My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 5

So the rest of my first day passed uneventfully, I noticed a lot of people staring at me but I wasn’t entirely sure which incident they knew about. I also found that a lot of people were avoiding me just in case they became my next victim, that may sound like I’m exaggerating but that is literally what I picked out of people’s heads. Have I really done anything that would strike that much fear in to someone? I thought back on the previous events of the day.

I embarrassed Mr. Bentlen in front of his class. I beat up a group of about…..wait how many was it? About nine jocks I think all because they threw a ball at Brian’s head. I humiliated Trina and then knocked her across the room in self-defence and then there was the weird situation with Bastien which I tried desperately not to think about. But I’m quite sure no one else knew about that one and I hoped to keep it that way. All in all I haven’t done that much for people to fear me already. Maybe they had figured out who I was? This thought alone worried me; I would have to be more careful in future. I am not ashamed of who I am but I am almost positive that they wouldn’t take the news very well. A lot of these College kids probably don’t see that much violence, never mind killing. They do indeed live a sheltered life compared to me.

I found out where on campus my dorm room is and it turns out that Abby is my roommate, my guess would be is that they hope she can straighten me out a bit and stop me causing trouble. Good luck with that. I had just transported my luggage in to our room and began to unpack it all when she walked in.

“How did your luggage get here already?” She asked me. Crap, ok think fast.

“A friend dropped it off for me.” I replied, satisfied with my answer.

“That was quick. I was only out of the room for five minutes and your friend managed to drop it off, get it all in here and leave again in that time?” She asked curiously, clearly not buying my lie.

“Yeah, he brought his brothers with him so it didn’t take long.”

“And they didn’t stick around for a chat? You didn’t offer them a drink for helping you out before they got back on the road again?” Whoa whoa whoa. Where did this all come from? Where is the sweet shy girl that I met in English gone to? And when can she come back? I get the feeling that if she kept this up then I would definitely slip up.

“I offered but they really needed to get going again, they had a plane to catch, they don’t live here in England and they just wanted to get home again.”

“Wow they must be some really good friends you have there to do that for you.” She said and smiled. “I’m sorry for all the questions. I didn’t mean to pry.” She shot me an apologetic smile. I was just glad the questions were over.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind really. Just took me by surprise is all.” I returned her smile. “You’re not as shy as you first seem are you?”

“I am when I’m around most people in this College. No one really likes brainiacs and the level of intelligence in this place is worryingly low. I prefer to just keep to myself and everyone is more than happy to leave me to my own thoughts.” She gave a little half smile.

“I know what you mean about the whole intelligence thing and teachers just seem so obsessed with making me sit next to jocks, which just doesn’t help matters.” I said. Abby laughed.

“Yeah well I don’t think even a jock will be stupid enough to sit next to you after you beat nine of them up by yourself. Speaking of, how the hell did you do that?”

Crap, I should’ve known she was going to ask that! Quick, think, what is a good answer?

“I’ve had good training.” Was the only thing I could think of to say.

“Who on Earth could’ve trained you so you would be able to beat up nine athletes who have advanced strength and speed?” I hadn’t paid very much attention to their powers when I was beating them but I guess that does make sense.

“Many different teachers and many many years of hard work.” I replied. She decided to accept my answer so I jumped in steering the conversation away from me. “So I was thinking that you could tell me the rules and how things work around here.” She looked at me sceptically.

“You actually want to know the College rules? You don’t really seem like the type to me. I mean no offence by that of course” I laughed.

“None taken, I don’t necessarily want to know the rules, more like I want to know them so I can pick up on any loopholes that I can use to my advantage. You would not believe how fun it is when a teacher is shouting at you for breaking one of the oh so precious rules and then you can be all like ‘actually I haven’t broken any’. It aggravates them to no end.” I said with a smile, thinking back on all the times I have done that. Abby laughed, because of what I said or because of my facial expression I wasn’t sure.

“Ok then, fair enough. Well you have already broken the no fighting rule, that is usually solved by the head teacher but as you actually broke someone’s leg then the police had to be called in to solve the problem. This apparently worked in your favour though. Other rules well let’s see, no using your powers to gain the upper hand, no fighting with magic at all outside of class time, you must attend all classes and if you don’t then you better be dying, College hates students missing classes and comes down hard on anyone who is absent.

