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Humans, vampires, and wolves are co-existing on earth. Despite belonging to different races, every being has their ability which only they can wield. The vampires are ruled by pureblood vampires and the wolves are ruled by a high alpha. The pureblood vampires have never been fated to become mates with a member from another race, but what will happen when the pureblood vampire Kris Mackwood is born with the fate to become the mate of the high alpha Wang Lan??? Will their love survive even after their mate bond is purposely broken by people who are scheming to gather more power in the shadows. Male pregnancy scenes included.

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The Sudden Attack

Wang Lan

It was a normal evening in Wuhan, as usual, Lan was working in the chairman room in his family company ‘Wang Enterprises’. It was about 6 pm in the evening. He had spent the whole afternoon going through the project proposals he had received for the new project of their company. His eyes were hurting after staring at the computer screen for a long time, so he thought of going to the canteen and preparing himself a cup of coffee to freshen up his mood. As expected, the office was deserted except for the young janitor who was moping the floor near the elevator. He had not seen this janitor before, but then he remembered that they had enrolled new staff for cleaning purposes just yesterday. He offered the janitor a tight professional ‘boss’ smile, who looked at him with an emotionless and complicated look on his face.

He was popular in his company to be a strict boss. It was not that he did not have a friendly side, it was because it has always been hard for him to work with other people with a friendly attitude, ever since that day two years ago. He was kidnapped and after he was rescued, he always felt as he was forgetting and missing something especially important to him, so he could not become the cheerful person he once was before that incident happened.

Indulged in his own thoughts he made his way to the canteen. His secretary and best friend, Luo Ming was on sick leave, so he had no one to ask help from as none of his workers liked the idea about working with him inside his personal space. Cursing Ming inwardly for going to a ‘dinner and drink’ party last night and getting drunk to the point of passing out on the spot, Lan filled the kettle with water and placed it on the heater. Then he took two packets of instant coffee and emptied the substance into a white mug, reminding himself that he is going to need more than one packet as he still had five more proposals to go through before approving one.

The whistle of the kettle broke him from his train of thoughts. He took the kettle and poured the boiling water into the mug. He took a teaspoon and stirred his coffee as the aroma started filling the room. He discarded the paper spoon and the coffee packets before he took the mug and made his way back to his office.

Back in his office he slowly sipped his coffee. He had already drunk half of his coffee when he felt that there was something wrong with the coffee. It tasted like something burned, like ash. As he took another sip and the wheels in his brain started to turn. There was something else mixed with the coffee powder. Something that tasted like carbon, ash. Suddenly it hit him, it was ‘wolfsbane’, the deadliest poison for wolves, mixed in his coffee. Alarms started going off in his mind. He suddenly stood up feeling the urge to vomit, but as soon as he stood up, he felt the world around him spinning, the ground moving beneath his feet. To support his body weight, he grabbed the nearest thing to him, which was his working desk.

As he grabbed his desk and tried to balance his body, through blurry eyes he could see someone coming into his office through the glass door. He closed his eyes and gave a good shake to his head trying to focus his eyes to have a good look at the person who entered his office. As he opened his eyes, he saw the young janitor watching him intently, standing near the door. As he opened his eyes something like ‘surprise’ flashed through the janitor’s eyes, but it was too fast that Lan could not catch it in his current state.

Lan wanted to open his mouth and ask for help from the young janitor as he was his worker after all, but before he could open his mouth the words “Say goodbye to the light, High Alpha.“, left the janitors’ mouth. Before Lan could understand what the janitor has said, he pulled a revolver out of his sanitary cart and shot Lan until the magazine was empty with no more bullets to be shot. Not a sound was heard when all these things happened as the janitor had connected a silencer to the revolver, but the room was filled with the smell of burned gun powder and smoke. Lan suddenly felt a burning sensation throughout his body, that was when he realized that the bullets the janitor had fired at him were silver bullets. He felt himself sinking into the floor near his desk, soaking the rug on the floor with his crimson blood.

As Lan sank to the floor, the janitor flashed a triumph smile to the limp body of Lan which was lying on the floor drowning in his own pool of blood, placed the revolver back in the cart, turned around and left the room, feeling proud about himself for being able to accomplish the task that was given to him by the ‘Master’.

