Anything For Daddy

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This is going to be a fast pace book that has some time hops. And some. Sexual scene. You have been warned. Sophia is a 17 year old who is tired of the way her mother is living her life. She just had about enough when her mom has her eyes set on Ryan Deluca. A small bank business owner who has dreams of expanding his business. But everything comes crashing down on him and the only light to his dark tunnel is his step daughter. What would happen when he realizes what she has done. Would it be to late to make amends or would it strengthen their relationship?

Fantasy / Erotica
Catarina A. Muniz
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Chapter 1

Sophia POV

Ryan Deluca 25 years old 6'2" jet black hair that is always slick back and never a hair out of place. And he is always in a suit. He owns a small banking business here in town. How do I know all this well I wanted to try my hacking skills on something so I was like why not try a bank. And just like that I was in. My dad taught me everything I needed to know about hacking any system at the age of 9. But we'll get into that later on back to Ryan here. Poor basters eyes landed on my mother. Only if he knew she was the most greedy selfish person to ever walk this planet.

You see right after dad died she remarried not even a month after the funeral to some guy I can't even remember his name just for his money. After 6 months she get like he wasn't making enough to support her habits she divorced him and started looking for someone who made more. So that's were we are at right now at dinner with Ryan. He is talking about his banking business and what his plans are for the future in expanding the company and what not. At that my mom perked up pushing her fake tits out giving him seductive looks. Gross. She's way to old to be acting like that. But according to her 38 is the new 21. Yeah right what ever I'm just glad I'll be graduating this year so I can finally be free of her.

I'm 17 making me the youngest in my senior class to graduate. Last year for my junior year one of my electives was a CNA program graduating that program by the age of 17 I started to work. I got a job at the hospital seeing how it's open 24/7 and I needed a night job because obviously I had school during the day. Plus after I graduate I wanted to enroll in the register nursing program but I needed 1 year experience in the medical field so I see this as a win win. Till this day my mother still doesn't know about it. Like I said she is greedy and she has a habit and that habit happens to be a shopaholic. So she doesn't have much time for me. She's constantly shopping or out with her friends to realize that I'm gone from 6pm-4am. But I kinda of rather like it that way. So she doesn't bother me for anything. Looking up at Ryan I kind of feel bad for the young fool but he will learn the truth one day.

6months later.

He actually married my mom ladies and gentlemen. As smart as he is he is pretty stupid. Now we are living at his place I've decided to get the only bedroom on the first floor. Didn't feel like sharing a floor with them hearing them do the nasties.
Once my mother and I are settled in I got started on dinner. Mainly cooking for myself and putting a plate to the side for Ryan when he gets out. My mom took off with his black card probably having the time of her life. In my opinion she should be the one cooking and cleaning. But for as long as I can remember she never did any of those things.

When I took the lasagna out of the open I made myself a plate as well as Ryan and put his away. During the middle of dinner my mother walks through the door with about 10 different shopping bags.

"Hey sweetheart what you doing." She asked. I just looked at her and looked at my food than back at her. Yeah my mother and I don't have the best relationship. I just keep to myself and avoid her as much as possible. She didn't wait for my reply she just made her way up to her room and came back into the kitchen taking Ryan's plate out of the microwave right when he walked through the door.

"What smells go good."

" lasagna I made you a plate come sit down and eat." I scoffed at her fake ness. Only if he knew. She sent a glare at me telling me to shut up. While he was eating he was talking about his business deals and how none of them pulled through that they expect something more something that can insure protection while expanding the business across the country. While he is talking my mom is just nodding replying with a "mhm" "oh yeah" "hmmm" not really listening she just in her phone gods know what. And I'm just looking at my food eating. To him I'm pretty sure it looked like I wasn't paying attention but little does he know I'm actually pretty intrigue on how and what his plans are for his business.

I guess he figured out my mother wasn't really that interested he stopped talking and finished his food.

"That was good thank you." He put his plate in the sink and made his way upstairs.

"Clean this up" my mother said she turned around and followed him up stairs.

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