One weekend of every month students have the option to go home to visit family, but you can stay on the

grounds if you wish. Weekends you can leave the College grounds but you have to fill in a form stating that you won’t be here and where you are going. You can stay the night at a friend’s house as long as you have said so on the form. The College is quite laid back about most things; there is no lame rule about there being no boys in girl’s rooms or vice versa.”

“Really?” That one surprised me.

“Well there used to be but it was broken so often that Mr Jackson just got rid of it.” I had to laugh at that.

“Oh and one more rule…” She said hesitantly.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“No killing” She stated simply, looking pointedly at me. She said as a joke, no doubt thinking back to my earlier fight. I just laughed.

“I shall try my very best” I said with a wink, she just rolled her eyes at me. “Ok ok, enough rules, they are boring me now. I need to talk about something else.”

“Ok, is Smithy your boyfriend?” She asked completely out of the blue.

“Er, no. Why would you ask that?” I asked confused, how do I get myself in to these situations?

“Well that was the only reason I could think of as to why you managed to get off the hook so easily earlier. And with the way you two interacted, I don’t know, it just seemed like there was something there.”

“Well no, Smithy is not my boyfriend. We have just known each other a long time that’s all.” I replied, hoping this would clear up her obvious confusion.

“So are you a police officer?” she asked.

“Not exactly.” Really, that’s all I could think of to say? That is going to lead to more questions.

“But you have worked for him before?” She asked. And here we go with more questions.

“Sort of.” Was my sketchy reply. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t just full out lying to her, I would usually. But for some reason, I found it hard to lie to the girl. She didn’t ask another question but confusion was clear as day on her face. I sighed and continued. “Ok, so I am going to tell you something that I have never told anyone before, ok? And you can’t tell anyone.” We both moved so we were now sat on my bed, she wrapped her small hands around my own and I could see on her face that I could trust her with this. That didn’t exactly make it easier though. “Sometimes I take on the role of an officer, but with one difference, I don’t bring the rogue super naturals in to the station so they can be locked up. I, well I…..I kill them Abby.” She didn’t move a muscle; she just stared right in to my eyes. She took in a deep breath.

“You only kill rogue super naturals though right? Not the good ones?” She asked.

“No, I’m not a monster. Or at least I like to think I’m not. I only kill rogue super naturals.” She nodded.

“Thank you for telling me this Thea, I don’t know why you did but I want you to know that I promise not to tell anyone.”

“Thank you Abby. And if I’m honest, I don’t entirely know why I told you either. You were asking and I didn’t seem able to lie to you. Which is a very odd trait for me.”

“You said you moved here from France, I suspected it was just because you wanted a change. Is that true?” She asked.

“No, no it’s not true. People had found out that I was the one killing all the bad guys. A group of them joined forces and attacked me. I managed to kill them all but I didn’t know if there were more of them so I uprooted and left, I cut off all ties, changed my name and enrolled here.”

“You changed your name? But what about your family?” She asked, I winced.

“I don’t have any family Abby.” Her eyes filled with sadness. She wrapped her arms around me in a hug.

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea. Did rogue super naturals kill your family? Is that why you kill them? To get revenge?”

“No Abby, I have never met my real family. They put me up for adoption the day I was born, they didn’t care. One of my foster families taught me how to fight and how to use various weapons. They told me the importance of stopping all rogue super naturals. Rogues killed them, and I took on their family tradition. They didn’t deserve to die, they were good people.” She stayed silent for a moment, I looked up at her and I saw silent tears falling from her eyes. She wiped them away quickly.

“So your friends that dropped your luggage off, you kept in contact with them?” she asked.

“No, there were no friends Abby, I don’t have any friends. I transported my luggage here myself.” I said.

“Why didn’t you just tell me that?” She asked.

“Because I’m supposed to just be a mind reader Abby, I’m not supposed to be able to do that.”

“Well I already figured out that there was more to you then just reading minds. But how much more is there Thea?” I had a decision to make, do I tell her everything? I’ve told her a lot already, more than anyone knows about me but I felt like I could trust her, so I put it to the test.

