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Aria knows she’s a bad bitch. As the first alpha female ever she knows the moon goddess has plans for her. Her motto, be confident, feel confident, kick ass. When she meets her mate, Alpha Marcus whose hell bent on bending her to his will, their opposite personalities clash. She is not naive enough to refuse him as her mate, their bonds would just pull them back together. But when he suggests the most absurd idea to her, that she give up her place as alpha and move to live with him she immediately develops a hatred towards him. Will their relationship make it, or will their positions as alpha’s of separate packs break them? Not to mention the fact that the moon goddess has gifted her with immense powers that she must learn to control, and quickly, because danger is coming.

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The Intruder

Hey fellow readers! I just wanted to let you guys all know that this story has yet to be revised\edited.
The music surrounds Aria as her girls press in around her, hands in the air, eyes closed as they sway with the music. She smiles at their happy faces, knowing that they've needed to get away from the packhouse for a while now. Tensions between their pack and another neighboring pack have been high lately, and the girls had been high-strung for too long. Being at Acair Club would cure that, Aria hoped. She could handle high tension with another pack, but fourteen high-strung female wolves in close quarters were too much. This night was all about the girls remembering they were family, and of course letting loose and having fun. Being alpha of an all female-pack got tiring and these nights were the only time Aria could let loose, as much as an alpha could anyways. Brought back to reality by her beta, and best friend, Ellia, who smacked her shoulder and slurred, "Bitch, I swear that if you don't loosen up this one night I will drug your drink so you can get some damn action." With that she pushed Aria towards a random man and giggled, watching Aria glare back at her. The man smiled at Aria before placing his hands on her slender hips and grinding against her leg. She almost kneed him in the dick right then and there, but she relented knowing that he was drunk. Pushing him away from her and turned to walk away, when he reached out with one hand and smacked her ass. Her wolf, Milean snarled in her head, and Aria turned back to the man, smacking him hard across the face. His smile disappeared fast as he pressed his hand against the red welt that was forming on his cheek from Aria's hand.
"I thought you wanted me, you whore!" He screeched, his voice reaching above the music, as bodies turned to watch the commotion. Aria grimaced, the last thing she wanted was a scene, but this man seemed to have other plans.
"Next time you think of touching a woman without her consent, remember the welt on your face and know that it could have been much, much worse. Fortunately for you, you're drunk, and I'm not in the mood for a fight." With that, Aria turned and stalked away from the man, pushing her way through the throng of bodies to the bar. Nineteen years on this planet and the only action I get is the drunk man wanting to get handsy. Milean mumbles her agreement in her head, reminding Aria of her wish for a mate. Aria rolls her eyes at her wolf's insistent complaints. You are not the only one not getting action, Milean. It's not my fault that our mate isn't some random drunk dude trying to feel us up, if you wish I can go back to him and introduce myself. Milean snarls her disagreement before backing off. Aria smiled, before sliding onto a bar stool motioning to the bartender for a drink.
He pushes an empty glass towards her, "What'll it be?" he asks his eyes roaming her chest.
Aria bristles, "EYES, are up here thank you very much, and I'll just have a water." The bartender blushes, before averting his eyes and grabbing a bottle of water from underneath the counter. He hurries off quickly to a group of blondes leaning against the counter supporting one another in their drunken stupor. I'm going home she mind-links to Ellia before making her way past the bouncer at the door, stepping into the cool summer air. Her heels click as she walks quickly towards the edge of town, headed for the thick woods. Throwing the bottle of water in a recycling bin, she slips into the woods, silence enveloping her. Slipping out of her dress and heels, she stuffed them into a hollowed tree making a mental note to return for them later. Naked, she wills Milean to take over as she shifts into her wolf form. Milean shakes her black coat, revealing flickers of gold fur before she takes off running through the woods. As Milean leaps over a fallen log, the woods grow denser, forming a barrier between the humans and the packhouse.
A change in the wind causes Milean to stop suddenly, sniffing the air aggressively. INTRUDER, on OUR land, she snarlsed stalking towards a clearing a ways ahead of them, as the smell of another wolf grows stronger. Beta, she mutters to Aria as they come to the edge of the clearing, a slim brown wolf ahead of them stands sniffing at a tree where one of Aria's pack members has stashed their clothes. A loud snarl erupted from Milean's throat, warning the Beta of their presence. He lifts his head from the pile of clothes, seemingly surprised to see them. She stalks into the clearing towards the intruding Beta as Aria's mind links to Ellia telling her of the threat. Ellia responds almost immediately, words slurring to the point where Aria can only hope that her response said something along the line of, Coming right now. Aria wasn't scared of taking on a Beta alone, she was an alpha after all but something about this wolf made her edgy. He was smart, wiry, and strong and Aria knew that some Beta's could be as strong as other Alpha's. It wasn't unheard of Beta's killing Alpha's and Aria wasn't going to take that risk. Another snarl ripped from Milean's throat followed by a short howl warning the Beta to get off their land. Instead, the Beta released a snarl back, stalking to meet Milean in a challenging stance.
Milean made the first move, darting forward fast as lighting, biting the Beta on the neck, sinking her teeth right below the surface before releasing her hold and backing off. A warning, that she could, and would kill the Beta if he didn't leave. The Beta only barked a wolf laugh, before lunging at Milean with surprising agility. She just managed to leap out of the way, before the Beta swung around again, attacking viciously. Then, Milean and Aria were one, fighting to kill the Beta and protect their home.
The Beta was quick, but Aria was an Alpha and she had trained hard for her position, endless hours getting her ass handed to her by her father who had passed away a few years ago. After years of hard work she had ascended to her rightful position as alpha, and now she was glad of the tiring nights spent training with her ruthless father that allowed her to hold her own against the Beta.
The Beta yelped as she sunk her teeth deep into his neck, blood spurting from the wound as she clung on. He lashed out with a paw, claws slicing across Milean's stomach and she yelped, releasing her hold on the Beta. Instead of retreating, he launched himself at her, knocking her off her feet jaws snapping at her as she pummeled him with her hindquarters, front paws protecting her exposed stomach. A familiar howl filled the air and before Aria could mind-link Ellia to stay out of the fight a Whoosh filled the air and the Beta was knocked off her. Snarls erupted through the air as Aria yelled at Milean to get up, pain shooting through her stomach. Milean snarled back at her, struggling to her feet as howl's erupted into the cool air. The intruding Beta stood over a limp Ellia howling excitedly at a bloody Ellia. Fury surged through Aria, and Milean howled so loudly that the Beta yipped and pawed at his delicate ears. She attacked so quickly, that the Beta didn't see her coming. Biting into him hard and tearing, she ripped a chunk of meat from his neck slashing at his back until he crumpled beneath her, unconscious. Aria didn't wait to see if the Beta was dead, she forced Milean to go to Ellia's side. Milean sensed it before Aria did, and let out a mournful howl that her pack members were sure to hear and feel. Ellia was dead.

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