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This story is about a teenager girl who forgot her past and have nightmares every night.....Until that day when she meet her soulmate.They fall in love and teenager girl remember some special things about her.

Fantasy / Adventure
Ayesha Aayat
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(Hello, Welcome to radio FM.... I am Jessica and today we have a guest jina....Hey jina say something about you....huhh, oh sure, hello my name is jina..... I am 20 year old.....i am a writer I write story books for childe, teenager and adulate and today I am going to say all of you a story, hope you will enjoy, Jessica: hmm, then let's start I hope lots of people know about jina after all she is a writer but before that jina if you want you can give a message for someone)

Jina:uhh, thank you I really want to give a message especially to liam and Alma. Hey, guys where are you, I am going to tell that story it will be better if everybody know that.Sorry. mean by that..
Jina: you will know, after that story finish...

Jessica:Then let's star, but...i am curious of something.....who is that...
Jina:(smile)Like I say before you will know...
Jessica:Ok, lets start.

Jina:The story start 20 year ago, Since I born...after turn 17 year old,I always think....i am not happy I feel scared and sad....but never feel happy...i didn't remember about my childhood memories neither my friends and family.....i just know I am adopted by a family....everybody afraid to stay with me, nobody want to become my friend...everybody say I am cursed who ever stay with me they die.....everynight I dream because of me many people die...i don't want anyone die for me I want they to stay alive...its really scary...i can't sleep night because I don't want to see people die,I live in a small wooden house inside a forest...because I don't have a house outside...i hope tomorrow i will except by everyone in my new university..

(Me):yawn, What I am going to wear today, oh this one is good let's take a shower and go outside.

Wow, the sun is beautiful...

????:Hey Tina...

Tina(me):hey, whats up?
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