My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 4

“What the hell?” Brian asked shocked.

“I have connections” I said with a shrug. He again expected me to elaborate, and yet again I didn’t. “Come on, we’re going to be late for economics.”

“You don’t have economics.” Brian replied confused.

“Yes I do, I changed my timetable earlier. I’m a mind reader Brian, just because you don’t tell me what’s bothering you, doesn’t mean I don’t know.” Comprehension and embarrassment dawned on his face.

“Yeah but even so, you didn’t need to change in to my lesson. I could have handled myself.” I could tell that me knowing bothered him but with a little sneak peak in to his mind told me that he is in fact grateful.

“I know, now come on.” I said impatiently.

I sat next to Brian when we entered his usual class and I sensed that he was nervous. A few moments later I found out why. Three girls entered the room and made their way to where we were sat. The middle one was obviously the leader. She was the blonde haired, blue eyed, skinny type that I absolutely despise. The one standing to the left of her had chocolate brown hair and matching brown eyes. The one on the right was the tallest of the three and had strawberry blonde hair. They all wore their hair exactly the same, straightened to perfection, which if you ask me is a bit boring and also a little weird, have they never heard of originality? I didn’t need to look inside their heads to get an answer to that question. They all fit the typical cheerleader stereotype perfectly. And with a little look in to their heads, I found out that they were indeed cheerleaders. Go figure right? So these were the one’s bothering Brian? Well, not for much longer.

This was going to be fun.

“Can I help you?” I asked with a knowing smile, clearly mocking them.

”Yes, you are in Trina’s seat.” The brown haired one stated simply, gesturing to the girl in the middle, as if it were obvious. She had the most irritating voice I had ever heard.

“Am I now?” I asked, already bored with this conversation. I didn’t move, I didn’t even look at them. I turned to Brian with the intention of starting a conversation when Trina spoke up.

“Well?” she demanded.

“Well what?” I asked, still bored.

“Aren’t you going to move?” I finally looked at them now. I pretended to deliberate their question for a moment and their impatience was clearly growing.

“No” I stated simply. Trina raised her eyebrow. We had the whole classes’ attention now so she had to be careful how she acted. She didn’t want to mess up her perfect reputation. She spoke to me rather politely and with a sweet smile that only I knew was fake.

“Look, we aren’t trying to cause trouble here. You probably already figure this out but my name is Katrina, but everyone calls me Trina.” Well she was actually right about something, I really had already figured that out. Ah, sarcasm really is my best friend. “This is Camille, but everyone calls her Catty, that’s with a ‘C’ and not a ‘K’. “ She continued, gesturing to the brown haired girl. “And this-“ She gestured to the remaining, strawberry blonde girl. “Is Bonnie, and everyone calls her Bon Bon.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that, I mean that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Is she serious? I looked to Brian and his eyes were shining with amusement. She ignored my rudeness and continued with her oh so fake speech. “Like I said before, we don’t want any trouble and we want to take this time to welcome you to our College.” Wow, she actually looked somewhat sincere. “You are new here and obviously no one has told you the rules.” Now she just looks really patronising now.

“Do you mean your rules or the College rules? Or are you such a kiss ass that they are affectively the same thing?” I asked her and her expression darkened.

“Look here-“ she began but I interrupted her. It was my turn to step in; she was really getting on my last nerve already.

“No, you look here.” I stood up out of my seat and around the table so I was right in her face now. “I do not care about you or your stupid rules. I don’t give a damn what you and your pet’s names are and about this being your seat? Guess what Blondie? This is my seat now.” By the time I finished she was fuming.

Her elemental power is air and she put all of her energy behind it and shot it at me meaning to throw me in to the back wall of the classroom. But, being the mind reader I am I saw it coming. This gave me the time to deflect her efforts and back fire them on to her. So instead of me flying in to the back wall, she was flung to the front of the class room stunned, just like the rest of the class that were sat there silent, and with shock clear on their faces.

