My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 17

We were back at Smithy’s office so we could work out a plan and get more ammo. We all sat down to rest for a moment and then everyone looked at me expectantly. I thought carefully for a moment before speaking. I looked to Brian and narrowed my eyes slightly in thought.

“Stop trying to think of a way to stop me from helping you.” He said to me. How the hell did he know that was what I was thinking? Oh yeah, his sensing power. That can get kind of annoying sometimes. I sighed.

“How about, I transport myself in to the room that Abby is being held, transport her and her parents out of there and then blow up the house which will kill most of the guards and then we will be able to handle the rest.” I said to them all.

“I don’t think Abby and her parents will be very happy with you blowing up their house.” Brian’s dad said to me.

“I think it may be the only way that we will all survive this. And I’ll get them a new house.” I said and Smithy raised his eyebrow but didn’t comment.

“So what kind of explosives do we need?” Smithy asked me. But he only said half of the question. The other part he wanted to ask me was, ‘Or is there some other way you plan to blow the house up?’

“Well after what has just happened I have a feeling they might put a magic block on the house, which is another reason that we should just blow it up.” I said.

“But then how do you plan to transport yourself in and then out of the house?” Brian challenged. Oh yeah……Why hadn’t that crossed my mind?

“I will just have to see if it works and then if it doesn’t work then I will improvise.” I said to everyone.

“Are all of your plans this well thought out?” Brian asked sarcastically.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I said with a smile and Smithy rolled his eyes at me. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards the room we were in and I turned to face the door. It burst open and I was about to attack before I realised who it was.

“Hey Angel, how are things?” He asked me with a big grin on his face.

“Ryan, why do you always call me Angel?” I asked him.

“Because you always change your name, how am I supposed to know what to call you?” He asked and I had to admit he had a point.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him letting that drop.

“I heard about a fight, I want in.” He replied simply.

“Do you even know who or what we are fighting, or why?” I asked him.

“Nope, don’t really care either. I heard there was a fight and that you needed more people, so here I am. I also notified a few others to meet us here to help out also. They will be here in about 15 minutes.” He told me.

“Ok thanks, how many others do you know of that will come?”

“Only about ten, Angel.” He answered me. I rolled my eyes at the nickname but decided to just drop it.

“Well that is a hell of a lot more than we have already.” I said.

“Is this all we have?” He asked as he looked around the room and I nodded.

“Well while we are waiting for them we may as well get something to eat.” Smithy said to everyone. I took Brian and his parents to the kitchen while Smithy, Robert, Simon and Ron went to the ‘other’ kitchen, where the fridges only held blood. As a large part of the staff here are vampires, it makes sense to have a blood bank on the premises. When we were all finished we collected more ammunition and armour, and met the others there as well.

“So you were serious about blowing the house up?” Brian asked when he saw me collecting explosives.

“It’s the safest way that I can think of to do this.” I said to him.

“Explosives don’t usually equal safe in my eyes.” Brian commented.

“Whilst I do not usually approve of attracting attention, I believe this may be our best bet. Even with the extra men it will still be a struggle to get everyone out of this alive.” Smithy said.

“It’s settled then.” I said and headed out the door.

We left some of the men back at the office to protect Brian’s parents as it was agreed that it would be safer to leave them behind. We then transported ourselves to where Abby lives. Thankfully she lives in a place, with no other houses nearby, otherwise blowing it up would be quite difficult. I looked over the premises; the grand white house was surrounded by a coded gate with cameras pointing in every direction.

“Wow, Abby lives in a gated community? Never knew that.” Brian said.

“Well at least the cameras are out, that makes things a lot easier for us.” I said.

“But there are no guards standing outside, wouldn’t it be easier to keep the cameras running so they could see us without us seeing them?” Ron asked. He had a point actually. I thought about what he said, it really didn’t make sense. I concentrated on the area around Abby’s house and realised something.

“There are guards here.” I said quietly to everyone and they all looked at me, except Smithy. He concentrated on the area around the house just like I had just a moment before. He looked at me and then back to the house.

“You can sense them even though they are invisible?” He asked and I nodded. “Ok so that makes things more difficult. Can u get a visual of the inside?” He asked me, I nodded and concentrated.

I used the same spell as before so I could look through Abby’s eyes. The room she was in is luxurious, it had expensive looking furniture lining the wall and framed art hanging from the walls, but the entire scene was ruined by the tension buzzing through the atmosphere. I realised that Abby was in the middle of a conversation with her parents.

“But they aren’t here.” I heard a male voice say. “I refuse to sit here and wait to be rescued, this is ridiculous, we aren’t in any danger.” He added.

“They are still here, and we are indeed in danger.” I heard a female voice say.

