My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 8

I headed to science with Brian and Abby walking either side of me. We took our seats and waited for class to begin. I was doodling on my notebook when I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and saw Trina, Camille and Bonnie. Trina’s nickname made sense as it is just a shortening of her actual name, Katrina. But I refuse to call the other two Catty and Bon Bon, it’s just ridiculous! Trina had a smug look on her face; I rolled my eyes but decided to question her on it.

“And what do you look so happy about?” I asked with only a slight bit of interest.

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” She asked and her smile grew.

“Are you going to tell me or not? Because if not then piss off.” I said harshly.

“You should be careful not to pick a fight with me again. Next time you won’t be so lucky.” She said. I hope that wasn’t her idea of an explanation because I’m not exactly catching on.

“Oh is that so? And why is that? And just to remind you I was not the instigator of that fight.” I do love how that situation backfired on her.

“Well let’s face it, the only reason that you won was because you had access to my thoughts. I wonder how you’d get on without that little advantage?” She asked with a smile.

“So what you’re saying is that you have found a way to block your thoughts from me?” I asked mockingly. There was no way she would be able to pick that up already.

“Well why don’t you try reading my thoughts and see for yourself?” She said to me.

“You are giving me permission to access your thoughts? All righty then.” I said, I then blocked the rest of the classroom noise out and focussed in on her thoughts. And came up blank. I used more force but I got the same result. My forehead was creased with concentration and I was starting to get a headache. Trina laughed at my failed efforts. “Ok what’s going on?” I hated to ask but I had to know. She reached for the chain that hung around her neck and pulled it from the cover of her low V-neck shirt so I could see the stone. It was varnished to perfection; it was a dark green stone with black running through it that appeared to be moving. I leaned closer and realised that the black lines actually were moving. A pattern of swirls and delicately looking stars framed the stone and was made out of real silver by the looks of it. I had certainly not seen a medallion like that before.

“This is what’s keeping you out of my head.” Trina stated.

“Where did you get it?” I asked.

“Oh we all have one.” She replied gesturing around the room as the other students laid their own medallions in the palm of their hands. I hadn’t even realised they were all listening in on our conversation.

“Well where did you all get them?” I asked.

“The College issued them. It’s protocol when there is a mind reader in our midst.” She said still smug and it annoyed the hell out of me that I couldn’t access her thoughts and she knew that all too well.

“Is that so?” I asked. That seems a little odd to me, this is a supernatural College and yet they are stopping me from using my power?

“That’s right.” Answered Mr Jackson as he entered the room followed by Bastien. Now why would he be here?

“I haven’t heard of that kind of rule before.” I said.

“Well you haven’t been here long now have you?” Mr Jackson said with a smile. He then turned to Brian and Abby. “I actually came here to give you two your medallions. It has come to my attention that you have not come to collect yours.”

“This is the first we have heard about it. And I don’t know about Abby but I do not want one.” Stated Brian.

“I do not want one either.” Said Abby in a small voice.

His smile faltered for a slight instant.

“Well why don’t you take them anyway just in case you change your minds.” He suggested.

Brian was about to respond but Abby took us all by surprise and spoke up first.

“We said we do not want one and we will definitely not change our minds so you are wasting all of our time here with this conversation.” She said in a strong voice. Mr Jackson’s smile became strained.

“Do you honestly not mind someone knowing every one of your thoughts? Knowing what your next move is, what you are thinking all of the time?” He asked them trying to place doubts in their heads. I respected their privacy and didn’t intrude on their thoughts to see if it was working.

“If it was anyone else then we probably would mind it. But we trust Thea, she would not abuse any information that she finds in our minds.” Abby continued as I stared wide-eyed at her. She trusted me?

“Abby is right. We do not mind Thea having access to our thoughts. And plus she wouldn’t be in our heads all of the time. Do you know nothing about mind readers? They have the option of being in someone’s head and reading their thoughts or just blocking it all out. If mind readers could not do this then they would go insane. We trust Thea.” Mr Jackson didn’t seem to like Brian challenging his knowledge too much.

