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Gentle Calm Affectionate Those were the words whispered in my heart when I first saw him. I can feel it. He's not an Adonis, no he's not an out of the world beauty. But to my world, he's nothing more than I can ever desire. He's the one. My other half. But when the lies unfold beneath the secrets, I can sense my love being tested for once and all. To believe or not, was it a cold truth or just a beautiful facade? **************** When Maya's beloved sister went missing, she knew her decision to venture out of the pack and searched for her might be a fatal mistake. But she didn't care, she was not to lose her only blood family in this world. Not again. But when fate decided to play its card, Maya was to put off her mission for a certain Beta from the enigmatic Midnight Blood Pack. All because of him, the alluring mate of hers. His kind demeanor was a complete contrast to his mysterious, impenetrable pack. She couldn't believe it. She was falling for him, the earnest man who concealed nothing from his destined mate. Right? Warning: I'm a total novice in writing and this story is unedited so there might be a lot of grammar errors. English is not my 1st language too so the story's flow might be awkward. Other than that, thanks for giving this story a chance.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

For the new readers, welcome^^ ok off you go, shoo shoo
Jk, I love you :')

For the old readers,
I decided to write a new Chapter 1 after a review taught me about how quick I jump into the story. The previous Ch 1 is moved to Ch 2 instead.

I hope you can enjoy this one, not much impact on the plot, just an intro.


"Eve! Wake up!"

My voice echoed throughout the dark room for the seventh time already. The soft violet curtains were drawn almost completely closed, allowing only some of the morning ray to stream through the window.

The girl in the cartoon pyjama was unperturbed. Knocked out cold like a hibernating polar bear.

At least polar bear is cute. This one just looks like a sleeping Shrek.

"Girl, wake up already or I'll whip your ass!" I threatened, the ladle in my hand ready to launch to her face.

She was still 'Shrek-ing.'

You'd thought being a werewolf, one would be blessed with the extraordinary senses of sight, smell and hearing. So with the enhanced hearing ability, my annoyingly loud voice should have woke her up by now.

Fat chance.

With Eve, you've got to have the holy patience of Buddha to drag her soul away from the 'Dreamy Land of Eve World.' Waking her up was no child's play, it was an adult's play. Wait that sounded wrong. Never mind my choice of word that may cause one to question my intelligence, the message here should be clear.

I stormed to the window, pulling the curtain opened harshly. The sudden burst of sunlight lit the room almost instantly, shining straight to Eve's shut eyes.

She miraculously stirred for the first time after my dozen attempt to wake her up. A small groan escaped from her drooled mouth.

I should've done this from the start. My dumb brain seemed to shut down just now.

Eve turned her figure, steering away from the loathed sunbeam that disturbed her slumber.

"Oh no you don't." I tapped her arms with the cold ladle in my hand, trying to make the chilly sensation her next alarm clock.

"Stop it Maya..." Her croaky voice broke, arm flapping blindly to drive the object away.

"No, you stop it. Wake up already, it's way past the breakfast time." I chided, glancing at her slow rising figure before walking out of the room.

Once in the kitchen, I continued my halfway works in making the breakfast, no, brunch. I started to heat up the make-ahead sandwich that I had made the night before, placing then the fried sausages, bacon and sunny side eggs into two large plates. I took out the rich-flavoured mango smoothies from the fridge and went to flip the pancake in the frying pan. There were also the yesterday's ham and spinach quiches that I had heated up, looking inviting on top of the counter.

After finished preparing all the foods and setting up the table, my right hand patted my left shoulder proudly.

Good job buddy. You've done something productive today.

Even my wolf was howling in joy from seeing all the foods I had made. It was not a surprising amount of foods, considering how hefty can two werewolves eat.

"Woah they all look delicious Maya." Eve peered from behind, freshly showered and dressed.

Or supposed to.

"Why the hell are you still in this?" I prompted her for the answer, irritation ticking in.

Her blue-cat character winked at me mockingly from her pyjama. She scratched her belly while yawning ungraciously, ignoring my glaring eyes. The bird-nest hair of hers looked a bit tamed at least.

"I've brushed my teeth and washed my face. That'll do for now." She justified, reaching for the food. The juicy bacon oil dripped from her lips before she quickly wiped it with her tongue.

"Oi mate! Bloody scrumptious this is!" Her horrible attempt at British accent praised me. "Delicious. Finally, some good fudging food." Her failing jokes continued, followed by the sound of cackling hyena.

I stared at her with my non-judgemental eyes. Who laughed so badly at their own bad jokes?

I was pretty annoyed. At first.

But the ugly boisterous laugh coming from her spread like wildfire and soon, I found myself laughing along with her.

It was always like this with Eve.

Wild, Bright, Carefree.

Like running freely in the green, limitless meadow. The warm glow of sunshine peeking playfully from the blue clouds, shimmering delicately on the skin, encouraging each bouncy steps. And the air. Oh the open air! The sweet breeze, the balmy air, how mild and fresh it felt when threading through the flowing hair, feeling the rush in every panted breathes. Eagerly and merrily through the grassland, all without a care in the world.

She was like that.

She was the ray to my treeless, desolate world.

Yes. My empty world. After the tragic parting with our dearest parents. The sorrowful lost of the loved ones, it still hurt.

