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In Too Deep

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I stopped struggling instantly. I am going to be in a lot of trouble for assaulting a teacher! Wow, I was going to get expelled on my first day, I just beat another of my records. If I thought that Mr. Bentlen would accept it, then I would apologise. But it’s highly unlikely that he would so I’m not going to waste my breath.

He just stood there, fuming, every muscle in his body tensed for another attack. He clearly thought I was unstable. In attempts to reassure him that I wasn’t completely insane, I tried to speak in a calm tone of voice.

“You can let go now, I’m not going to attack you again.” I said to a still tense Mr. Bentlen, he didn’t seem convinced. Can’t say I blame him. “I thought you were someone else.” I added, trying to explain my actions.

I glanced at the jocks that were littered over the courtyard. They were being helped up by both students and faculty, most of whom avoided making eye contact with me, and those who did meet my gaze, it was with hostile and accusatory glares.

“You shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place.” Mr. Bentlen said, bringing my attention back to him.

“I know.” Was my only response.

“I don’t want to hear it.” Mr Bentlen said “Let me guess, they started it right?” He paused and looked at me, only just realising what I had actually said. “Wait, what did you just say?” He asked.

“I said, I know. I know I shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place.” He looked stunned, clearly not expecting me to agree with him so easily. “Although they did start it.” I added. He fixed me with a stern look and ignored that last comment.

“Well I hope you understand that I still have to call the police. It’s procedure.” He didn’t mean the human police of course; we would never be able to explain how a seemingly normal 18 year old woman managed to beat up a group of rugby players all by herself, it would only result in the humans keeping a close eye on the Academy, which is the last thing we need.

“I understand.” He regarded me cautiously, trying to figure out why I was taking this so well. When he seemed to have decided that I didn’t have an ulterior motive, he let go of me slowly and took out his phone.

“Don’t go wandering off.” He said to me sternly.

“I won’t.” There wouldn’t be much point.

I walked over to where Lucas and Violet were standing, staring wide-eyed at me.

“Do you understand what’s going to happen now?” Violet started, concerned. “He’s calling the police. You’ll be arrested.” Oh sweet little Violet, so naïve. I couldn’t help but smile at her concern for me.

“I know who he’s calling, trust me. I’ll be fine. I won’t be getting arrested today.” My confidence didn’t seem to reassure her.

‘She must have some pretty good tricks up her sleeve to get out of this one. I hope she has a plan.’ I heard Lucas think to himself.

“Oh I do.” I said with a wink. His eyes widened a little more but he didn’t seem too surprised that I could read his mind. I knew he was smart, he catches on pretty quickly. I heard a car pull up and I turned around as footsteps approached.

The officer took no notice of the crowds and walked straight up to Mr Jackson, the head teacher. While we were waiting for the police to show up, Mr Bentlen had filled him in on all the gory details.

A few things surprised me about Mr Jackson. I could sense he hadn’t been a vampire for very long, no longer than 50 years if I took a guess, and yet he was the head master of a super natural facility. I would’ve thought someone older and more powerful would be in charge.

Also, despite his young age, for a vampire anyway, he could shield his mind from me, which is something that should’ve taken him many years to accomplish. So either he is a lot more powerful than I can sense, or he met someone who could teach him.

The police officer had obviously been here quite a few times, and by the look on his face, in his opinion, he had been here a few too many times.

“So what seems to be the problem head master?” He asked, Mr Jackson explained everything to him and he listened politely. They called me over.

“Full name please.” The officer said without even looking at me but sounding very official, you could tell that he took his job very seriously. He was not dressed in a police uniform like the humans do, there would be too much risk of being mistaken for human police when out in public.

“Freya.” He looked at me when I didn’t fully do as he asked. “I do not have a last name.” I stated.

“Why is that?” He asked.

“Because I decided against having one.” He looked me over and decided in a heartbeat who I must be. Damn, is it that obvious? He seemed a little more wary now.

