My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 7

I sat in art class with Brian trying not to think about Bastien. Damn it! Why is he always on my mind? I tried to think of a distraction, I looked around the classroom; it was quite small and only had about 20 students currently occupying it. None of them bothered to talk to me so I paid them the same respect. I looked to Brian, he was currently drawing a small house, with red roses climbing up the outside walls making an arch around the wooden oak door, a beautiful garden with all different kinds of flowers that made the garden look like a rainbow, I have never seen that many colours all in one place before. Square stepping stones led its way to a brightly painted white fence which surrounded the property. There was a thick forest in a semi-circle around the house indicating that the house was located in a clearing far away from civilisation. The drawing was bursting with life and colour, Brian had also added some forest animals around the house and I wondered how on Earth Brian managed to just draw this straight from imagination, because surely this place couldn’t be real.

“What are you drawing?” I asked in amazement. He looked at me confused.

“We are supposed to be drawing our homes. Why, what did you draw?” He asked as he looked at my drawing. The house I drew was at a great contrast to Brian’s, the old structure was crumbling and looked unstable, the window shutters hung from the panes in a tattered mess and the windows were smashed. The garden was wild and untamed and swallowed up the path that led to the rusted gate, which hung off of its hinges. Brian looked at me concerned. “Thea, please tell me you don’t live there-“

“I don’t live there.” I said cutting him off.

“Then why didn’t you draw your home? That was the assignment. We are being graded on this, you could fail if you hand that in.” He said, still concerned. I looked down at my work and frowned. I didn’t think about that. But what was I supposed to draw? I had no home; my parents put me up for adoption when I was born and every foster home I have been to didn’t work out. Maybe I could just draw a forest? I love the woods; they are my favourite place to be. “Thea? Why didn’t you draw your home?” Brian asked again. I didn’t reply, I just continued to stare at my work. He seemed to understand without me telling him though. Damn that sensing power of his. Isn’t that cheating? Coming from a mind reader that’s a little hypocritical I guess.

“Ok class, time to hand in your work.” The teacher said. Shit, now what am I supposed to do? I hung to the back of the class so I was the last one to hand it in. I didn’t want anyone to see what I had drawn. “Wow Brian, you have a beautiful home.” The teacher said to him, he just smiled in response and moved to the side so I could hand my work in. I gave it to her and her face spoke a thousand words. She got her expression under control before she spoke to me. “Thea, why did you draw this? Surely you don’t live here?” She questioned.

“Well technically I live in College if you think about it but I thought that would be a bit boring to draw to be honest.” I answered trying to dodge the question.

“Well you were supposed to draw your actual home but never mind, we can’t do anything about it now. I hope you did better on your homework assignment?” Oh shit, this was not going to go down well either. I fished around in my bag and pulled out a slightly crinkled piece of A3 paper that I had folded in half and handed it over to her with a sign. She opened it up and sighed also. This was not going to be good.

“Thea are you purposely trying to fail?” She asked, a little angry now.

“No.” I replied.

“Well I ask you to draw your home in class and you draw some tattered run down building and for your homework I ask you to draw your family and you hand me a blank piece of paper? Are you taking the mick? Do you not take this class seriously?”

“I am not trying to take the mick and yes I do take this class seriously.” I said while looking down at my feet.

“Well it sure as hell doesn’t seem that way.” She said sternly.

“Did you even look at the drawing? The use of shading and the level of skill needed to draw that?” I asked her, a little offended.

“Well of course I did and I will admit that it is very well drawn but it is not what I asked of you. And you didn’t even bother to attempt to draw your family. Why is that?” I figured that she wasn’t going to leave me alone until I told her.

“Well it’s kind of difficult to draw what you do not have don’t you think? And how do you know I don’t live there? It is certainly possible.” I answered her.

“But you can’t live there, it’s a wreck and unstable. It wouldn’t even have any electricity or warmth; you wouldn’t be able to survive in that house. You would be dead in no time. And no family? I know of situations where someone doesn’t have parents for whatever reason but they get foster parents.” She stated.

“Yeah well not everyone lives in a perfect world.” Was all I said, and with that I left the classroom with Brian right behind me.

The next class I had was PE and I had both Brian and Abby in that class. Which I would usually be pleased about but I just wanted to be left alone with my thoughts. My wish was granted as I found out that we were running track and that we were to go at our own pace. I set off, ahead of everyone else and just ran. I used to do this every day when I had to fend for myself; I had to make sure I stayed in good shape. It seemed too soon when I heard the teacher’s whistle sound loud and clear to signal the end of the lesson and that we all had to hit the showers. I jogged back over to the rest of the class and that was when I noticed everyone staring at me.

“Why is everyone staring at me?” I asked Brian and Abby when I reached them.

“Thea, you were running faster than everyone else here. Even the jocks and they have enhanced speed. You were going so fast we could barely see you half the time.” Answered Brian. Shit, I was really going that fast? I hadn’t even realised. And what happened to me being more careful? In my opinion, this didn’t really fit in to that category. I had to think of a decent reply as everyone was staring at me.

“I have always been a fast runner. I have been trained to outrun any opponent I ever face.” I replied calmly and everyone stared wide-eyed at me. Somehow, that didn’t strike me as a great response. Now everyone knows I am highly trained, can run faster than people with enhanced speed and have opponents to worry about. “And by that what I really meant to say was-“ That was when I froze, what was I supposed to say? Everyone continued staring at me. Everyone was told to get to the showers by the teacher otherwise we would be late for our next lesson. It was then that I noticed two men stood over the other side of the field. Mr Jackson the head master and Bastien. Bastien looked worried and sad but the look in Mr Jackson’s eyes told me that a plan had finally begun coming together.

Now what could that be about?

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