The Mermaid and The Boy

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Chapter three.

I opened the door for Ariana, don't blame me for that what would you have done? Duh! She made herself at home by making herself some tea and scones. Yep, she said she was hungry and it was my fault. Makes sense right?

"Please do make yourself at home Ariana. Can I offer you a drink ma'am?" I mocked and she rolled her eyes.

"We need to talk about your anger Maxwell. I cant be fixing every mess that you create that's....."

"Whoa! Hold it Ariana first call me Max I hate my full name and secondly how on earth did I call you here. Trust me I wouldn't call you even if you were the last girl on earth ok?"

"Are you done being stupid now? Should I continue or you have more idiotic things to say?" She said sipping her tea and ignoring me.

I sighed and motioned for her to continue telling me whatever it was that I did wrong.

"Ok, I can't tell you a lot now but please just control your anger. You don't only mess up here but your anger affects us too. The guardians of the lake feel it when you are angry and if it were any ordinary time many people would have been hurt. Now we have to deal with this famine that will hit the land not to mention......" I had to cut her off again because as I said I'm dyslexic and I was not underlying anything that this girl was saying.

"What are you talking about? Who are these guardians of the lake that you mentioned?" And this time she did not mock me.

"I can't tell you that now but you will soon know. Please just control your temper ok?" Ariana said as she started making herself another cup of tea.

"And Max it's high time you started studying. Open that book I gave you and maybe just maybe your life will be easier."

"How do you know that I did not read that book?" I asked. This girl was weird and I was getting tired of her acting like she owned my house well my parents' house but whatever.

"Because you are still stupid from my personal view and you get worse by the day," she said matter of factly and for the first time in my life, I was tempted to slap a girl.

"Now that's the Ariana we all love and respect. Now, do you mind getting out of my house?"

"With pleasure, it's not like I want to be here but you keep summoning me with your anger. Also start reading no one wants a dull husband in this country," She replied and I wanted to strangle her.

"Your parents will be here in ten minutes you better go to your room now."

"And you better get out!" I almost screamed.

"Anger Maxwell, I told you to control IT," she said and left. I tried to process the things she had told me but nothing made sense. What was it about the famine and guardians of the galaxy no that's a movie I mean lake?

I heard my parents parking their cars in the garage and I almost screamed. She was right again. I went to my room and decided to take out her notes. I opened the book and I was shocked to see how neat the handwriting was.

It was a large counter book with all the notes for our current subjects. I found myself reading and before long I was so engrossed that I didn't even go to greet my parents. I must have dozed off because the dream came again. My mom narrating the story and singing the song.

Down in the Valley,
Deep in the lake
There lived a sad lonely,
She was so sad and lonely
na na na na
She wished she could go
Above the water and be able
To dance under the stars and
Kiss the love of her life

"Mom, did she meet the love of her life?"

"I don't know only life will tell if she will be able to do that my son," my mom said.

"Mom, how did the kids know who the man was?"

" They were spirits dear. Now let's go to sleep my...


Wayne screamed in my ear and I resisted the urge to punch him in his gut.

"Please by all means do make yourself at home," I said and realized that this was becoming a huge part of my vocabulary.

"Why, thank you Good ole Maxy," Wayne bowed and I laughed despite my anger.

"Wait for me I will go and bath then we can head for breakfast together."

"Ok madam take your time madam," Wayne mocked and I rolled my eyes.

Fifteen minutes later we were at the breakfast table and my mom was still angry with me and it seemed like my dad had joined the club. They were both ignoring me and Wayne must have sensed the tension as he whisked me away.

"Explain." That was all he said before I launched into the whole story of what had happened the previous night. When I was done we nearby Miss Musa's house and as usual she was surrounded by her group of fans.

"Hello boys," she greeted and I resisted the urge to run away. We both responded politely and went about our way.

"She is creepy man," Wayne noted and I nodded. Thankfully he did not press the issue of Ariana.

"We have Mrs. D this morning and I can't wait for her lesson," Wayne said and I laughed.

"She is married man, That's why you just said Mrs, stop crushing on her. I know you hate Literature in English." Mrs. D was in her twenties and every guy had a crush on her. She looked like a celebrity and the fact that she dressed like one made matters worse.

"Whatever, we are here let's just get to class," I noted and we went to class. As usual, the class was already full. Mrs. Diana came in after some minutes and she did not disappoint in her dressing.

She wore a pencil dress that showed off all of her curves and high heels. Wayne secretly took a picture. The guy had issues.

"Good morning class. Today we will finish up Merchant of Venice then move on to Volpone by Ben Jonson. So anyone who can tell us how the play ended?" she asked the class not me. Teachers tended to ignore me but something made me want to speak up.

I did something that I have never done in my high school career and raised my hand.

Sorry, it's short guys. Be back soon.

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