s all.” He said. “I have noticed that you and Thea are very close. How do you know her?” He added to change the subject.

“That is none of your business. I have known her for years. You, your staff and your students are not at risk from her.” Smithy stated.

“What kind of supernatural is she? I know she isn’t just a mind reader. What else is she hiding?” He asked Smithy leaning forwards slightly.

“If I did know anything that you do not about Thea then I would not betray her trust and tell you.” Smithy said matter of factly.

“So you know, and yet you will not share your knowledge. It will be your fault and yours alone if she hurts anybody.” Mr Jackson was raising his voice.

“I have told you that she is not a danger.” Smithy said rising to his feet.

“She has already hurt some of my pupils!”

“She has already said she wouldn’t cause any more trouble.” Smithy said.

Tell me what you know.” Mr Jackson demanded.

“There is nothing to know.” Smithy said angrily.

“So you don’t know about her eyes?” Mr Jackson said with a raised eyebrow. My eyes? How did he know about that? I had been careful so no one would see them here. The only person who knows is Bastien. But he wouldn’t tell him. Would he?

“There is nothing to know about her eyes.” Smithy said. The two men stared at each other.

“I’ll take that as a no then.” Mr Jackson said with a smirk.

“So what is it that you think you know about her eyes?” Smithy challenged. Mr Jackson thought it over for a minute.

“I’ll just let you wonder about that. If she hasn’t told you then I would recommend that you reconsider how much you trust her.” He said.

“Is this the only reason you called me in here for? To talk about Thea? All you need to know is that I trust her and that she is no risk to your staff or your pupils. Now if that is all I really should be going, I have work to do.” Smithy said.

“Very well.” Mr Jackson headed towards the door. Before Smithy turned to exit the room he looked at the door that I was hiding behind and looked right in to my eyes. My own eyes widened in surprise. How on Earth did he know I was here? Before I could figure this out he looked down at my feet. I looked down but didn’t see anything important, there was just an antique looking rug. I looked back up to Smithy and he mouthed ‘look under it’. And with that he turned and followed Mr Jackson out of the room.

When they were both gone I crouched down and pulled the rug back to reveal a trap door. Oh how cliché. It had a pad lock on it but considering I have the strength of a vampire it was easy enough for me to break. The compartment that the door hid wasn’t very deep and only held a dust covered book. I took it out and brushed it off. It was an ancient book with a title in another language. I turned the fragile pages and realised the book was in Latin and was filled with ancient spells and myths. What the hell was this doing here? And how did Smithy know about it? I checked for any other compartments in the hole in the floor but there were none. I kept hold of the book and closed the door and re-padlocked it. I then covered the door with the rug again so it looked the same as it did before.

I checked the office and corridors for people and realised that all was clear. I managed to get back to my room without anyone seeing me and no one knowing that I was there in the first place. Except for Smithy. I wonder how he knew I was there? That wasn’t important at the moment though. I had a lot of files to go through and a book, it wasn’t going to be easy though, a lot of the writing was faded from age. This is going to take a while.

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