My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 6

The next few months passed without incident, I was doing my best not to cause any more trouble, which wasn't easy. I haven’t had any more weird encounters with Bastien and that I was pleased about, although I think I caught him staring at me in class but I tried my best to ignore it. And by that of course I mean I avoid all eye contact, well all contact altogether really, just to be sure, I didn’t talk to him and any time, if I needed to hand in an assignment I would just put it on his desk and walk away quickly.

Abby had already gone to bed but I was so restless I couldn’t sleep. To pass the time I decided to go to the on-campus gym, maybe if I use up some of my energy then I will be able to get to sleep. After I warm up I get some fighting practice in, unfortunately I didn’t have a sparring partner so I had to make do punching and kicking one of the many College punching bags, which to be honest I think is a bit ironic considering there is a ‘no fighting’ rule and yet they have this much fighting equipment? Sends out the wrong message if you ask me. I plugged my iPod in to the speakers and put the songs on random. I started dancing and before long I was lost in the beat of the music. A few songs in I felt someone’s hands on my shoulders, my instant reaction was to grab their arm and flip them on to the floor so they were on their back, straddle them so they wouldn’t be able to get away and pin them by their wrists. I looked at the face of the person who I still hadn’t identified - even though the tingling feeling should have been a dead giveaway - and was met by beautiful blue eyes. My own eyes widened when I realised I was straddling Bastien, who currently had his trade mark smirk on his face. I froze instantly, I couldn’t think of anything to say or do so I just continued to pin him to the floor of the College gym. Finally he spoke.

“Are you going to let me get up or are you just going to straddle me all night? Not that I would really mind that idea.” He said. That didn’t sound like a bad idea to me either. Whoa, I did not just think that about my teacher. Well at least that’s what I tried to convince myself of anyway.

He cocked an eyebrow at my lack of response, I loosened my grip on his wrists and was just about to get off of him when he completely removed one of his wrists from my grip and used it to pull my head down and kiss me. I was in shock for a second but recovered quickly and that is when I realised that I was kissing him back! Well who could blame me? He was a good kisser. The tingling feeling increased dramatically, I’m not entirely sure how to explain it as I was currently a little distracted but it felt more of a current running between us. Yeah it really did feel like a current actually and the more we kissed the more it intensified. I leaned down further to deepen the kiss, I released his other wrist that I didn’t realise I still had hold of as his hands ran through my hair. It was then that my brain kicked in with a mental slap. I pulled away from Bastien so fast he looked a little disorientated, I picked up my gym bag and practically ran out of the gym to the showers. While I showered all I could think of was that kiss and Bastien maybe joining me. Holy shit! Did I just think that? I had the fastest shower in history and ran back to my room.

When I got there I collapsed on my bed and my mind decided to play the scene all over again on a loop. Yeah terrific thanks a lot brain. I lay there feeling like a complete idiot, I just kissed my teacher. I would be the laughing stock of the College if anyone found out. So now I’m lying here, beating myself up and calling myself every name under the sun (although not aloud as Abby was still asleep). I was never going to be able to face him now. He probably didn’t even want to kiss me. Oh brilliant, to be honest I don’t think this is the best time to feel insecure. But I couldn’t help it.

I avoided Bastien as best I could the days after that but it came to the time where I had to go to economics. I felt like faking an illness but I remembered Abby telling me this College was quite strict when students missed class and I did not, under any circumstances want to have to explain the real reason I didn’t want to go to class. So I took a deep breath and headed in, with my eyes glued to the floor, and headed straight to my seat next to Brian.

I could feel his eyes on me all through the lesson but I refused to look up, almost scared of what I would find in his eyes. The lesson seemed to drag its full hour and it wasn’t a moment too soon when the bell went. I jumped out of my seat and headed as quickly as I could towards the door.

“Thea, could you stay behind for a moment please? I need to talk to you.” Crap! I briefly thought about pretending I hadn’t heard him but I decided against it. I walked up to his desk as all of the students filed out of the classroom. “I would like to talk with Thea alone if that’s ok with you Brian.” Bastien said. I hadn’t realised that he had stayed behind to wait for me. Much to my dismay Brian nodded and then left. Even when we were alone I didn’t dare make eye contact. I heard him sigh and I saw him hold his hand out towards me. I looked up slightly and saw my iPod in his hand. “You left in such a hurry that you forgot this.” He explained. I nodded and went to take it but just as my hand reached his he took my hand in his own instead of allowing me to take my iPod. The tingling feeling started up instantly, he moved around his desk so he was in front of me and using my hand he pulled me towards him so we were flush against each other. The feeling intensified like it had before, I then felt his finger lift my chin up and my eyes met his. “Thea what is the matter? Everything seemed fine when we were kissing; you certainly looked like you were enjoying it.” I could see the worry in his eyes but as he still blocked me from his mind I couldn’t decipher the reason behind it.

“Nothing is wrong; I was just surprised that’s all.” He looked deep in to my eyes as if he was trying to look in to my soul. I pulled away from him and took my iPod from his hand as we parted; I then made my escape leaving him with that rubbish explanation. To tell you the truth the whole thing kind of freaked me out, the last guy I was close to ended up trying to kill me when he found out who I was and I just can’t have my heart broken again. I don’t recover from these sorts of things well so I tend to just try and avoid them at all costs. It’s not that I don’t have feelings for Bastien, I think It’s kind of useless trying to deny that fact now but I just can’t seem to let anyone get close to me anymore.

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