Perhaps that was the reason. Every day. Every single day. We would cherish the presence of one another, turning our existence as each other's strength, as well as each one's weakness.

Eve and I sat at the dining table. Enjoying our brunch, talked about everything and nothing. And when she yawned for the umpteenth time, I decided it was a good time to confront her.

"Ok, so what's going on Eve?" I asked her straight away.

"Hm? What?" She returned my question.

"You yawning here. I've lost count on how many times you did that." I clarified. "You went out again last night didn't you?"

She munched the sausage casually, seeming unbothered by my question. Or maybe pretending to seem unbothered. It was hard gauging Eve's emotion sometimes.

"Yeah. You caught me there." She raised her arms, shrugging as if she was innocent. "Uhm, so why? It's not like we're kids anymore."

"Well yeah, but you're still my sister. I'm worried enough alright." I exhaled and rolled my eyes.

"You're all I have left."

Her eating paused. She ran her eyes away from me. Probably feeling guilty. A short breath was huffed when she looked back at me.

"Hey, sorry to make you feel that. But don't worry ok? I didn't go anywhere dangerous." She convinced me gently.

"I have a secret project. And nope, before you ask, I'm not gonna talk about it. Nuh to the uh."

My eyes narrowed to the slittest slits it can slit. Arms folded across my chest in protest. We were both silent as I gave her my angry stare. And it stayed like that for the next few minutes, turning the happy brunch into an awkward one.

Oh that's right. We're not kids. But I'm gonna act like one if you're going to play it like that.

She stared back at me before she rubbed her eyes, sighing. "Ok fine, I'll tell you. But not today ok? Not today."

I wasn't satisfied with her answer. But beggars can't be choosers, so I'll yield to her this time.

I nodded, continuing to eat after that. After a while, it was my turn to be questioned by Eve.

"Maya, how does it feel when you got the vision?"

The smoothie I was drinking had almost made a short trip to Eve's face. The expression I wore was one of a total shock.

We rarely talked about that. So why now suddenly?

"Wh-why do you want to know?" I felt uneasy.

She raised her shoulders. Uncertain.

"No particular reason. It's just that... lately I've been getting weird dreams you know," she confessed. "So I guess I want to know if it's the same kind of thing you always see."

"Weird dreams?" I wondered before I hurriedly shared my experience.

"Mine is never something I can describe. It never had a fixed way of showing. But somehow I'd always know if it's the one."

She bit her lower lip, seemingly a tad worried.

"So does it sounds like what you've been dreaming of?" I probed.

"I'm not sure. Maybe not," she answered briefly.

"The one I got, it... it's always about you."

I was startled. Confusion wrapped around my mind when Eve carried on with her story.

" are always getting hurt in my dreams. Different ways, but the ending is always the same," she disclosed while looking hurt herself.

"But there's one in particular that I dream of more so than the others."

I swallowed my anxiety down, waiting for her words.

"In that one, you're always getting chased by a man. He looks harmless Maya. But, I know he's not."

"What? Why?"

"I'm not sure. Everything is foggy for me. But he'd always caught you in the end. And when he got you." She gave a short pause.

"He turned...he turned into someone else. Someone malicious, someone sickening." Her eyes glinted in faint distress. "And he would be soaking in blood when that happened. Your blood."

I felt fear twisted around my rib.

"Eve...I..." My words got stuck in my throat.

"I...I don't know what to say."

I spoke honestly from my heart. I didn't want to brush it off as mere dreams. The last time I did that, my parent's life was traded.

"It's ok Maya. I don't really believe it." She gave a reassuring smile, laying her hand on mine. "I mean what can I do? It's not even real."

Her face turned grim. "And I'll make sure it won't be real."

The clenching of my tense fists loosened. My eyes stared at her, tight but not strained like before.

"How are you so sure? What if it's a premonition like what I always had?"

I felt restless. I wasn't worried about myself as much as I was for Eve. If I died, who would be there for her?

"Then I'll have Chris Hemsworth by now!" She squealed. "I dream of those sexy muscles far more often than I ever dream about food!"

She laughed. "And that's a lot coming from me."

"It's not funny Eve," I grumbled.

"Oh but it is." She grinned before it turned into a warm smile.

"Cheer up Maya. I don't have superpower like you. So chances of those dreams becoming true are freaking slim."

My eyes gazed into hers. I had a mixed feeling about this. But I didn't want to worry her, so I showed the small smile I can muster.

"I promise nothing will happen. I'll always be there with you," she said earnestly.


And that was the last lie I've heard from her.

For she was gone soon after that. Disappear. Vanish. Missing.

My sister. My dear sister.

Not even the pack had a clue where she had been and how it happened. They all gave up after the long, futile search.

But I didn't. As I read the content of the letter for the thousandth time, huge backpack slung on my shoulders.

I'm sorry. Don't try to look for me, it's for the best.

I love you.


The letter was crumpled yet again in my grip. My whole world crumbled at first. Tears and tears every day. Awful thoughts each sleepless night.

But not anymore now. Not anymore.

I will find her. No matter what.

And when I did found her.

I'll whip her ass.

Ok, who got that reference I put in Eve's joke? xD

Or only me? Lol ok, I go sobbing at the corner.
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