My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 16

I could see the vision of the house in my mind that Brian had drawn in art class. With the red roses climbing up the walls looking beautiful even with their buds closed, framing the wooden oak door and going perfectly with the flowers growing in the garden. The stepping stones leading up to the door and the white fence surrounding the property.

But where we crouched, hiding in the surrounding forest that is not what I saw ahead of me. The delicate white fence was trampled to the ground mixing with the now dead flowers. The wooden oak door was hanging on for dear life by its hinges. And the beautiful roses hung down like a veil over the opening, as if morning the tragic disturbance that was bestowed upon this little fairy-tail like cottage. Guards surrounded every inch of the property with guns. Smithy tapped my shoulder and motioned for me to retreat further in to the woods so we could talk.

“Guards surrounding the entire house and there are bound to be many more on the inside.” Smithy said to me and I nodded. “If only we could get a look on the inside before attacking, it would make things so much easier.” He added.

“Give me a second and I may be able to.” I said to him. He raised an eyebrow in question but didn’t comment. I concentrated and mumbled a spell as quietly as I could in Latin. After a moment I was inside the house looking through Brian’s eyes. I could see the room that he was in, I could see everything in his direct line of sight, there was a guard straight in front of him and I could see another to his right. I couldn’t see anything else of note; I needed Brian to look around the room.

‘Brain, its Thea. I need you to stay calm and don’t react to my voice.’ I spoke directly in to his mind. ‘I have cast a spell that has allowed me to look through your eyes. I need you to do exactly as I say.’ I said to him, still speaking to him telepathically. ‘Now, as casually as you can I want you to look around the room. Do it slowly so the guards don’t think anything of it.’ I said and the scene in front of me began to change.

There were two more guards standing by the door facing inwards and two more directly behind them facing outwards. I could only just see past the guards which revealed a narrow hallway and I would guess that there were more guards at the other end positioned exactly the same as the ones guarding this room.

Brian turned his head left slowly and I saw a second door leading out of the room, the door was open and I could see that it in the room was a toilet and a sink, there was only one window and it was way too small for anyone to be able to fit through it. I came to the conclusion that there was only one exit from the room. Well, two if you counted the bigger window along the left side of the room but guards were stationed at that as well. Wow, they really weren’t taking any chances. How much exactly do they know about me?

‘Ok Brian thank you. Don’t worry; we will get you out of there soon.’ I said to him, speaking directly in to his mind still. I took one last look around the room to check that nothing had changed. The guards hadn’t thought anything of Brian’s wondering eyes so he was still safe. For now anyway.

Back in the forest I turned to Smithy, no longer looking through Brian’s eyes. I transferred all of this information in to Smithy’s and the other men’s minds so we wouldn’t be heard having a conversation.

“Ok so what’s the plan of action?” One of the men asked Smithy, instead of replying Smithy looked to me and nodded.

“A surprise attack. We need to ambush them from all angles.” I said and assigned each of the men a place to attack from.

“Where will you be?” Smithy asked me.

“Here is where the surprise part comes in. I am going to transport myself in to the room that Brian and his parents are in. All of the guards will rush to attack me and that is when you advance from the outside.” I said.

“That’s too dangerous.” Smithy argued.

“I don’t care, I’m doing it anyway.” I said to him leaving no room for argument.

“Thea-“ And yet he tries anyway.

“Smithy I trust you, do you trust me?” I asked him.

“You trust me?” He asked disbelievingly.

“Of course, after all we’ve been through, with all you’ve helped me with, would you really think anything different?” We were both silent for a moment when I heard someone clear their throat.

“Right, we have a rescue to carry out.” I said and Smithy nodded.

“Just give us a signal if you need help in there, don’t try and be a hero.” He advised me and I nodded.

“When you see the guards start running, attack.” I said to everyone there. “Right, I’m going in.” Were my parting words to them before I transported myself in to the room where Brian and his parents were being kept hostage.

The guards all raised their guns as one but I used my telekinesis power to get rid of them and crush them. They weren’t too fazed by that though and ran forward to attack me instantly. I managed to dispose of them easily but as more came it got a lot more difficult. It is very rare that I struggle in a fight but I can only move so fast and any time that I managed to kill one of the guards another would be on me before the body dropped to the ground. Even with using some of my powers at the same time as fighting them it didn’t seem to be helping much, more guards just kept coming. I didn’t understand how there were so many guards, my first guess would be that Smithy hadn’t realised yet but I could hear them fighting outside.

Bodies were cluttering the floor and I was taking more and more blows as time went on. I think I had finally met my limit. I was facing the open toilet room door; the guards I was fighting had their backs to it so they wouldn’t have been able to see what I did. Water begin pouring out of the taps but it didn’t make any noise as the water never hit the sink, I watched out of the corner of my eye as the water came closer to us, it circled the guards, they didn’t notice until it was too late. I looked to Brian and saw the sweat running down his face; he was managing to do this but only just.

‘Need a hand?’ I asked him telepathically. I could feel his silent agreement.

‘How the hell do you plan on doing that?’ He asked me. Instead of answering him verbally I decided I would show him instead. I added my strength to his so it wasn’t as much pressure on him. Together we controlled the water. It surrounded the guards and practically swallowed them. The water made a sort of cocoon around them and a force shot them backwards, taking out more than half of the guards that were attacking me. The extra strength was indeed greatly needed. I took out the rest of the guards and turned towards Brian and his parents and untied them.

