The Mermaid and The Boy

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Chapter Seven

My sister looked like a nightmare. Her locks were all over the place and her eyes were bloodshot from crying and lack of proper sleep. I couldn't blame her though, she had every right to be angry.

" He is back Ari, I can feel it. That monster is back." She said running her hands through her usually styled braids.

"I'm not sure sis I mean if he came back the first person to be in danger would be Max."

"Yeah, your so-called future husband. As if that kid can do anything. Our dad was so stupid to even involve humans on this thing."

"So what do you want us to do Ayesha? You are busy throwing tantrums whilst everyone is in danger. That monster is your husband and you have to control him," I snapped.

I was getting tired of my sister's tantrums. I had my life tied to a stupid teenage boy and that made me crave to be on the ground. I was a mermaid but all my life all I could think of was to go and see the stars because part of me had turned human as soon Max was born, thanks to that stupid witch doctor.

"Easy for you to say, I'm married to the enemy here," she replied in a calm voice.

"And I feel your pain but if we don't use our brains by the end of the year we would be nothing but a myth. You have to defeat Nyaminyami," I urged her knowing that I was asking for too much.

Nyaminyami, the legend of Kariba as the old humans called him. When the lake was being constructed he had been so angry that he destroyed each process that was being made. It had taken a lot to defeat him but now he was back. Things were going bad. His breath alone could burn anything. I had no idea what that ancient witch doctor had foreseen but he had ruined my life.

"How do I even defeat a snake? Mermaids and snakes are enemies Sis that's why he forced me to marry him, to increase the hatred that we have for each other," Ayesha snapped. Everything was a mess. I had lied about the Amandla girl being taken by us. There was no way we would keep her for so long. That snake had the girl and he was waiting for a perfect opportunity to use her. For all, we knew the girl could have been possessed.

"You have a point and my semi dyslexic husband could be regaining his intelligence soon. Maybe he can help."

Ayesha snorted and rolled her eyes, "Arianna don't tell me you are falling for that kid?" I wanted to laugh at her face but I couldn't find it in me. I had always watched Max as soon as he started playing on the beach. I watched him grow but I also hated him. As soon as I got the ability to walk on the ground I attended the same school as him to make his life a living hell. We hated each other and that was ok with me.

"That would never happen," Because that was true I guess. I wasn't sure what was gonna happen. I could feel each emotion that Max was feeling. I knew what would happen if his anger got out of control now. Max was a ticking time bomb. Right now I couldn't exactly feel his emotions because I had overstayed on the land.

"So you say, I wonder how the kid would react when he discovers that he is married to a hundred-year-old mermaid."

"I can't wait for that too," I smirk. "And can you stop calling him a kid? It makes me feel like a pedophile."

"Aren't you? Sixteen versus hundred?" Ayesha laughs annoying the hell out of me. Knowing Max he would throw a tantrum and be as sarcastic as possible. I can even imagine him telling his parents to go to hell. When my dad told me that I was destined to marry a human my anger caused floods and the whole country had no electricity for a month.

My sister's husband on the other hand is another matter. Knowing that good for nothing snake, the famine was just the beginning. The worst was yet to come and my so-called husband was in danger not that I cared because he was slowly regaining his intelligence and powers. We had to act fast and that meant finding the Amandla girl before she went rampant.

I decided to ask the most dangerous question of all. I know that if the answer is yes then, he could do anything and I suspect that he the girl never went anywhere near the lake. The intention was to frame the merpeople.

"Do you think he-he can now use his human form, Ayesha?"

Her head quickly jerks up," no, no Ari, it can't be. If he got his human form then oh my God that's how he got that girl," she answers panic-stricken.

There goes my peaceful miserable life. That obsolete witch doctor wasn't a scam after all. I was destined to be with a human as if there could be a greater curse. I watched as my sister tried to get herself together for the meeting. With a swish of her wrist, her black hair was in a neat ponytail and her face was back in its usual beautiful state. Ayesha only lost her cool when it came to her husband otherwise she was just a free soul compared to me. I, on the other hand, loved to be felt and if things didn't go my way then I made sure other people suffered as well.

"It's time sis," she said and I followed her to the palace. The place looked as it always did. Jewels everywhere, servants running around, and my parents sitting on their thrones looking as regal as ever. We bowed our heads when we entered the throne room and took our sits beside our parents. The room was quiet and most of the mer-chiefs and subjects were there. I could feel the tension and unease seeping through me.

"You all know why we are here," My father said getting straight to the point. "Nyaminyami is back and that means not only humans are in danger but us too."

"So what do you suggest we do you majesty?" Chief Ayanda asked. He looked like he just came back from a morning swim. His hair was a mess and I could see his six-pack through his white t.shirt. What? The greatest thing about being a merperson is that you never age. You just manipulate your looks to suit your taste. I could pass for a model if I felt like it and I always had a crush on Chief Ayanda.

"It's time for the humans to keep their end of the deal," my mother answered. The room started mumbling in quiet tones and I could feel that just like Ayesha they didn't want to work with humans.

The meeting went on and on as merpeople came with ideas on how to deal with the situation. My sister and I just sat there as we always did. As Princesses, we always had to sacrifice for our people. My marriage to Max meant that. My sister's marriage meant that she could keep and control that reptile so that we can have peace.

"Tomorrow the human will get his intelligence back, we have to start from there," My dad said.

I knew what that meant. That meant Max will get all the answers and we would have to stay together. We were gonna destroy the world before that snake even got a chance.

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