“Ok Freya, do I have your word that you will not do anything like this again?” Seriously, he’s going down that road?

“I will promise you nothing.” He sighed at my response and scratched the stubble coating his chin.

“Then I will have to arrest you.” He replied, coming to the conclusion that I am most certainly not the type to come quietly.

“Ok but maybe you should ring Smithy before you do. See what he says.” I said with a smirk, enjoying myself perhaps a little too much.

“How do you know Smithy?” He asked me after a moment of hesitation, trying to gauge if his initial thoughts on my identity were correct.

“I know a lot of things Benny. We both know that you do not have the patience or the energy to deal with me today. Maybe you should just ring your boss. You have no idea who you’re dealing with.” His eyes widened slightly when I called him by his first name but didn’t comment. Nor did he comment on how I knew he was tired and his patience was wearing thin, probably just brushing it off thinking that it was obvious in his features.

“Actually, I think I do.” Was his reply.

“Then why have I yet to receive your call?” A new voice asked, filled with authority. A man appeared seemingly out of nowhere. But of course everyone here knew differently, I have always admired transporting powers.

“Ah Smithy, how are you on this fine day?” I asked with a smile. Every student from the Academy were out on the court yard now, staying completely silent so they wouldn’t miss a single detail of what was going on.

“I have been better. What name do you go by at this moment in time?” He asked quietly, trying to keep the question from the eavesdropping students surrounding us.

“Freya.” I told him.

“And what are you doing causing trouble at an Academy?” He asked me, somewhat amused, but trying to remain official.

“I started here just this morning.” This answer surprised him like I knew it would, but he didn’t comment.

“What did you do this time?” Smithy asked as he looked down at the blood coating the floor.

“Just beat up a few jocks.” I told him conversationally as if it was no big deal. Which to me, it really wasn’t.

“Jocks again? Do you have some kind of personal vendetta against them or something?” He asked me, a smile playing at the corners of his lips.

“Nah, they just bug me.” I shrugged.

“Let me guess, they started it, right?” He smiled and shook his head.

“Absolutely, I’m glad you understand.”

“I’m guessing since you actually enrolled here that business has been slow?” He asked.

“Yeah, it has been awhile since I have had a project. Things have been quiet. Everyone seems to be in hiding.” He couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Can’t think why.” He said still smiling. “So you thought enrolling at a supernatural Academy would be the perfect place to find trouble?”

“I don’t go looking for trouble.” I stated a little offended.

He smirked and raised an eyebrow at me. I thought back for a moment to all of my previous adventures.

“Oh wait, maybe I do go looking for trouble, my bad.” I shrugged. Smithy smiled, the whole group of students seemed bewildered.

The only times they would have likely seen Smithy he would have been furious. He doesn’t get angry easily but with students sometimes that is the only way to get your point across. And here he was having a friendly chat with the new girl? They all found it highly suspicious, and no doubt I would be bombarded with questions later.

“Will you at least, if not stay out of trouble, not cause any?” He asked, bringing me out of my thoughts. I considered his question.

“I can’t make any promises.” Smithy sighed, but he was still smiling so I knew he wasn’t annoyed with my response.

“It would be a mistake to ask such a thing. I will give you a call if I find any work you may be interested in. Do you still have the same contact number?” He asked.

“No there was a…complication.” He raised his eyebrow at that but didn’t ask me to elaborate; he has learned that to do such a thing would be a complete waste of time. I’ve never been particularly forthcoming with information. “I will email you my contact information.” I added.

He nodded and headed over to the head master, they talked quietly, trying to be subtle around the eavesdropping students that surrounded them. Smithy clearly managed to smooth things over on my behalf, as he began to walk away with Benny beside him.

“Oh and Smithy?” He turned back around to face me. “One more thing before you go. You shouldn’t over work your officers so much. Otherwise they may not reach your levels of expectations.” I advised him.

“I will bear that in mind.” With that, Smithy and Benny left and the whole group of gathered students erupted in to chatter.

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