The Mermaid and The Boy

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Chapter two

Rule number 1: Never give me books, I never read them.

Rule number two: Never give me books, I never read them.

Everyone seemed to forget such simple rules and that applied to my parents. Now this girl who knew I was the dullest person and made fun of me as soon as she got to Petra High was giving me her notes. Arianna had come to our school during my third year of high school and she had made my life a living hell as soon she knew about my weakness. You may ask me why she hated me but just like everything else I don't know. Wayne had a crush on her ever since and he seemed to think she was the most beautiful girl to ever exist. My thoughts? She was evil and Malificent had nothing on her.

"M, what just happened? Did_ did she just give you her notes?" Wayne asked and I laughed. What could I have done? The situation was unbelievable?

"What's funny? You know what forget it we are both in trouble since we stormed off before class ended," Wayne says and it suddenly clicks that I had run out of class for the first time. What had happened in that class? And did that awful Arianna give me her book?

"Let's just go and wait for another lesson ok?" I say but deep down I'm scared. As for Arianna's book I was planning to never open it.

The school day went by in a blur and the surprising part? I was not punished for storming out of class. No one even talked about the beaker shattering and exploding. It was like nothing ever happened. Only Wayne and I seemed to remember the incident. I kept wondering if I should tell my parents about the strange things happening around me but I couldn't bring myself to.

As soon as I got home I tried by all means to recollect the story that my mother used to tell me but I couldn't. There was something about the song and that fairytale that kept bothering me. It was like someone was messing with my memories and dreams. What was I even thinking? Too many movies I guess. Wayne had decided to stay behind for Rugby so I had come home alone. Was I born here in Kariba or was I born in any other city? Maybe Harare? I must have dozed off because I woke up to see the dark sky outside my window. I was surprised to hear angry muffled voices coming from the living room. I slowly tiptoed in the direction of the living room and stood outside the door.

"It's high time you told the boy the truth. He will be sixteen soon and already his powers are surfacing." A deep voice said and I could hear my mom on the verge of tears refusing.

"No the time is not right yet. He is still a kid how can you even expect much from him?" She asked and I wondered who they were talking about. As soon as that thought left my mind the deep voice softened and said;

"He is outside the door. We will be leaving now Sheila but this is not over."

Did they mean me? Nah? How could they know I was outside the door? As I was about head back to my room the door opened and my mom came out alone. What was that?

"Hey, Mommy how was your day?" I ask a little breathless.

"Good honey. Is your dad home yet?"

"I'm not sure I was sleeping in my room," I answer and decide to test the waters.

"Mom did we have visitors today?"

"No, Max the TV is on in the living room maybe that's what you heard," she responds and I decide to let it go.

"We are eating out today go and change your clothes. We will meet your dad at the hotel I will call him now," My mom says.

"But mom you said......"

"MAXWELL!!NOW!" My mom shouts and I rush to my room. What was that all about but if there was someone in the house how could they have gotten out. I know our house is big but I'm also sure we don't have any hidden doors. That was my mom's voice and a man was talking to her but where did he go? Do dyslexic people have hallucinations too?

I hurry and change into comfortable clothes and so as not to annoy my mother I go and in the car after I'm done and wait for her. I turn on the radio which I normally don't do unless I'm bored or trying to divert my thoughts. I never really pay attention to whatever is being said but suddenly the news anchor announces a breaking story and I can't help but listen.

A fifteen-year-old girl from Burnside disappeared in the lake earlier this evening. The search team has been deployed to search for her and they urge the public to come forward if they have any information concerning her disappearance. Her family, the Amandlas are pleading to whoever might be able to join the search team to come forward. As per the tradition of this place, the family will not go into mourning or cry just in case she has been taken by the guardians of the lake.

My brain suddenly decides to freeze at that moment. It's hot outside but I'm suddenly freezing and I sit shaking in the car. The family is encouraged not to cry no no no it can't be. That legend is a story. How can a family not cry when their daughter disappears but no it can't be. Suddenly, I remember something impossible unless of course, you watch a lot of stupid fantasy movies.

A long time ago someone once told me that traditional healers had a gift. It was said that if a person disappeared in the lake or any other place the family was not supposed to cry because that person would then disappear forever. The mermaids took it as a sign of disrespect because they would have taken that person to bless him or her with a special gift. It is said that some people got wealth others intelligence whilst the special ones were given the gift of healing or seeing the future. I had laughed then "how can I not cry if a person goes missing in a large body of water? Duh! They could be eaten by sharks or any other dangerous creature. Not to mention they could be dead whilst you are busy waiting for the person to appear with a gift. Seriously that was crazy."

"Oh Max you are here let's go," my mom suddenly appears.

"Mom do you know the people called the Amandlas? Their daughter has been kidnapped by mermaids apparently," I say and wait for her reaction.

"The story didn't say that Max stop editing things. Honestly, what do you want to know huh? I'm tired of you making stuff up now if you are done lying let's go I'm hungry," She scolds and I suddenly feel angry. I want to kill something and as if on cue the front tire of the car ruptures.

"What have you done Max?" My mom screams on the verge of tears.

"Nothing mom I was in the car with you."

"Get out and go back to your room don't leave unless I and your dad come back," She lashes, and I decide to listen to her. She goes to the garage to take another car and she drives away leaving me outside.

"I told you to control your anger otherwise people will be hurt but you didn't listen, Maxwell," I jump and I see Ariana standing in the dark beside a tree wearing a casual outfit; jeans and sneakers along with a white T.shirt.

"Are you stalking me?" I ask suddenly annoyed.

"And why on earth would I do that? If you had controlled your anger I wouldn't be here now would I?"

"And I'm sure you know that I'm dull so I didn't get whatever you said," I retort.

"No, you are not. As you will soon learn now are you going to invite me in or should I break the door open?"

Lord that lightning bolt would be great right now.

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