“Yes I did know that thank you very much.” Mr Jackson said through his teeth.

“But it’s not just mind reading she can do. Isn’t that right Bastien?” I heard Trina ask. I had completely forgotten that she was even here. Everyone looked to Bastien and even though I couldn’t get inside his head I could tell that he hated all of the attention. He seemed to shift uncomfortably but stopped instantly when my eyes met his. I couldn’t quite decipher the emotion that shone brightly in his eyes as he hid it so quick.

“What else can she do then?” Mr Jackson asked when Bastien didn’t answer. Why wasn’t he answering? Bastien hesitated for a moment, he was about to answer but Mr Jackson was impatient and turned to Trina and raised his eyebrow in question.

“Deflecting spells.” Was all she said.

“To quite a high skill level.” Bastien added. Well I guess all hope of him being on my side just went down the drain. Mr Jackson nodded and smiled somewhat victoriously.

“Mind readers can’t perform those spells.” He said to me with an all too knowing smile. I was about to reply when I heard Bastien’s thoughts.

No, don’t tell him that you have already had this conversation with me, please. He asks for any updates on powers of new students. I am going to be in a lot of shit if he finds out that I already discussed this with you and haven’t told him. He isn’t happy with the fact that I didn’t tell him you could do deflecting spells. He isn’t very forgiving and tends to hold grudges. Will you do this for me? Please?’ I looked in to his eyes and they were pleading with me. Ok so when it suits him I can hear his thoughts but no other time? I still didn’t have access to his mind I could only hear the thoughts that he wanted me to hear. I sighed and thought my reply back to him.

‘Fine, but you owe me one as well as an explanation of all of this.’

This exchange only took a few seconds. I looked to Mr Jackson and shrugged.

“Some can, some can’t.” I knew my response was flimsy but it was the best I could say without going against what Bastien had asked of me. He was about to say something but Smithy walked in with two men at his sides. What is he doing here?

“Mr Jackson, Bastien, Thea.” He greeted us but looked straight at me, his eyes telling me to pay attention. “Mr Jackson it has come to my attention that you are going against one of your promises as a head master of a super natural College.” While Smithy was saying this to the head teacher he was sending his thoughts to me just as Bastien had done only a moment ago.

‘I have found some suspicious activity going on in this College. Do you know anything about it? It is of the utmost importance that you tell me everything that has been going on recently.’ Even though it was just his thoughts I could hear the urgency in them.

‘No suspicious activity until today.’ I thought to him in reply. ‘However I find the head teacher suspicious.’

“Excuse me?” Mr Jackson asked confused and completely oblivious to our conversation.

‘How are they blocking everyone’s thoughts? I heard about the situation, but not the cause of it.’ Smithy asked me through my mind, needing me to tell him more about the situation.

‘Medallions’ I replied and showed him a picture in my mind.

‘Let’s see what I can do about that.’ He said.

“May I remind you that you signed a contract to best provide for your students and help them develop as a person and as a super natural? You do realise that if you do anything to hinder this then I will have to sue you?” He said aloud. Mr Jackson’s face was picture perfect. I so wished I had my camera.

“So you know about the medallions?” He asked whilst glaring at me.

“Seriously? You are actually blaming this on me? I only just found out! How the hell was I supposed to tell him?” I said acting innocent and completely pissed at being ‘falsely accused’. He seemed to accept my answer but only because he couldn’t think up an actual way of me being able to tell Smithy. I’m guessing he really doesn’t know anything about mind readers.

“You should know that we have eyes and ears everywhere. We know everything that goes on round here and everywhere.” Said Smithy.

‘Crap everything?’ I heard that thought come from Brian’s mind, but it wasn’t his thought. No one was paying any attention to me so I snuck a look at Brian; he looked at me with confusion in his eyes. He ran over in his mind what he was thinking when that appeared in his mind. I fished around in his mind a little bit before I came up with the answer I needed. It had come from Brian’s sensing power, apparently he senses more than just what people are like with his power and can also sense people’s thoughts it would seem. But surely that would be blocked just as my power is?