“Ok, my actual power is one that no one else has heard of.” I took a deep breath and continued, “It allows me to use everyone else’s powers, as long as I have been in the near vicinity of them, I can use their power any time I like and against anyone I like without them even realising and without it affecting them. That is how I originally got to know Smithy, he was investigating me, always is. He knows that I can do things that I shouldn’t be able to, he hopes that I can trust him enough one day to tell him what he so desperately wants to know. That is how I managed to beat up the jocks yesterday, I used their own strength and speed against them, and also added a slight touch of vampire strength to it as well and I became the unbeatable.” I said sadly. Abby looked thoughtful, this was after all, a lot to take in.

“That does make sense. Wait hold on a minute, about using vampire’s strength, can you use their other abilities as well?”

“Yes I can. Their strength, their speed, their hearing, their sight and their…….ability to not age.” I hesitated to say the last part, wary of how she would react.

“You don’t age?” She asked incredulously.

“Well I can choose when to age. I can freeze my aging at any time and then decide when to continue aging.”

“Oh my God! That’s amazing!” She said. “You are living every girl’s dream! Wait hold on, you don’t have to drink blood do you?”

“Ew, no I don’t. I have the perks without the limitations. That is why I don’t tell anyone this Abby, why I can’t tell Smithy. He is a good person but I would end up as some kind of lab rat.” She stopped smiling and became sad but serious.

“That is horrible!” She said whilst throwing her arms around me. “Don’t worry I still stand by what I said before, I won’t breathe a word about this to anyone. I promise with my life.”

“Thank you Abby, I believe you. I’m glad you understand how important this is and I’m also happy that I can finally talk to someone about this. I have kept it to myself for so long.”

“Well I will always be here for you to talk to. And I get the feeling keeping it to yourself makes you feel more alone. Like it’s you against the world.” I was stunned, how did she know that? Oh yeah right, she’s psychic.

“Yeah you are right about that one. And you should know something. My power also allows me to identify the powers of others. I know you’re psychic Abby.”

“Yeah I kind of figured that one out. It makes sense you know? I mean if you can use other people’s powers then surely you must be able to identify them right?”

“I’m glad you are taking everything so well, most people get a little touchy when you know what powers they have. ”

“That’s true.” She said,

“Oh and Abby?”

“Yes Thea?”

“When I said you can’t tell anyone that means your family as well.”

“Oh I know, don’t worry about a thing.”

I felt the conversation was going dead so I changed the subject.

“So what is with the whole jock and cheerleader thing? This isn’t America. I thought that in England they didn’t have that kind of thing.” I said.

“Oh well there isn’t usually that kind of thing in this country, but the students attending this College come from all over the world, some attended Colleges where there were cheerleaders so to solve the arguments, Mr Jackson allowed it. It isn’t as if they would be competing anyway. With the extra strength and speed I think our athletes would have a bit of an unfair advantage don’t you? And that would bring too much attention to this place.”

We got off my bed and Abby began to help me unpack. My mind wondered over everything we had discussed, she actually thought that Smithy was my boyfriend? I won’t deny that he’s good looking but most vampires are. My thoughts then travelled to another attractive vampire…… with gorgeous blue eyes and a sexy smirk always on his face. Whoa stop right there! Did I seriously just think that? Um hello! Teacher! Completely off limits. Is that my only reason, because he’s my teacher? Damn, I think it is as well. I am not attracted to Bastien! With his beautiful eyes, lean body and don’t even get me started on his lips -

“Hey Abby, do you have a boyfriend?” I asked to get away from my disturbing thoughts. I saw her cheeks turn red.

“That was very random but no, I do not have a boyfriend why?”

“I was just wondering. Are there any boys you like?” Her cheeks flushed red again.

“It wouldn’t really matter if I did. Guys don’t tend to like girls who are smarter than them.” She stated matter of factly.

“Just like they don’t like girls who are stronger than them?” I asked, we both laughed at that.

“Thea?” Abby asked.


“You have a friend now.” She said with a bright, friendly smile. I didn’t answer but I smiled back at her, remembering what I had said much earlier in the conversation. And I felt an inner sense of joy. It may not sound like much but with a friend, the world is a lot less lonely.

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