The Mermaid and The Boy

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Chapter One

Once upon a time, there lived a young couple by the village of Mo si a Tunya, Victoria falls. This couple had a perfect life and they could not find anything wrong with the way they were living.

One day the young lady fell pregnant and she was very happy with the news. She told her husband and together they celebrated the gift from the heavens.

When it was time for her to give birth she fell very ill and the doctors could do nothing to help her. Her husband, desperate to save her went to the Witchdoctor in the village to ask for help.

"Mommy you said Witch doctors are evil and cruel?" I asked.

"Shhhh Max this one was different, he was a good person," Mom answered and continued with the story.

When the man got to the witch doctor's place he found no one. Not even a house. He stood there helpless and as he was about to give up hope he saw a light coming from the woods. He felt a sudden urge to follow it and he did. After two hours of walking the man found himself deep in the forest and lost. Suddenly trees cleared and in front of him stood a hut. It was small but the light was coming from it. He went in and what he found there shocked him. A small girl of about twelve and a boy were sitting there quietly, as if in a trance.

"Excuse me kids but how do I find the witch doctor's place? I need his help," he said and the kids stared at him.

"Please my wife is dying I beg you," And the boy answered him;

"We know why you are here. We have been waiting for you for a long time."

"Mommy, how did they know who he was?" I asked again.

"We will continue tomorrow night Max now let me sing you a song. It's time to sleep," Mom noted, and then she started singing a slow, sweet yet sad melody.

na na na na
Down in the Valley,
Deep in the lake
There lived a sad lonely,
She was so sad and lonely
na na na na
She wished she could go
Above the water and be able
To dance under the stars and.........


I fell from my bed and woke up with a start looking around for the source of the noise. I got annoyed when I saw my friend Wayne getting up from the floor.

"Wayne man you can try using this innovation called the door. Most people use it and it works fine for them you know," I said and he just shrugged me off like he always does.

"Where is the fun in that Max? I prefer doing things the movie way yah know?" No, I didn't but I kept quiet and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. I left Wayne in my room messing with my game console. Do all people have such idiotic friends?

After taking a cold shower I went back to my room and got dressed for school. Wayne went with me to the kitchen to have breakfast. I couldn't shake off that dream and the funny part was that I was forgetting some parts of it. Why did I have that dream? Was it because of what that psychotic lady had said?

"Thanks for the delicious food Miss.D," Wayne says to my mom. Did I mention that he always eats breakfast at my place? His parents are doctors and they are never home so he is like a second son to my parents.

"You are welcome to love, how is your mother these days," She asks him and they start talking about Wayne's mom.

"Max, What's wrong with you today?" My dad notes and I lie.

"Nothing maybe I'm a little worried about the upcoming final exams dad."

"Don't stress about those everything will be ok son," He comforts me but I know nothing will ever be ok.

"Mom, what happened to the couple in that story that you used to tell me as a kid?" I ask just to change the topic and I see my mother tense.

"Why are you asking about a childhood fairytale dear?"

"I'm just curious that's all forget about it mom," I joke but deep down I'm getting worried. When Wayne jumped into my room I felt sudden anger rising within me and I wanted to rip him to shreds. I have never felt like that even when people mock me about my dyslexia.

"Enough chit chat people get your bags kids and I will drop you off at school, you have about ten minutes till the first bell rings," My dad says and for the first time, I'm grateful for the car ride to school. At least I won't have to walk by Miss Musa's house today.

The first lesson of the day was Combined Science. Yes, take Physics, Chem, and Bio and combine them then ask a student like me to learn. Pure Joy I tell you. I always sit at the back to avoid disturbing "serious" students but today Mr.Ndlovu had woken up on the wrong of the bed so of course, he wanted someone to embarrass.

"Max can you tell us the equation for photosynthesis," And of course I couldn't tell them so he had to go on and act like a jerk. He reminded me of Severus Snape from Harry Potter( The Movie duh).

"You don't know? So why are you here? To warm the benches and increase the student body?" The whole class was in hysterics by this time and only Wayne was not laughing. Sometimes I wondered why he even stuck with me. I was so angry at Mr. Ndlovu that I imagined the beaker of sulphuric acid breaking and burning his stupid face, Which happened except his face was not burnt but the whole class stopped laughing.

I took my bag and stormed out of the class. What had happened? Of course, I hadn't caused that explosion but I had thought of it. It didn't burn his face so I wasn't to blame right? It was just an accident, a coincidence, simple.

"Max, wait up man what happened? I'm sorry about what that jerk did to you. But what caused that explosion? M are you ok?" Wayne asked but I was fuming.

"Why do they always have to act like that? Did I ask for this? It's not like I wrote an application to be dyslexic but you would swear I enjoy it. They always have to make fun of me and I'm tired Wayne," I lashed at him.

"I know but can you calm down first? Please you know how they are I'm not saying It's ok but calm down ok."

"I'm sorry I don't know what's happening to me, Wayne..." I did not get to finish my sentence.

"MAXWELL!" No no please anyone but her.

"Shouldn't you be in class Arianna?" I ask my anger rising again.

"I had something to say to you," She answers and continues "First learn to control your anger or people will be hurt, second I came to give you my notes for all subjects. It's time you had them." And just like that, she shoves a neatly covered book in my hand and storms off.

Dear God can you please zap this girl with a bolt of lightning? I promise I will go to church every Sunday and donate half of my pocket money towards saving the environment.

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