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Everyone comes to World with a purpose.... Cycle of Life moves along with Cycle of Time But what happens when the Kaalchakra or cycle of time changes it's course for someone? Someone who's purpose of life is for a greater cause. Shrouded by darkness yet with grace of light.Thrown in depths of war and pain yet with enchantments of peace and divine.Heart of stone but with touch of purity.Fierce as blazing fire yet alluring as softest flower.Somewhere bathed in bloodshed somwhere embraced in fragnant flowers.Carrying darkness along with divine light.Unaware to one another.... One cannot cease to exist without another... With time play their part,When time unite them one.World shall meet one of the greatest creation...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~********~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a historical/supernatural story. Not truly based on ancient history of India but a mix of imagination and Historical cultures.

Fantasy / Other
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Character Introduction:Princess Tara

Hello!Let’s began with our female protagonist Introduction.

Her name is Princess Tara(or Taramani) from Chandrarajpur (made up) situated in middle of ancient Bharat.Born as the only child of King of Chandraraj,Harianshdev and Queen Subhankari devi.With no other heir princess Tara was next to sit on Throne being no less than any Yuvraj of Bharatvarsh.

Sweet as honey as well as fierce as lioness.Her eyes were most unique ever seen with deepest blue of endless ocean.Raised as a queen and as well as a yuvraj with all knowledge of a Shashak and of a Yodha.

Her another interesting quality was her devotion for God.No matter where,infront of god her only emotion was absolute dedication.

(I didn’t chose any actress for casting this character,mostly I dont find one and secondly you all are free to imagine whoever you want).

Note:I will not show all the cast or characters now at once.When a character will enter the story I will introduce them.That will make it a surprise.So please bear with me.
You can also imagine their parents too.If someone has good cast for them can tell me😁

Also the Timeperiod is not mentioned here.I cant find a suitable timeperiod when there were humans along with asuras and evil forces(If anyone knows do tell me😅)

This is a brief about our main character.More will be known through the story.If any mistakes feel free to tell me.Hope you enjoy.

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