“Oh and how would you know that? If they are here, explain to me exactly where they are Sophia.” The male voice said again. From Abby’s thoughts I found out that the male voice was he father Jimmy and the woman’s voice was her grandmother.

“They are right in this room, listening to our conversation. You would be able to sense that if-” Sophia, her grandmother began but Abby’s father cut her off.

“If what Sophia?” He said.

“Do we really need to get in to who’s side of the family is the most powerful?” Abby’s mother said sounding tired of this conversation even though it had only just really begun.

“Can you sense it Julia?” He asked his wife.

“I don’t see why that matters.” She replied, trying to avoid the question.

“So you can sense it then?” He asked, seeming annoyed.

“Dad can we just drop this please? This isn’t really the time or place to be having this argument again.” Abby said quietly and everyone went silent.

‘Abby, it’s Thea; don’t react in any way to my voice. I’m going to get you out of here but I need your help.’ I spoke directly in to Abby’s mind just as I had with Brian earlier. I sensed her silent agreement and continued. ‘I need you to look around the room, do so slowly, you are not alone in that room.’ She looked slowly to her left and I sensed four guards standing back to back guarding the door, and two facing in at the window. She looked to her right and there were four more guards standing in the same formation by that door as well. ‘Ok Abby thank you, I’ll be back in a moment, just stay calm, I will have you and your family out of there soon, I promise.’

I exited Abby’s mind and turned to the others.

“Very similar guard formations as there were at Brian’s house. Ten guards will rush to attack me as soon as I enter the room. So here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to go back in to Abby’s mind and untie the ropes binding her and her family to the chairs, as soon as I come out of her mind I will have to transport in there immediately before the guards realise they are no longer bound.” I said to them.

“How will we blow up the house though?” Smithy asked me and I thought for a moment. I looked back at the house, trying to analyse how this operation would go. I looked to Smithy for a moment.

“Smithy, I need you to do something. It should be safe enough but I am keeping in mind that not all of my plans tend to go so well.” I said to him seriously. He nodded.

“What do I need to do?”

“I need you to plant the explosives around the outside of the house, I will put a charm on you so you will be invisible, not even the guards will be able to detect you, only I will know where you are. I will transport you to each location that the bombs need to be placed.” I said to him and he nodded. “I’m going to just check in with Abby one moment before we do that just to check that everything’s ok.”

I re-entered Abby’s mind, as far as I could tell nothing had changed.

‘Abby, I’m back. Is everything ok? Answer me with your thoughts.’ I said directly in to her mind again.

‘Everything’s fine Thea. Is Brian ok?’ She asked me in her mind. ’Brian is fine, he’s with me and I have his parents under protection. But I need to ask you something. Is there anyone else in your house? Family, friends, pets, that sort of thing?’ I just wanted to check before I blew up her house, I can be considerate sometimes.

‘No, it’s just me, my mum, my dad and my grandmother.’ She replied.

‘Ok, I’ll be back soon, be ready to jump in to action at a moment’s notice.’ I said and I sensed her silent agreement.

No longer in Abby’s head, I turned to Smithy.

“You ready?” I asked him.

“Let’s do this.” He said and I nodded. I made sure he had all the bombs he needed and then I cast the invisibility charm on him. No one else who was with us could see him, but I knew exactly where he was. I transported him to the first location, the first bomb was to be planted at the left side of the front of the house, I was in Smithy’s mind so I would know when he was finished planting the bomb and could move on to the next one. The first one was no problem, so I transported him to the right side of the house. The first four bombs were planted at each corner of the house, then two around the garage, and the last two around the conservatory.

‘Ok Smithy that should do it.’ I said to him inside his mind and then transported him back to where we were hiding in the woods.

“Ok, now time to release the prisoners.” I said to everyone.

“Thea, be careful.” Smithy said to me.

“Always am.” I said with a smile and a wink and he rolled his eyes at me.

For the third time, and hopefully the last, I entered Abby’s mind.

‘Abby, I am going to have to enter your family’s minds as well so they don’t react when I untie them.’ I said to her.

‘Ok, well good luck with that.’ She said to me.

I stayed in Abby’s mind at the same time so they could all hear me. I entered Sophia’s mind first.

‘Sophia I am-’ I began but she cut me off.

‘I know who you are.’ She said.

‘I am going to get you out of here, just stay calm-’ I tried again.

‘I know what you are here for as well, and you are planning on blowing up our house.’ She stated plainly.

‘Well yes but-’ Why does everyone keep interrupting me?

‘Seriously?’ Abby interrupted me surprised.

‘It’s the only way I can get you all out alive without anyone else dying. We lost some of our numbers getting Brian and his family out. I will restore your house back to how it is now, with every detail exact. I just need you to trust me.’

I went in to her father Jimmy’s mind next.

‘Jimmy, stay calm, do not react to my voice.’ I said to him.