That was when I heard slow, mock clapping. I looked for the source of the sound and saw a teacher leaning against the doorjamb with a smile on his face. Was he standing there the entire time? And if so, why was he smiling? He looked quite young, about the age that I appeared, but considering he’s a vampire that really doesn’t mean anything. He has short, spiky brown hair, he was quite tall and has a good build. Two things surprised me about him. The first is that he actually had quite a good sense of style, which is very odd for a teacher and well the second annoyed me more then it surprised me. He knew how to shield his thoughts. He knew that I can read minds and by his smug expression he knew how irritating it must be for me not to be able to get in to his head. By now Trina had gotten back up with the little dignity she had left. She looked infuriated.

“Did you just see that? Aren’t you going to do anything?” She nearly shouted at the teacher. He looked over to her.

“What exactly do you propose I do?” He asked her. She looked at him stunned for a moment. She recovered quickly.

“Well I don’t know, how about you give her detention or expel her or something? I could have been injured!”

“But she was only defending herself. Any pain or injuries you received, you were planning on inflicting on her.” He replied calmly.

She was furious. To say the very least. The class was laughing at her as quietly as they could. Her face was red with anger and humiliation.

“Well she should still be expelled! First she beats up our star athletes and now this!” The teacher just continued to look at her with a calm expression. “You are so going to pay for this bitch!” She screamed at me. I did a little mock finger wave at her and she stormed out of the classroom with Camille and Bonnie trailing behind her. The queen has finally fallen.

To think that this all started with me sitting in her seat. The whole class burst in to laughter. I bit my lip in attempts to hold my own laughter back. The teacher calmed the class down and then turned to me.

“That was quite an impressive deflecting spell.” He said sounding genuinely impressed.

“Why thank you Bastien” His eyes widened slightly and he strengthened the walls that he put around his mind to keep me out and then comprehension dawned on his face.

“Just because you have blocked your mind, it doesn’t mean I can’t find things out about you from their minds.” I said, gesturing to the class. They all fell silent.

“So you are a mind reader.” He said it as a statement but I answered him anyway.

“Yes I am. But you already knew that.” He smiled and I got the impression I had just landed myself in it.

“Why yes I did. News travels fast in this College. But do you know what the interesting thing is?” He asked. I didn’t answer; I thought it would be better that way. “No? Ok I will tell you then. The interesting thing is that I have never, in all my years ever met a mind reader who can do deflecting spells.” He said with a cocky, knowing smile.

Crap! He looked intently at me. I kept my face clear of all emotions and tried not to give away the fact that I was screaming at my own stupidity inside my head.

“Well no two people have the same power. Just because you have not met a mind reader who can do deflecting spells does not mean that it isn’t possible.” I was clutching at straws here and I think he knew it.

“That may very well be true but to be able to perform a spell to that high a level you must have been practicing it for years.” Whilst he was speaking he began to walk closer and was now right in my face. Maybe a little closer than a teacher should be. So close that he was towering over me and I was helpless but to stare in to his deep, crystal blue eyes as my mind stumbled for a response. He had a smirk placed on his face as if he knew my thoughts were no more than a jumbled mess.

But I didn’t stay like that for long. I sieved through my classmates’ minds to see if they knew a way out of this conversation, yes I really was that desperate but I came up with nothing. Brilliant, so so very helpful. But I did come up with quite a lot of information on Bastien here so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I decided on a different tactic and attempted to steer the topic away from me.

“Like learning how to block your mind does? Everything takes time to learn, it just depends on your level of skill that will determine how long it takes.” He smiled knowingly at the turn of events.

“Indeed it does. Indeed it does.” Was his only response. And with that the bell went signalling the end of class, the commotion with Trina taking up rather a large amount of time. Bastien dismissed the class and they all left happy that they didn’t have to do any work at all that lesson. It wasn’t until I heard one of Brian’s thoughts that I realised that I still hadn’t moved. I was still very close to Bastien. Our bodies were almost touching and I was still staring in to his eyes. I could feel a sort of tingling feeling caused by our closeness. I tried to tell myself differently as I couldn’t exactly understand why I would be feeling that and especially by being this close to my teacher. I knew that he could feel it too but neither of us said anything and the moment was growing kind of awkward. I managed to break eye contact and I looked down at the floor, I then remembered again that everyone was leaving. I took a step back and that seemed to break the trance we were both in. I grabbed my bag off the floor and when I looked back up at him he had that same smirk back on his face. I glared back at him and left the room without looking back.

I was left thinking one thing only – what the hell just happened?

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