Mission 37

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Pushing through the line of girls, I made my way to where the nurses were stood. I smacked into this girl with full force,

“Hey watch where you’re going.”

That’s when I noticed Corporal Lance, I nodded at him, “My fault sir, sorry miss”

I said through clenched teeth.

“No worries.” She said with a blank expression.

I hurried along my way. Stopping in front of the nurse I scowled, “So, go on then, do what you gotta do!”

She broke eye contact reaching for a syringe, “Roll up your sleeve,”

I snapped back,

“Why, what is that shit?”

She sighed. I stopped myself from smacking her in the face. I knew I was being watched by the soldiers.

“The first is filled with essential vitamins to boost your health and the second is to protect you from any viruses that will be around. We also need to put a tracker into your neck to keep you in check.”

“The fuck you are, I’m not a dog you can keep tabs on.”

“Well, that’s your decision but no one without these injections and the tracker get to go.”

I was about to go nuts on this lady but catching a nearby guard move his hand towards his gun made me stop in my tracks. Biting my cheek, I nodded,

“Go on then make it quick,”

The nurse rolled her eyes again at me, the cheeky cow. I’d flatten her if we were out in the real world. She continues with the process, I stopped looking at her and was watching from a distance the girl that was talking to Lance, being escorted past the line of girls queuing and straight into her own room. Then it clicked, she was the one who caused a scene in the cafeteria!

What’s her name again?

Who cares anyway! She’s a joke.

Obviously used to having the world given to her on a silver platter. I see how she’s walking around with her nose in the air. Up herself. I heard she’s from one of the B sectors, that would explain it. All those lot think they’re better than everyone else.

It goes Sector A is the Island known as Earth 2.0 where the elites live. Then there’s sector B, they’ve got better health care and even have some trade and most people have their own houses. Then there’s sector C, nothing but crime and hardship there. In my eyes sector B is no better than Sector A. They’re still less likely to get caught for committing crimes than we are.

I yelled in pain and jumped up ready to strike someone. “What the hell was that! What did you do your stupid bitch!” I was getting up and close with this nurse now.

“Explain or Imma knock you out sunshine!” She stumbled on her words,

“Sorry, um it’s…. it’s the tracking device. The one I told you about.” I turned around quickly composing myself, grabbing my jacket. “Well warn me next time you dumb…”

Stopping myself from swearing at her again. See I can be a nice person. I go to walk out the room.

“Miss, your belongings.”

I stopped, looking over my shoulder.

“Nothing in there means anything to me anymore.”

I continued out the door, leaving the nurse before she could reply. The guards directed me to the changing room. I walked quickly. Cutting in front of the other girls waiting for their clothes. A lady eyed me up,

“Small, changing room 3.”

I clenched my teeth together, I wasn’t small. I shut the door behind me, taking in the surroundings. It looked like one of those old-style changing rooms you’d find in a mall. Hanging up was a suit and a bag was sat on the floor below. I quickly changed out of my clothes and into a wetsuit. I guess we’re gonna be coming out under water. Picking up the bag I walk out of the changing room,

“That was quick,”

The lady from before said to me. “Just wanna get it over with,”

I replied. She directed me to the waiting room where the rest of the inmates were waiting. Fingers crossed they don’t separate the girls and boys. I can’t stand girls, always whinging about something.

Walking into the room, I noticed it was pretty full. The boys process must have been quicker than ours. I scanned the room looking for AJ, Vulcan and Pete. Where were they?

I started to panic; these idiots better have not done anything to single themselves out! I’d have to start the whole process of finding again.

That’s when I heard it, “Hey, Tish.”

I spun round to find AJ and Vulcan stood in the corner. I walk over to them,


Punching AJ in the arm.

“I thought you weren’t gonna show up,” AJ said nervously, Vulcan added.

“Ye we were worried bout you.”

I smiled aww cute they care, that will be useful. “Have you seen Pete?”

Asked AJ, he just had to go ruin my mood. “Obviously not! I wasn’t in your group, was I?” I frowned. AJ quickly added.

“Ye sorry, just thought I’d ask.” I cut him off,

“Well don’t ask stupid questions.”

