Mission 37

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Chapter 5

3rd Person POV

The group had become extremely uncomfortable and silent after seeing the death of 10 inmates. They didn’t speak, they didn’t know how to feel. They were processing. Seeing someone, that most of the group knew, float in front of them made them uneasy and to further this feeling they now had information of a life threatening, event placed in the back of their necks. Vulcan rubbed the back of his neck, his eyebrows knitted together.

“Hey, don’t do that!” Tish broke the silence.

“You might accidentally break it.” He began to panic,

“What if I hit my head or roll on my back in my sleep. What if it’s faulty and just breaks?” He was spinning out of control,

“I can’t do this, I can’t do this. I wanna go home.”

He cried. Everyone else was ignoring his outburst. His breathing became shallow and rapid. “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

He cried. Mars got up from her seat. The buckles had come unlocked when they’d submerged. She knelt in front of him, so she was eye level.

“Hey, Hey, look at me.”

He wasn’t paying her much attention, she grabbed his hand.

“Hey listen, you’re having a panic attack. It’s gonna be okay, you hear me.” He was now looking at her, his breathing still rapid. She kept his eye contact, “Copy me, breathe in slowly and out slowly. In slowly and out slowly.”

She gestured the in and out with her other hand. Keeping her breath slow. He copied her as his breath began to ease. He began to look less panicked. His breath went back to normal,

“You all good now?”

He nods, as Corporal Lance orders Mars back to her seat. “We’re gonna be at the portal in 2 minutes. Take your seat.”

He commanded. She gave Vulcan a small smile before returning to her seat and buckling back up. She kept watch of him, making sure he wasn’t freaking out again.

The nurse spoke softly,

“It’s not gonna break like that, it’s manually controlled. As long as you do what is expected of you, then the poison will stay in the vial. It won’t break easily and can stay with you throughout your life, it won’t deteriorate.”

Tish rolled her eyes,

“Couldn’t have spoken up earlier.” She snapped back,

“I thought Mars was handling things perfectly and he wasn’t at a point to be reasoned with.” Tish rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

“In future can you share with the group important information!”

Sandra rolled her eyes, not looking at Tish. Obviously ignoring her, she kept her gaze ahead. Tish was starting to get angry, you could feel the tension rising. Just as Tish was going to get up out of her seat and smack Sandra, a bright light came into view. Everyone looked at the portal in astonishment, the bright circle of light was humongous. It’s blue light stood out from its black surrounding. The portal shimmered and moved as if it were alive.

“Here we are kids, say goodbye to our home and pray for our safe passage.”

Tish, Luke and Vulcan bowed their heads, in what can only be presumed as praying, which was strange, none of them were religious not in the slightest. As they did this Corporal Lance pushed the lever forward, catapulting them through the worm hole. Flashing lights sped past, they were now moving at a speed so fast they felt their bodies being pushed back into their

seats. Mars reached out and squeezed Lukes hand, Tish squeezed her eyes shut swallowing down the sick that crept up. AJ and Vulcan both had their hands covering their ears, their eyes shut tight. When Sandra began screaming in fear, Vulcan become more scared, to the point he pissed himself. Everyone was frightened.


Well, except for Corporal Lance who kept his gaze straight ahead, not flinching once.

A panel above came loose and hurled its way through the air, hitting Mars on the head. Luke yelled,

“Mars, Mars! Are you alright?! Mars!”

The loose panel had knocked her out, sending her into a deep dream.

Flashback Mars POV

I woke up in my old bed again, the floor was hard below me, not like the hospital one. My alarm was going off, I needed to get to work. I stretched out my arms, sitting up.

It seems like my body is moving without any thought. As though it’s all predetermined. I got up and dress with great speed, brush through my tangled hair and put it up in a ponytail. Looking down I could see I was wearing a nurses uniform. Walking to the living room, I spot my sister. She looked pale and had circles round her eyes.

“Hey, I’m off to work. Are you feeling okay?” I asked,

“No, I feel sick.”

She was always coming down with something or other. I walked over and felt her forehead. “You’re burning up.”

I said in shock.

“You rest today and drink plenty of water. I picked up enough clean water yesterday, so don’t go anywhere okay. Stay at home.”

I ordered her adding,

“I’ll pick up some medication, you’ll be fine.” I said, kissing her on the forehead.

“But what if you’re caught, you need to stop taking stuff! You know what will happen if you’re caught.”

She cried, I shook my head reassuring her.

“I’m not gonna let you die you hear me, you need these meds. Plus, I’ve never been caught before and I’m a good nurse, if they catch me, they’re more likely to give me a warning.”

I smiled, my sister had been a sickly child, but recently I’ve had to steal meds once a month. It use to be once every 6 months to a year. She was getting more and more sickly and needed the meds more than ever. I worried that soon she wouldn’t be able to go a day without medical support. I cursed the day they stopped allowing medical support for health care providers and their families. They don’t want to pay us enough money and they don’t want to help us support our families. I was frustrated by this. I went to work, the day seemed to fly by. A lady comes up to me. I know it’s near the end of my shift as I keep looking at the time. I recognise her face but I’m not sure where from. She’s my friend I know that. But I know her from another time.

“Hey hun, you in again? It’s your 12th day in a row right.” She smiled,

“Ye, I’m finishing in an hour, then have tomorrow off. My baby sis isn’t feeling too well so gonna nurse her tomorrow.”

I laugh,

“Guess that’s not much of a day off, huh.”

She laughed along with me.

“Well try to take some time for you, I know the world is upside down but you can always do with some you time. You can’t take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.” I smiled,

“See you around.”

I waited for her to go out of view, when she did, I snuck into the supply closet. Entering the code I slipped in, closing the door quietly. Looking through the meds I slipped a few bottles in my bag. Only what my baby sister needed. I’m not the bad guy here, the system is, I convinced myself. I walked out of the supply closet looking around to make sure I wasn’t being watched. When I was in the clear I began to breath again. My shift ended and I walked to the door, I noticed the girl I was talking to earlier talking to the manager. Probably about getting more hours, she always did seem annoyed about how much work I was getting over her.

I walked out of the hospital, feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders, dusk was setting, and the world seemed at ease. This was my favourite hour. When everyone begins to wind down for the evening. Work for most of us was done and all was well in the world for a few hours. The uncomfortable heat at this time ever so slightly lower, sometimes a small breeze can be felt.

I was no more than 20 steps out of the hospital when I heard, “Stop her!”

The next thing I knew, I was being tackled to the ground. I look up to see armed guards surrounding me and the manager walking towards me. How did they know? Did someone see me?

That’s when I see her, she’s smirking. I was confused, had my friend sold me out. “I need to get home to my sister,”

I yelled,

“She’s not well.”

“I told you she’s nuts, she believes that she has a sister, you’ve seen the records. She’s using the morphine for herself. Why would her sister need morphine?”

I screamed out, struggling against the grip of the guards. “Let me go, let me go! She’s lying! She’s lying!”

Someone hit me on the back of my head, I started seeing starts. I cried out, “Why are you lying….”

The world went black.

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