The Mermaid and The Boy

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Chapter Ten

My parents were in the kitchen when we arrived at home. Yeah, I took Arianna to my place because we were married before you know, well you don't but you get the picture. Mom squealed and moved closer to my dad when she noticed us. Now that was rude but I suppose it happens to all parents who have mermaids as their daughter inlaws.

"Wh-y did you bring that creature here Max?" Mom asked shaking. What was I supposed to do?

I didn't know how to answer that but I only knew that I was connected to "that creature" and we could only exist whilst the other existed. Moreover, she had to go back in the water now and then so that she wouldn't get exhausted. I tried to answer in the best possible way "Because we are married moms so we might as well live together whilst we figure out what is happening."

"But Max I don't.."

"What dad huh? What exactly am I supposed to do. I just turned sixteen only to find out that I'm married. I'm trying to understand all this. I am but the way you are acting is not making it easy for me. Tell me then what am I supposed to do?" I lashed.

Everyone stared at me as if I had grown a second head. Arianna had told me that I still had to meet her parents( my inlaws) underwater. Yaay.
We had both decided to stay together until we figured out what to do and how we would either appease her brother in law slash Nyaminyami who was supposedly married to her sister. I almost fainted when I heard that one.

My snake bro also wanted my head on a silver platter. If I was in Hollywood I would be living large just by sharing the story of my life. The Kardashian's had nothing on me.

"So you think bringing her here will solve anything?" Mom rolled her eyes. She had gotten over her shock I guess.

Arianna took a seat opposite my parents and I joined her. She had been quiet the whole time which was also more surprising. She smiled at my mom and answered in the Arianna way, "No, mother in law it won't solve anything but you knew that this would happen sooner or later when you made that deal right?"

"I'm not sure daughter in law I mean I didn't read any contract stating that you would live with us." Mom said placing her hands under her chin.

Arianna smirked, "But what did you expect was gonna happen huh? We are married and we must live together unless you want him," she pointed at me "to move underwater with me which can be dangerous for poor Maxie here," She cooed in a baby voice.

The situation was so funny because no one at home ever challenged my mom. It was just the three of us but with Arianna, a lot of things were about to change. Wayne who crushed on every girl and hot teacher were gonna kill me for marrying one of his crushes. How on earth was I supposed to explain to everyone why Arianna lived with me.

"You don't have to explain to everyone Max, except maybe your friend who has a crush on me." Arianna laughed.

"Did you just, you know what never mind I'm going to sleep I can't deal with this right now." My mom said standing up. My dad said nothing and followed her.

"You and mom get along fine I see," I smirked. Arianna rolled her eyes yep they will be fine. I was feeling the love tonight.

"She hates me with all her heart but she knows I'm here to stay too so there is nothing she can do about that."

"You are hungry and wondering if there is any food right? I can't believe hunger makes you nervous and think about me" I burst out laughing to which I saw her blushing for the first time. Finally, I knew her weakness.

"It's been a long day and umm.."She blushed

" You are craving fish and chips because it's been so long since you had them right?"

"Yes," She said. Omg hunger humbled Arianna. "And I think once I eat I'm gonna pass out. I have been managing your anger the whole day and it's taking a heavy toll on me."

I ordered fish and chips for her since it wasn't that late. She dug in as soon I placed the food in front of her. True to her word once she finished eating she passed out with her head on the table. I felt bad that she had been through so many thanks to my anger. What would have I done if she hadn't sucked out my anger?

I lifted her bridal style to my room and laid her gently on the bed. I took a sheet from my wardrobe since it was summer and covered it. I then made myself comfortable on the couch. I must have been exhausted as well because I fell into a deep peaceful slumber which felt like I had slept for two minutes when my human Alarm screamed;

"HEY MAN WAKE UP WE ARE GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" I knew then and there that my lifelong dream was to have Wayne take a vow of silence for good.

Two things went wrong all at once. I fell from my couch just as Arianna screamed and covered her ears. Wayne stood in my doorway open-mouthed at the situation. I'm not sure how it looked like, I mean I had a girl in my bed well my wife but yeah that's it.

"Umm, how come She is here?" Wayne asked. Arianna ignored him and covered herself with the sheet and went back to sleep doubling things like " I'm getting tired of that question."

"I I I can we just go to the kitchen and I will try to explain as much as I can." I stammered embarrassed. Wayne laughed and followed.

"Well done Max, that's how it always happens in the movies. Hatred turning into loooove." He sang. Why wasn't he mad that his crush was in my room?

"You must have been worried about how I would react that's why you didn't say anything right?"

"Can you read.. You know what never mind but it's more than that. We... We" I couldn't find words to say it which made Wayne laugh even more.

"Omg don't tell me she is pregnant! Oh, you dirty dirty guy I" he didn't finish his sentence as Arianna and my mom chose that moment to come into the kitchen.

"Shut Up Wayne!" Mom scolded.

"And I'm not pregnant I'm his wife," Arianna said and mom glared to which she just shrugged her shoulders;

"What? It's the truth, Mother."

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