It’s important to establish dominance early on. Vulcan chimed in,

“Ye we’re just worried as we saw him kick off earlier. He refused to get the injections.” I rolled my eyes, I knew he was the stupid one of the group.

“Oh well guess, he’s dead now!”

I shrugged. They both gave each other a look.

“Hey, I know it’s sad but it’s not on us that he went and did something stupid. Okay. We’re a stronger team without him.”

They both nodded.

More people started flooding into the room. Then an officer told use to take a seat. We were all sat down waiting patiently for instructions. We looked ridiculous in these suits. I laughed to myself. AJ gave me a look.

“Just thinking how we look like those Stars Trek characters.”

I say, he lets out a laugh.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, well done for making it this far. Now we will be putting you into groups, each group will be given their own pod and sent through the portal. This is to avoid any chance of malfunction and will give us a higher chance for success.”

Makes sense, if one pod goes down then at least we’re not all dead. But no one wants to be on that pod. It’s a game of roulette who will live and who will die, but I guess we could all live in this game. But then we could also….

All die. I look around the room. We could all die today.

They started calling out names, I wasn’t in group 1. But one thing I noticed was that it wasn’t just inmates on the pods, there were also nurses and guards. Probably volunteered themselves. Stupid people, at least wait for a message to come back before going through. I’d never volunteer for this if I had a choice to live.

“Group 2 consists of Luke, Mars, Vulcan, AJ, Sandra, Corporal Lance.”

He paused, fuck I wasn’t gonna be with AJ and Vulcan. What was I meant to do, they were both looking at me. Maybe we’ll meet up on the other side, but what if they’ve already made friends with the others.

“And Tish.”

I breathed out slowly. “Fuck, that’s a relief.” I snapped at Vulcan, “I wasn’t worried.”

He looks straight forward not making eye contact with me, “Sorry.”

He says quietly. He’s such a big girls blouse.

“No worries.”

I tell him, he was like a dog. Loyal, excitable and needs to be praised not scolded. The guy continued reading out the names. Then it struck me,

“For fuck sake, we have that whingy Mars on our team.”

I whisper loudly. Spotting Mars on the other side of the room. I thought I saw her look my way. Maybe she heard, I couldn’t care less. AJ nods adding,

“And that Corporal Lance is with us, so we have to be on our best behaviour. I was hoping once out of sight we could act up.”

I shrugged,

“There’s three of us and only one of him. And even though I don’t like Mars, I don’t think she’s fond of the Corporal either.”

Vulcan pulls his gaze away from the front,

“Maybe we should have nicknames for them, so they don’t know we’re talking bout them.” He whispers much quieter than I did. I nod,

“Ye Corporal Lance is Turd.”

Vulcan laughs a bit too loudly drawing the attention of the room. I roll my eyes, “Excuse me are we interrupting your conversation.”

The man reading the names asked Vulcan, he shook his head. “Sorry sir,”

The man continues. I felt somewhat bad for getting Vulcan in trouble but god he’s a prat at times!

“And what about Mars?” AJ asks,


I said as I looked over at her, we all saw her speech in the cafeteria.

“And Luke?” AJ added,

“Don’t know him, but he seems like a Creep.” AJ laughed quietly,

“Very true. Follows Mars around like a lost puppy.” “He’s not that bad.”

Vulcan whispers. AJ and I just looked at him. “Shut-up.”

We both said. Vulcan went quiet. Our attention returned to the front of the room. “So that’s all 7 groups. Please go to your designated area, ready to head to the pods.”

That’s when I noticed the signs placed around the room. There were 8 though, which confused me, why would they need 8 if they only have 7 groups. I moved towards the group 2 sign, stopping in the middle with my arms crossed. Then I hear her whiny voice,

“Hey I’m Mars,”

She held out her hand towards me. Fucking zone B people. I didn’t take it. Pulling back her hand,

“I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot.”

This girls gonna get us killed, she’s too weak. I gave my best fake smile,

“Ye don’t worry about it. We’re a team now, so we have to have each other’s back.” She smiled at me.

“Each team follow your designated leader,”

Each team had a member wearing red, the rest of us were in grey. Corporal Lance was ours. I noticed each team seemed to have a soldier and nurse. Maybe to keep us healthy and to keep us under control. I wouldn’t put it past them to be carrying a weapon.