Kris Mackwood

The sun was setting in the western sky of Switzerland, it was about four in the evening. A black BMW i8 was taking its turn to exit from the highway. Driving the car was a lean man, his skin was milky white and his eyes which were black in colour glanced to the side looking at the setting sun. The man inside the car was Kris Mackwood, he was on his way to the daycare to pick up his boys. He smiled at the thought of them. He was already late to pick them up, but he could not help it as his client would not stop bargaining the price of the new piece of land he was planning to sell.

Trying to imagine his boys’ dull faces as he was late, he parked his car outside the daycare and got off. He made his way inside the daycare, the caretaker who was in charge if his boys gave him a beautiful smile. She was a lady in her late forties. She had opened this daycare after her sons died in a fire that took place in their apartment while she was away for work. To ensure that no more children were to face the same fate as her children because their parents are busy at work, she had started this daycare.

Kris Mackwood flashed an apologetic smile to her and walked to the inner room of the daycare. His boys were sleeping on the floor with the rest of the kids whose parents were late to pick them up. He gently kneeled on the floor and scooped them up in his arms, they were quite big for two-year-old kids. Well truth to be told, he had to be grateful for the caretaker for taking care of six-year-old boys in a daycare in the first place. The situation was that even though his boys were literally two years old, as they were pureblood hybrids their growth rate was unusually fast, which resulted in them growing into six-year-old boys just in two years.

As he himself was a pureblood, Kris had no problem in carrying both of his boys in his arms. With his hands full he gave one of his signature smiles which melts the hearts of women despite their age to the caretaker and walked towards his car. He opened the door to the back seat and lied his boys down, closed the door, and made his way to the driver’s seat of the car. He ignited the engine and drove his way back to their home.

When they reached home he woke his boys up. As soon as they saw their mommy, their faces brightened up instantly.


Both screamed in unison. Kris smiled lovingly at his boys and helped them to get out of the car. He locked the car and opened the door to enter their house.

“Now go straightly into the bathroom and wash yourselves while mommy makes dinner. Ok.”

“Yes mommy”

They replied saluting, which made Kris laugh out loud and ruffle his boys’ hair. He took off his jacket and headed to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. As he reached the kitchen he heard the boys giggling and racing upstairs, into the bathroom. Kris opened the refrigerator and took out the ingredients that he needs to prepare the twins' favourite dinner menu.

He was halfway through cutting a carrot when suddenly he started to feel dizzy, he felt the world around him spinning and the ground moving beneath him. He instinctively grabbed the kitchen top and balanced himself. He had not felt this feeling for two years now, ever since he got torn apart from the person he loves the most. He knew that something must have gone very wrong with Lan, he knew this feeling very well and he did not like it even a little bit.

He knew that he would have this feeling of pain only if Lan was hurt. This was supposed to be much stronger, as in to feel the exact same feeling of pain, but as their bond was broken it was not supposed to be felt at all in the first place. But as Kris could never give up his love for Lan, even though Lan could not feel Kris’s pain, Kris could still get a hint of pain if Lan is hurt. He knew he should make an emotional barrier as soon as possible because if the twins get to feel this pain when they question him about the reason he will be out of explanations to give.

The twins Weilan and Yunwei have always been quiet, obedient, loving, and bright children. Even though they had thousands of questions about their daddy, they always believed their mommy when he said that their daddy is living away from them just temporarily and that he will one-day comeback. But little did they know that even their mommy was hoping wholeheartedly that one day their daddy will remember them and come back to them.

Even before he knew his legs had taken him to his jacket, where inside the side pocket lied his phone. As he took his jacket he started to sweat, and his body started to feel as it was burning. The pain was increasing at a rapid rate and if you look at Kris closely you could even see that he has turned pale in a contrastive shade. With shaking hands Kris went through his contacts list and found the number he was looking for. Without thinking twice, he dialed Tyler Roberts, his best friend who was in China, keeping an eye on the situation there.

Before he could press the button to call Tyler the phone started vibrating, indicating that he was receiving a call. Without thinking twice, he picked up the call.

“Hello, is this Kris Mackwood???”

Before Kris could say a word, a woman’s voice from the other side of the phone spoke. Kris felt as he was rooted to the ground on the spot, his blood turned cold and a chill went down his spine. A hint of voice from the speaker other side was enough to make Kris’s past, which held all of his precious memories with the love of his life and also which caused all the emotions he was trying to suppress now to occur and play in front of his eyes like a movie without any intermissions.

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