The Mermaid and The Boy

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Chapter eleven

The tension in the kitchen increased as mom and Ariana glared at each other. Wayne stood there as if he didn't know whether it was a joke or a serious matter.

"Listen here whatever your....," Mom didn't finish her sentence as Ariana finished it for her.

"It's Arianna mom," she smirked.

"Well, Arianna I'm not your mother and I will never be your mother. So stop calling me that!" Mom stormed out of the kitchen and Arianna followed her. Dad left without having breakfast too.

"Ummm, Max what just happened?" Wayne found his voice. He had been standing awestruck watching the argument between mom and Arianna.

"If I knew that I would be a genius won't I?" I said.

"You have a point man but that seemed just get dressed we need to go."

I didn't immediately get dressed because Arianna took an hour in the bathroom doing whatever mermaids did when they took a shower. I was 99,9% sure they didn't but there was a 1% possibility that they did. I couldn't dismiss that. Wayne lazed on my couch munching a cereal ( I didn't know how he had gotten it) and mumbling about women.

After my wife finished dressing up in the bathroom we were already left with 30 minutes to get to school so I compromised. The walk to school wasn't as awkward as I expected it to be. Arianna explained to Wayne leaving out some parts about my lovely bro Nyams ( Yeah I had decided to cut the name) who wanted to yah know have me for lunch.

Wayne kept ooing and aiihing if ever there is such a thing.

"Look wow so you are like the little mermaid."

"Ahhhh wow so you and Max can you know do what married people do."

I almost kicked him when he said that but he was far too absorbed in the story I doubt he would have cared.

"So you are like my sister-in-law now? Wait till I show you his baby pics, oh wait you are older than him right? Omg, this is so f**king awesome." Wayne continued.

"You know, you guys are starting to annoy me right?" I said trying to stop them.

"So Arianna when you two start having kids what powers will they possess?" Wayne asked ignoring me.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, the school bell rang and for once I was happy about the start of school. We had Science in the morning and that meant meeting the teacher that I hated the most at school. Mr. Ndlovu. The three of us walked into class together. Wayne and I headed to our usual place at the back. We expected Arianna to act like she didn't know us but she followed us ignoring her usual crew who gave her stinky eyes.

Wayne as usual asked before I could," No offense sister in law but why are you sitting with us?"

"I'm curious about that too," I mumbled.

"Because we are a couple Max," Arianna answered a little bit louder and I blushed.

"Owwwww you two just make me wanna get marr...."

"Shut up!!" We said in unison and Wayne burst out laughing.

Mr. Ndlovu walked in followed by security guards who were pushing tanks of water. My first thought was an experiment but when I looked at Arianna I got a different answer.
"There is no water. The lake is slowly decreasing water levels and the council has closed water."

"Good morning everyone, as you can see these kind men brought water for us. This means there is no water so we have to make do with the little that we have." Me Ndlovu announced and for the first time, he looked stressed. Yaaaay.

"I'm not sure this is the time to be celebrating the fact that your teacher seems stressed. We have bigger issues to worry about." Arianna scolded.

I was starting to hate this mind-reading thing because it meant my wife was scared or very nervous if I could hear her thoughts. Secondly, my privacy was being invaded.

" Max I swear to God if you keep thinking useless stuff I will blow up this whole class."

I don't know how I did it but suddenly I felt all of her anger seeping into me. It took all my willpower not to storm out of the class. I looked at Arianna to see her surprised but a little bit better. I suddenly understood her fear and anger. If the lake dried up that meant she could no longer exist. Her whole family was in danger and Nyaminyami knew that. He had already started messing up.

Wayne broke our thought conversation by silently tapping my shoulder. Mr. Ndlovu was busy going on and on about water-saving methods and the class was silently taking notes.

"M, What's wrong? You guys know what's happening right?" Wayne whispered.

"I will tell you later man. Now's not the time," I whispered back but as my luck would have it Mr. Ndlovu saw me.

He smirked as if this was the moment he had been waiting for all his life, " Ahh, if it's not the dullest of them all who is ignoring important tips who else could it be?"

"It's not his fault sir, I was...."

"Shut up Wayne. Now Max, care to explain what you were telling your friend to the whole class? It seemed important."

My self-control amazed me, "I'm so sorry sir if you want me to leave class I will."

"Of course you would love that won't you but no. I'm tired of you messing up everything and getting away with it because you think you are dyslexic."

I laughed and stood up, " I think I'm what now? Is that something to be proud of? Why would I enjoy--?" I didn't finish the sentence as the door opened again to reveal two students.

Everyone stopped staring at me and gawked at the guy who looked like he had just stepped out of an expensive perfume advert. The girl by his side looked like a model and together they could have been filming a Netflix high school movie. Mr. Ndlovu seemed to be in a daze as the couple made their way to the back where we were sitting.

"Maxwell, you are still dumb I see. But you have grown a little bit I will give you that. Standing up to teachers and all," the guy snickered.
"That's Nyaminyami Max and his wife my sister," Arianna said calmly in my head.


"Yes, and everyone in the class is hypnotized for now. If he stays here longer than necessary they will all die and he won't care. Get him out now!!"

"I caught you by surprise, didn't I? Arianna, aren't you going to say hi to your sister?" Nyaminyami smiled crookedly. The worst part about that was that he looked even more handsome than the name didn't even suit him.

I grinned back and offered my hand, "No you didn't brother in law. You and I have met before and I gotta say the school uniform looks better on you."

"We have met?" He stopped smiling.

Arianna's sister didn't even bother saying anything. She had already sat down on a vacant chair and was typing away on her phone. Wow just wow. She acted as if she wasn't part of the conversation and didn't even bother introducing herself. I continued to talk to her husband,

"Yes don't you remember? Now if you want me to tell you how then let's get out of here. Your presence seems to be harming my classmates you see." I said with a thin smile.

"Nicely done M. Now let's go deal with my sister's husband." Arianna smiled. Those are the advantages of being able to hear your wife's mind sometimes.

"Whatever you say, my lady."

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