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After hearing her mother's rejection story, she doesn't want a mate; it terrified her. She didn't want the same fate happening to her as it did to her mother; she didn't want to crumble in pain, feeling her heart shattering into pieces from the rejection from her mate that she has never seen or met, yet. Therefore, she vowed not to the Moon Goddess, but to herself that, "whoever is my mate, I will not reject him nor will I accept him." That is until she runs into him! Now, meet Liam Adam Johnson, Alpha from the Dark Shadow Pack! He recently turned twenty years old, back from the Alpha Training Camp and already searching for his mate. He has heard about mates when he was younger; he had waited patiently until he was of age to find her. He vowed that, "whoever my mate is, I will always put her and her needs above myself; for she will be the Queen to rule my world." When she runs into Liam, will she uphold her vow? Or, will she immediately reject him without a second thought and choose her own fate than the one chosen for her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Author's Note


This is definitely a sequel that probably some of you guys were wishing I would make.

Now, there are some things I do need to go over:

1) This is not a stand alone book; you MUST read the first one to understand Brielle’s point of view. There’s no going around it.

2) This book is about Brielle’s life (Alexiana and Jaxon’s first born daughter). I will introduce maybe two or three of her siblings in one of the chapters, but you won’t read much about them. Brielle’s parents might pop in a chapter or two, but like I mentioned two seconds ago, you won’t read much about them.

You will read a bit more about Brielle’s best friend, Charlotte in her POV because this is how I am building up my character. You’ll know what I mean when you read further into the book.

3) This book will have some explicit language, mature content, some humor, drama, possibly some sexual tension, and some sexual scene(s).

4) I do not have a set time schedule on when and what time I’ll publish a chapter; however, I will try to update a chapter every other fews days to a week. But, it’ll most likely be every week.


Keep the comment section friendly and I do not mind any curse words being used. However, if there are any and all type of negative comments, it will be deleted, indefinitely. The username of the negative comment(s) will be blocked. NO EXCEPTIONS!


6) All characters names, names of places and what not is just a coincidence and a figment of my imagination.

All images of people that I use are not mine; they are my muse on how I imagine what my characters look like.

Lastly, I OWN AND RESERVE ALL COPYRIGHTS. All or any unauthorized reprint or reuse of this book is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any part of this book will not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever, without a written permission from the author.

That’s about it!

Happy reading Lovelies!


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