My Past Long Forgotten

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Chapter 9

Abby and Brian were both headed home and I hadn’t bothered with attempts to make any other friends in the time I’ve been here so that left me alone for a whole weekend. I have my snooping to do but I thought it would be best to leave that until tomorrow when I will know for sure that most of the students will be gone. It’s Friday evening and I have already done all of my homework, that’s how bored I am. With nothing better to do I decided to get an early night.

My eyelids were heavy and I was almost asleep when I felt a cold breeze. I thought I closed the window? I thought sleepily. I pulled the covers tighter around me and ignored the sudden chill. I thought nothing more of it until I heard light footsteps heading towards my bed. I continued to pretend I was asleep so I wouldn’t alert my intruder. I felt a large hand stroke my cheek gently. I sprung to life catching my intruder completely off guard, I grabbed their arm in a deathly grip, pinned them to the floor by their wrists and straddled them, using my telekinesis power to flick the light on as we went down. We had ended up in the exact same position I was in with Bastien in the gym, hell what can I say? It stops any attackers from getting away easily. And looking in to the face of my intruder I found that it was Bastien again. Ok this was weird, why was he sneaking in to my room? There was a difference this time though, he wasn’t smirking; he was just staring wide-eyed in to my own eyes. What was that expression on his face?

“Y-y-y-you, I um, I mean, your eyes.” He finally stammered out. My eyes? What about my eyes? I was about to ask him when I realised that I wasn’t wearing my contacts!

“Shit!” I said as I jumped off of him. So I’m guessing I’m not keeping calm in this conversation then.

“Why are your eyes red? You aren’t a vampire; I would be able to sense that.” He questioned me.

“No, I am not a vampire.” I answered.

“Then why are they-“ He began but I cut him off deciding that he wasn’t going to give up until I gave him a proper answer.

“They were like that when I was born.” I explained.

“Then why do you wear coloured contacts?” He asked.

“It’s easier than explaining this to everyone, I tried that once, everyone just gave me funny looks everywhere I went.” I said quietly. We were both silent for a moment.

“How did you switch the light on earlier?” He asked suddenly.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Earlier when you attacked me again, you didn’t use your hands to turn on the light.” He said.

“Well if you stopped sneaking up on me then I wouldn’t have to attack you. Which reminds me, why are you in my room?” I asked and raised my eyebrow whilst trying to avoid his question. He could not know about another of my powers.

“I, uh. You didn’t answer my question.” Was his reply, I simply just smiled at him.

“Yeah well you didn’t answer mine either.” I said still smiling.

“So let me get this right. You, a mind reader are not going to tell me how you managed to turn a light on without using your hands. That is interesting isn’t it? A mind reader using a telekinesis power.” He said with a smile, he obviously thought he had me there.

“Well let’s see if I’ve got this right. You, a teacher, are not going to tell me why you are in my room at 11pm? That’s interesting isn’t it?” I said mockingly, almost completely copying his words. His smile fell. We stayed silent for a moment, both trying to figure out a way to beat the other. Then a sparkle lit up his eyes, oh crap, what had he thought of?

“Thea can I ask you something please?” He asked me hopefully.

“Ok…” I said warily.

“What is your relationship with Smithy? You seemed very friendly when he came to the College on your first day.” Ok I wasn’t expecting that, it seemed completely random.

“We have just known each other a long time that’s all.” I said honestly.

“So he’s not your boyfriend then?” He asked. Geese, why does everyone think that? First Abby and now him.

“No why would you think that?” I said.

“Well I thought you two seemed a little too friendly that first day you were at this College and then again the other day when he came here to threaten Mr Jackson about limiting your power. Also I thought that was why you ran away from me when we were in the gym the other week.”

“First of all Smithy is not my boyfriend. Secondly he would have done that for anyone, it is his job after all and I already told you, I ran away from you in the gym because I was surprised. I thought we had already settled that?” I sounded a little defensive but I couldn’t help it.

“Yeah we have, I’m sorry.” He took my hand in his and pulled me close to him.

To my surprise he didn’t say anything else; he just stared in to my eyes. Then he lifted his hand that wasn’t holding mine and brushed a stray piece of hair behind my ear. His eyes travelled over my body and that was when I realised I was only wearing a thin, white, strap top and a very small pair of shorts. I crossed my arms over my chest feeling self - conscious. It didn’t seem like he was having that though as he gently pulled my arms away and pulled me to him, he ran his hands up my arms and then wound them in to my hair and then he pulled me in for a kiss. So this was his way of winning the argument? It seemed to work though as soon my only thoughts were of his lips and the feel of his body against mine. He pulled away too soon for my liking but he was only an inch away from me when he spoke.

“So are you going to report me for sneaking in to your room when you want me here?” He asked returning to our previous conversation.

“And what makes you think I want you here?” I said breathless. He then pulled away completely.

“Well in that case, I’ll just leave.” He said whilst making his way towards the door. I grabbed his arm as he walked past and pulled him close to me.

“No.” was all I said and then I kissed him showing him in just that one kiss, everything that I felt for him. I don’t exactly understand these feelings that I have for him, and they certainly seem to have arisen much too soon but I figured he should know before anything else happens. When we eventually pulled away I could see a glint of guilt in his eyes. He hid it quickly though.

“Nothing.” Was his answer when I asked him about it. He pushed me backwards and he landed on top of me on my bed. We spent the entire night kissing and talking. But mainly kissing. I realised as I was falling asleep again, that I still didn’t know a lot about him. He would ask me a lot of questions, about family, friends, boyfriends, where I used to live, and my mind reading power. He seemed to be working his way down a list of questions in his mind. I couldn’t tell for definite however, as he continued to block his thoughts from me. I didn’t answer all of his questions but when I tried questioning him, he seemed reluctant to answer.

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