‘Can you get anything more specific?’ I thought to Brian. He had faced away from me again now as to not attract attention. He didn’t react to this new form of conversation and my guess would be that he knows a lot about all different kinds of super naturals, not just mind readers. I could tell he was concentrating but couldn’t come up with anything more useful. I also noticed that he was straining himself mentally, he was trying too hard. He isn’t used to this power of his and I don’t know what kind of effect it can have if he pushes too hard so I intervened.

‘It’s ok, what you have found out is good enough. It’s more than I managed to get. Relax, don’t try so hard’ I thought to him and heard his silent agreement.

“Oh is that so?” Mr Jackson said aloud with an odd expression on his face. Mine and Brian’s conversation went unnoticed from everyone except Smithy who sent me a mental question mark asking what I had found out.

’He’s definitely up to something but I can’t get past the medallions to find out what. Brian has a sensing power and managed to pick up on a ‘Crap everything?’ from the head master’s thoughts. We have got to do something about those fancy necklaces.’ I thought to Smithy.

‘Already on it. I will try and sort something out as soon as I can.’ He replied.

‘Just pretend to know what he’s up to and it should put him on edge. Maybe enough to delay his plans.’ I thought to him.

‘Let’s hope so.’ He said.

“Yes, we know everything. You need to sort your act out before we come down hard on you. Just remember that we can do more than just sue you.” Smithy said to Mr Jackson. The threat was clear in his voice and the head master nodded in response. I wasn’t sure if he thought Smithy knew of his plans or not but if he has any common sense he will be more careful with whatever he is planning. Damn I hate not knowing! But with him being more careful it will also be a lot harder to figure out his plans.

“So do you have a plan?” Abby asked me later that day. We had finished all our classes for the day and Brian, Abby and I were all in mine and Abby’s room trying to figure out our next move. Our earlier science class was dismissed after Smithy had left as the atmosphere was rather tense.

“Well whatever our plan is will have to be a lot more careful now. We don’t know what they are planning or who is involved. The only thing I could sense from them is secrecy and weariness, and that their plans revolve around you Thea.”

“Yeah I kind of guessed. I do not know what they are planning either thanks to those medallions. I don’t even know if they really are who they say they are. Smithy is on our side and I can count on at least part of the police squad but we need to get two things straight. The first is that you two do not need to be a part of this, this is obviously my mess-“ I began but was interrupted by Brian.

“We are helping you with this weather you like it or not.” He said.

“We aren’t going to let you face them alone. Whatever they are planning I reckon it’s going to get messy rather quickly.” Abby added.

“But you could get hurt-“ I tried again but was interrupted by Abby this time.

“And so could you. So that’s settled, we are in this, whatever this maybe, together. What’s the second thing? I hope it’s better than the first one.” She said leaving no room for argument.

“We can’t trust anyone.”

“Agreed” Both Abby and Brian said in unison.

“But what are you going to do when me and Abby head home in a couple weeks? Abby and I will be visiting our parents and you’ll be here alone.” Brian said concerned. He obviously remembered our art class together when I had said I couldn’t draw what I didn’t have. Meaning a family.

“I will stay here and see if I can do a bit of snooping. It should be easier seeing as there won’t be as many people around.” I replied.

“But are you sure you want to do that alone? If you wait until we get back we can do it together. Or we could just stay here this weekend instead of going to see our-“ Abby began but I cut her off.

“No. You two go and visit your families. Have a fun, worry free weekend, I shall be fine.” I said leaving no room for argument.

“Ok, but you must update us on anything and everything that goes on when we get back.” Brian said.

“Agreed, and you must let me know if you think if anything out of the ordinary happens while you are away. Agreed?” I asked.

“Agreed” Abby and Brian say in unison once again.

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