“Thank you.” I said to Brian and he nodded. “I had no idea that you were that powerful.” I said to him. ‘And I told you that your power was useful.’ I told him telepathically. He gave a small sad smile.

‘But I just killed them Thea. How can you be congratulating me?’ He asked disbelievingly.

‘If you hadn’t then they would’ve killed me and then you and your family. And Abby as well.’ I informed him and he nodded in understanding.

‘Where is Abby?’ He asked and I could see the worry in his eyes.

‘I am going to go get her back now.’ I told him.

“I’m coming with you.” He said aloud and his parents looked confused, this was the first part of the conversation they had heard.

“No Brian you’re not, it’s too dangerous.” I told him.

“And yet it never seems to be too dangerous for you to go out and risk your life.” He said annoyed. “You saw how many guards were here; do you really think there will be less guarding Abby?” Damn he had me there. “And you struggled with the amount of guards that were here. No matter how much you don’t want to admit it we both know that without my help you wouldn’t have been able to kill them all. Then we would all be dead.” He said bluntly. I know he meant well, he was just concerned.

“I have back up, you didn’t see them because they attacked from the outside so there would be less for me to-“ I began but he interrupted me.

“Less for you to fight? That may be so Thea but there were still too many guards for you to handle, and you will probably use the same tactics and then what would happen?” He asked me.

“I agree with Brian, Thea.” Smithy said as he walked in to the room with three of the original ten men followed behind him. How long had he been stood there listening?

“But he could get hurt-“

“And so could you.” Smithy said cutting me off. Why did I get a feeling that I wasn’t going to win this argument? He could tell that I was about to argue. “Look, I know this isn’t ideal, but this is all we have left.” He said gesturing to the three men behind him. “There were way more men than we originally thought, we are going to need all the help we can get in order to be able to save your friend.” He said to me. I looked around the room, at the bodies piled on the floor, Brian’s parents looking stressed and worried for their son, the three men that I still did not know the names of, who looked tired but determined to continue on this quest, Brian looking brave and fearless and Smithy looking concerned for my wellbeing.

I took a moment to just think about the whole situation, I didn’t want to make any rash decisions that would later on bite me in the ass. I turned to the three men who now stood next to Smithy.

“What are your names?” I asked them. I know it was completely out of the blue but I needed to know. They were helping me and seven men had already died for me and I didn’t know a thing about them.

“Robert Blake.” The guy stood in the middle said. He had short, spikey, jet black hair which was a great contrast to his light green eyes. He was well built and was so tall that I didn’t even come up to his shoulders. I nodded in greeting and turned to the guy standing on his left. He was shorter and was slightly hunched over. His messy brown hair fell in to his deep brown eyes.

“Simon Hitson.” He said to me. I looked to the third guy, he was the shortest out of the three, he had dark blonde hair and hazel eyes.

“Ron Mikey.” He said quietly. All three had impressive muscle tone and even though I could tell they were tired, they were trying their best not to show it. I could smell blood and saw that it came from Ron’s knee, he had been shot but he was completely ignoring it.

“Ron let me take a look at your leg.” I said to him.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” He replied.

“But you’ve been shot.” I argued.

“It’ll heal ma’am.” He said politely.

“Not if you leave the bullet in there it won’t. It will get infected.” I told him. He was about to argue some more but I lurched forward and held on to his leg, careful not to touch the wound. He tried to pull his leg away but I held on tighter.

“You are stronger than you look miss.” He said to me.

“Please, call me Thea.” And he nodded. I got him to sit down on a chair as I felt around the wound so I could figure out how deep the bullet went.

“You’re lucky, it’s not too deep, I can take it out but it will hurt.” I said as I looked up at Ron, his only response was a nod. I tore the blood soaked material so I could get to the wound easier. I kept my touch light so I wouldn’t hurt him. I used a spell to grow my nails to a tweezer-like fine point and used them to pull the bullet out. With the bullet out I shrank my nails back to their normal size. I conjured up a wet cloth and cleaned the wound as best as I could, I hovered my hand over the wound and used magic to heal it. I had encountered many supernaturals in my time so I have managed to gather many different useful powers. I then also repaired the damage to his jeans, I couldn’t get rid of the blood stain but I could repair the hole. Well you could say I have encountered people with very odd powers as well.

I then turned to Robert and healed the gash on his arm, then to Simon and healed his broken collar bone.

“I’m fine.” Smithy said when I turned to him. “I am a vampire remember, it will heal in no time.” I ignored him and healed the cut on his head and cleaned the blood off of his face. I looked over at Brian and his parents but I couldn’t see any injuries.

“We were not harmed.” Brian confirmed and I nodded.

“How did you do that?” Brian’s mother asked and everyone was staring at me, some in confusion and some in wonder.

“Later.” I said leaving no room for arguments and everyone nodded.

“Come on we must hurry, we don’t know if the guards notified anyone before we finished them off.” I said.

“But surely they would have just shown up here to help?” Brian’s mother asked unsure.

“They would more likely double up the guards surrounding Abby.” I said. “Let’s go back to the office so we can work out a plan of action. We must hurry.” I added and we set off.

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