Illusion: The Mural of King Arthur

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🥇 1st place winner for the Fantasy category (The Spice Awards) 🥇 1st place winner for Best Book (The Cobalt Valentine's Special Awards) Illusion, the Mirror of King Arthur... Nobody knows what happened to her. Hundreds of years ago, she went into hiding after he fell from his throne. Seventeen-year-old Guinevere Emberblight has a dream-to become a musketeer in the Baroque Period-but nothing is simple when her mother wants her to get married and have children. Then, she meets the wolf, as well as a mysterious boy named Arthur. The two teens embark on an epic quest across the kingdom of Irodia in search of Illusion herself, after learning that she has the power to grant somebody whatever they desire in life. Magic is in the air, as well as a haunting curse that will forever change Gwen and Artie. The battle of confidence and un-confidence has begun, but at the end of the day, only confidence will survive. Who is Gwen? Who is Artie? Who is the wolf? And what exactly is the Mural of King Arthur? To the teens' knowledge, it could be right under their noses. *** 🥇 1st place in winner in The Spice Awards Fantasy category Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Adventure, and Werewolf *First written in 7th grade. Two, previous drafts* Illusion is one of my most personal stories, so it's easy to say that it's one of my favorites! I hope you enjoy it!

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Author's Note: Werewolf Story

Hello, and welcome to my first Werewolf book, Illusion: The Mural of King Arthur! Well, I’ve actually been working on this story since 7th grade. It was first known as All for One, then I changed it to Illusion, and now it’s the title it is now.

This is one of my most personal stories–based off when I had a great disappointment in my life–in which I felt like a complete, utter failure. However, what I learned is that “Failure is a word; it is not the end of the world.”

Considering the book’s background history, it’s no surprise that it’s one of my darker projects. I want to prove to you guys that I can write drama. Besides this, the plot takes place during the Baroque Period (1600-1750), which was time of great change. The Thirty Years’ War ravaged homes, as well as plague and famine.

While this story may be a bit more serious in tone, it still consists of qualities that I usually include in any of my fantasy stories: action, adventure, and moral lessons...not to mention my very first werewolf character, who just so happens to be one of my most favorite characters I’ve ever created.

I see a bright future for this story, if I keep working on it that is. It’s in my list of “Books I Want to Eventually Get Published,” so I could use support, motivation, and constructive criticism (no bullying!) to help me.

With all that out of the way, let’s dive into Illusion: The Mural of King Arthur!

Wattpad Achievements:

🥇 1st place in The Spice Awards’ Fantasy category

🥇 1st place for Best Book in The Cobalt Valentine’s Special Award

🥉 3rd place in The Enchanted Awards’ Fantasy category

🥉 3rd place in The Creative Mind Awards’ Fantasy category

🥉 3rd place in The Banana Awards’ Fantasy category

🏅 Round 1 Qualifier in The Punk Rock Awards’ Fantasy category

🏅 Round 1 Qualifier in The Goal Digger Awards’ Fantasy category

🏅 Featured on @The_Dreamers_Society “Books of the Week” Reading List

🏅 Best Cover in The Mysfic Awards

🏅 Honorable Mention for Best Cover in The Irenic Awards 2021

🏅 Honorary Mention for Best Fantasy Writer/Book in The Banana Awards

Please Do NOT plagiarize this story! It means a lot to mean, and I don’t need y’all attacking my personal experiences! I do NOT want to have to turn on my bad side! Just FYI.

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