“Follow me,”

Said Corporal Lance, before walking in the direction of the hallway. He walked at a quick speed which felt like a jog to me, damn my short legs. I kept my focus in front of me. We walked towards the end of the ship; it took no more than 5 minutes. Coming to a door, he typed in a code. The doors opened, behind it were rows of metallic looking round machines. They must be our pods. We stopped in front of one, they were a good 20 feet tall and 40 feet in legth. But the weird thing about it, it had spikes on the outside.

“Listen up, we’re gonna be stuck in this thing for the next few hours. I want no arguments, no moaning and hold your farts.”

Vulcan and AJ started giggling amongst themselves like two teenagers. I rolled my eyes, “Yes, mum.”

I said sarcastically. Corporal Lance just gave me a death stare, whilst the two boys were still giggling amongst themselves.

“Right, load up. Keep your bags in front of you at all times in case we need to make a quick exit. You’ll be needing your supplies on the other side.”

We went in one at a time, I waited, wanting to savour my time here as much as possible. Letting the boys go first, then Mars and the nurse lady. But then Luke waves his hand, “Ladies first,”

What fucking patriarchal bullshit is this. Obviously still living in the old world of thinking. He must have caught my expression,

“No disrespect.” He said quickly,

“Well don’t say stupid things then.”

I said before going into the pod. Looking around to see 8 seats but only 7 passengers, I guess the 8th was for oh fuck what’s his name. Ye that dude that was meant to be here. Nope, don’t remember. It isn’t important. Maybe they had a few people pull out last minute. I wonder

what they did with them. We could see out of the windows. The door closed behind Corporal Lance.

“Buckle in.”

He says, everyone does as they’re told. When closing the buckle, it made a click sound as if locking. Then the ship starts moving upwards.

“What’s that?”

I blurted out. Corporal Lance laughed at bit at my concern. “Oh, nothing to worry about they’re just getting us in place.”

That’s when the front of the ship went from black to being transparent. Everyone gasped as we saw what was in front of us, even Corporal Lance seemed shocked. In front of us were 10 inmates lined up on the edge of the platform. Each had a weight strapped to their foot, their arms were tied behind their back. The man from earlier came on the speaker,

“The people lined up before you chose to disobey the rules. They did not follow our rules. This is their punishment. Don’t bother trying to get up from your seats, we have them locked until you leave. These inmates disobeyed the system, they were given a second chance and they threw it in our faces, this is their punishment.”

As he said this 10 soldiers stepped forward, pushing them off the edge into the water. All of them disappeared out of sight. Anger was building up inside me, everyone was yelling. “Hush, hush now. If any of you at any point disobey our orders of scout, set up a safety area and send back a message. Then we will know, and we will activate the lethal toxin that is in your tracking devices.”

My mouth hung open; they couldn’t do something like this, could they? I looked over to our Nurse, she looked as shocked as the rest of us. The dumbasses, how stupid could they be they gave us all nurses so we can just have them taken out.

“And any of you thinking of removing the device, don’t bother. If you try to remove them or if you tamper with the device, it will also release the toxin inside.”


The man was cut off from talking when a head popped up out of the water, one of the inmates must have gotten loose from their chains. He tried to pull himself up, as he did this the ten guards who had pushed the men in opened fire on him. He was hit a number of times. The water before us turned red with his blood. His body floated there lifeless, before being pulled out of the water.

“As I was saying, disobedience will result in your execution. We, all here at Enlightened LIfe Technological Enterprise, wish you a safe travel.”

The man nods to the people standing by the computers. The next thing we’re being lowered into the water. I take this time to look at everyone’s reactions, they all seemed as shocked as I was. We were soon swallowed up by the water, with the guards no longer in sight, but I felt we were still being watched. The ship vibrated as the hooks were released, we began our descent. The pod was deadly silent, before us was darkness. Then the headlights turned on and we saw the first sinking body. We’d caught up with them, I looked away as I noticed the face. It had been the young boy that I’d carelessly forgotten the name of. I found this upsetting; he was stupid yes, but he didn’t deserve to die. Not like this.

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