Against ALL norms

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Two people Three lives One Undead What happens when simple, human, completely unextraordinary Ezekiel from a rural village is forced to become a Vampire and King of ALL VAMPIRES? Will he EMBRACE HIS DESTINY and rule over the vampire kingdom or WILL HE SEARCH FOR THE LOST LOVE OF HIS LIFE; AALIYAH? Or, will he do Both? Read to find out.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One - The Threat to normality

AALIYAH ran towards the forest challenging Ezekiel to follow her. "Catch me if you can!" Her beautiful giggles were like music to Ezekiel's ears. "Wait up!" He cried. She caste no heed to his pleading and her giggling continued. Poor Ezekiel continued chasing after her.

A little while later, Aaliyah's giggles were replaced by a scream that would have frightened the most magnificent of creatures in the forest.

Ezekiel couldn't find her. He was devastated. He walked through the forest screaming her name to the top of his lungs. "Aaliyah, where are you? You're scaring me! This isn't hilarious!" He snapped. No reply from Aaliyah. Now he was terrified. He continued walking searching for her. That's when he saw her; unconscious. Held by a woman he didn't quite recognize. But he was happy that he found her; his soulmate; his other half; the only person who loved him; his Aaliyah.

The lady holding Aaliyah was a short, slender person wearing a raven coloured frock that touched her ankles. She wasn't a person that you could usually see in a village. She had a sense of unfamiliarity in her aura. But Ezekiel pushed all of his thoughts away and moved towards the unconscious angel in front of him. He thanked the gods that he found her. But just when he moved closer to her, "What do you think you're doing Ezekiel?" The lady in black spoke in a screechy voice with air pregnant in dominance.

"This is Aaliyah. My Aaliyah. I need to take her with me. She looks sick. She's unconscious" replied Ezekiel holding a softened and concerned glance towards his Angel.

The raven lady laughed in an almost sinister manner that forced the warmth of the summer air to become cold. It made Ezekiel flinch in disgust. Why was she laughing? He needed to make sure that his Aaliyah was well. She was the only family he had.


Heyyyyyyy guyssssss! So this is the official commencement of my new book "AGAINST ALL NORMS" So read it and if you like it, feeeeeelllll freeeee to comment and share with your friends! Love you guys! ❤️

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