‘What the hell? Who are you and why are you in my mind?’ He demanded angrily with his thoughts.

‘Calm down dad, she is my friend; she is going to help get us out of here.’ Abby said to him.

‘Yes but to do that she is going to blow up our house.’ Sophia added. Not helpful what so ever.

‘What did you just say? What is the meaning of this?’ He questioned. I am really starting to regret this whole group mind chat.

‘Please stay calm; this is the only way I can get everyone out alive.’ I replied.

‘Who are you?’ Jimmy demanded.

‘Please save questions for later. I need to get you out now.’ I said a bit impatiently.

Now just one person left.

‘Julia, do not react to the sound of my voice. Please stay calm and please do not ask any questions. I am just trying to get you and your family out. Do you understand?’ I decided to just say everything all at once before anyone could interrupt me.

‘Yes.’ Was her only reply. I should have started with her; at least she isn’t drilling me for information.

‘Ok, I need you all to listen to me. I am about to untie the ropes around your hands. I need you to stay perfectly still and pretend you are still bound. I will then transport myself in to your house, as soon as I do that; I will need to transport you all out again immediately. Do you understand?’ I asked them.

‘Yes.’ They all replied.

‘Brilliant. Ok, here goes, and remember, please don’t react.’ They stayed silent and I used telekinesis to untie their hands. I did it slowly so the guards wouldn’t notice.

‘Ready? I need all of you to stand up on the count of three. One, two, three.’ I said in their minds and on three I transported in to the room. The guards reacted instantly just as I predicted. I grabbed hold of all of Abby’s family and transported them in to the forest where the others were still waiting.

“Now Smithy.” I said and he pressed the trigger that set off the bombs. We all watched as Abby’s house exploded, bits of rubble were flying everywhere. A huge cloud of smoke erupted from the house, darkening the sky. I looked around trying to sense if any of the guards managed to escape the explosion. Very unlikely I’ll admit, but still possible.

“Do you see or sense any of the guards?” I asked Smithy and he shook his head. “Neither do I.” I said to him. ”Doesn’t mean there aren’t any though.” Brian turned to me expectantly. “Everyone retreat further in to the woods, we need to make sure we aren’t going to be followed.” I said and everyone did as I had instructed, we ended up in another clearing.

“Won’t the authorities be showing up any minute in response to the explosion?” Jimmy asked me.

“No, I put a charm on the house, the only people who know it exploded is us and the guards, and they should all be dead. That way, when I restore your house, no one will find it suspicious.” I explained and he nodded in understanding.

“No sign of any guards yet.” Ryan informed me. I scanned the forest, all was silent. We waited a moment longer. I moved Abby and her family behind me and stood in front of everyone, Smithy realised what I was doing and stood at my side, Brian followed suit and stood at my other side.

“Brian, you can’t even see them.” I pointed out.

“Can I not?” He asked and nodded towards the trees and I saw what he meant. While I had gone with my senses to alert me when they arrived I did not see them marching through the trees.

“The explosion must have disrupted their charm spell.” Smithy pointed out and I nodded.

They came in to the clearing and we could now see that there were only seven of them. Seven against three, we could take them.

‘Smithy, you take the two on the right, Brian you take the two on the left, and I’ll take the three in the middle. This is going to be easy.’ I said in to their minds. I sensed Smithy’s eye roll at the fact that I was giving them two each, leaving three for myself but I let it slide.

We each pulled out swords and guns, ready to fight. The guards kept coming towards us at a steady pace. When they were about a yard away from us they charged. Three went to the left to fight Smithy and three went to the right to fight Brian. Which left the one in the middle to fight me. I was rather insulted that they thought I was the smallest threat to them. They are about to find out how wrong they are. I sliced of the guards head with my sword before he could even take a swipe at me. I grabbed hold of one of the guards that was attacking Brian and killed him as well. One of the three who were fighting Smithy then turned to me, finally realising that I was a bigger threat then they originally thought. When I finished him off I turned to Brian and Smithy and saw that they had killed their opponents as well.

“Let’s get back to the office.” Smithy said and I nodded, between the two of us we transported everyone back to what has ended up as somewhat of a rendezvous point for us. As soon as we got back there everyone started with all the questions, and they were all directed at me.

“Ok everyone quite.” I commanded and everyone fell silent, good choice on their part. “I realise that you all have questions. But it’s been a long day, let everyone eat and tend to their wounds first. Then I will answer any questions you have.” I said to them.

“But how will we know if you tell us the truth? What if we ask you a question you would rather not answer?” Jimmy asked me but I had already seen this coming.

“I give you my word that I will answer everything with the truth, no matter what you ask.” As I said that last bit my eyes flickered slightly towards Smithy, and he realised what I meant. He could finally find out what I have been hiding all these years.

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