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Chapter 3

The breath I was holding started to burn in my chest as the door froze before clicking back into place. I stared at it in confusion, wondering what the delay was. The longer I stayed in my fighting stance the more ridiculous I felt, especially after I caught my new reflection in the mirror. My hair looked even more of a tangled mess at this angle. Untamed curls fell messily across my face, obscuring my green eyes a little whilst doing so. My red pajamas were still crusted with streaks of mud but oddly my arms and legs were clean. I brought my left arm up to my nose and got the faintest scent of lavender and rose. Who the hell would of washed my arms and legs yet leave me in dirty pajamas? Clearly someone who didn't want me to know I had ever been undressed. Jesus Christ where in the hell had I ended up? Some sort of sex camp? I'd heard rumours but never thought they held any truth to them. But then surely if it were a sex camp they really wouldn't care if I knew they had undressed me, they would have alot worse in store for me. They definitely wouldn't of bitten me to do it, they needed me human to ensure I didnt breed with them accidently, polluting their gene pool or something equally as stupid. They polluted their own gene pool.

I dropped my fists as I crept slowly over to the door, deciding that instead of letting myself continue to escalate, I would tackle this head on and get it over with. I didn't want to be with them anymore than they wanted me, so the quicker I got out of that room the better. As my hand gripped the silver handle I half expected it to get ripped out of my grip but the handle softly lowered under it, the door opening away from me to reveal a lightly painted hallway.

I stepped outside when I saw it was empty despite it clearly having been occupied less than a minute earlier. The hallway was as bare as the room, no pictures, just a pale yellow tinge that led to three or so more doors along its length with a gap by the stairs. I quickly headed towards the stairs, hoping the rest of the house was as empty. The stairs were wooden with blue carpet running down the middle of them. It was a pretty interior really, well thought out too. If someone had come looking for monsters, nothing exactly screamed "look no further".

At the bottom of the stairs was a door similar to the one that had been on the front of my room. I didn't let my brain run away with itself like it had upstairs, I simply grabbed hold of the door as soon as my bare foot hit the bottom step. In hindsight, shoes would of been beneficial for the undetermined length of time I had planned to be sprinting. But hindsight is a bitch and also isn't magic.

I rushed into the room and careened into the back of something hard within a second, winding myself and knocking me off balance. I clattered loudly to the floor, my elbow baring the brunt of my weight as it smacked hard into the blue carpet.

"Oh my god. Are you ok? Joseph for goodness sake help the girl up,"

A woman's voice was the first thing I heard as my embarrassment flooded me. I scrambled away, back towards the door but heard as someone clicked it shut behind me.

"Shes awake then," an oddly familiar voice said from behind and I turned towards it. My eyes landed on man, late twenties I'd guess although that meant nothing when it came to weres. He had dark blonde short hair and amber eyes. His features were hard, handsome but gruff and the hairs on the back of my neck prickled.

I tried to think of a new plan as I righted myself but came up blank. Infront of me, what I had clearly ran into, was a soft green arm chair. There was an older man sat in it, silver tinge to his black hair with the same amber eyes as the other. A woman was now stood infront of a similar chair, dark blonde hair scraped back into a a tight ponytail that seemed to pull her face back in an uncomfortable manner. Next to her was another man, black hair that fell messily infront of his eyes, hiding some of the amber glow but not completely. He stood there awkwardly with a red mug in one hand, grey top fitting his form beautifully.

I looked to the open door next to him and sprinted for it, cascading into him slightly. As I ran through the door I heard the chaos that had erupted in my wake, voices shouting and something smashing but I ignored it, intent on escaping this house before someone caught me again. After running through an abnormally large kitchen in relation to the house, blurs of grey countertops and stainless steel sinks catching my eye briefly as I passed through, I came to the front door. Relief flooded through me as my hand collided with the door handle and it opened. But my relief was short lived when another hand shot out from above my head, crashing the door closed again.

"Would you calm down for a second Hayley."

The way he said my name stilled me for a moment but I kept my back to him not wanting to turn around. I tried to shove the fear down deep inside of me but I felt as my body quivered, my hand rattling the handle as I still gripped it tightly.

"Jesus you're shaking. Are you cold?" He asked from behind me and as his rough hands touched my shoulder I flinched and twisted between him and the door, once again trapped. As I turned to face him, I saw as his expression changed, turning from concern to confusion at my reaction.

"Please don't hurt me. I just want to go home," I whimpered, disgusted at myself at how weak I sounded. If I had had any of my weapons I would of felt stronger but at that moment I was trapped between something that could kill me and a solid wooden door, both of which were stronger than me without even trying. The man dropped his hand that held the door closed and took a step back, both hands then infront of him as if I was a wounded animal. The thought made my stomach heave because that was true. I was an animal now, a monster just like he was. I felt the handle once again as it pressed into my back and I pulled my arm up so my fingers glanced it.

"Hurt you? I'm not going to hurt you," he replied, taking another step back thankfully as my fingertips gripped the door handle once more. I took my chance and turned again now I had the space to do so and tore open the door, careening outside and half stumbling down the steps that lay outside the front door.

I righted myself as my feet hit the dirt floor beneath my feet, not even turning to see if the man was close behind me. I remembered him now as I ran for my life, he had been the one that took me thinking he was saving me. Kaleb.

The wind was a welcome sensation as I ran frantically, my mind panicking once more and not forming coherent thoughts at all. Should I run to the car they drove me in? No as I had no keys and although hot wiring it was within my capabilities, I didn't have enough time. With no other plan in my mind apart from running in a wild panic I bolted across the garden infront of the house. I heard my name upon the breeze as someone shouted to me but I ignored them. If I had to run until my feet bled I would, I refused to die at the hands of a were. I was, at the very least, stronger than that.

A few moments passed as I continued to run past the houses that lay next to the one I'd awoken in. They became blurs of colour as I ran and I didn't pay them much notice, intent on finding a road and hopefully some help. I ignored the burning that pulsed through my limbs as I pushed harder, ignored the cuts on my feet as they collided with the hard dirt.

"Hey Colin, we got a runner," I heard a voice shout and my instinct was to turn towards it but I fought it instead, trying to focus on running fast and straight. Suddenly I was blindsided from my left, arms wrapping around me and knocking my feet from under me. My shoulder bore the brunt of the impact followed by my hip as my head then seemed to ricochet off the floor, not wanting to be left out. I cried out as I fell, arms still enveloping me as I struggled underneath the weight of something.

"Ouch, stop fighting me," the man bellowed as I resorted to scratching at the arms that had created the cage around me. I refused to listen though, like a wild, desperate animal I continued my assault.

"Jesus Christ Kaleb, you didn't say the bitch was feral," the man growled as I brought my knees up. I pushed the moment I felt his weight beneath my feet. I pushed with all of my strength, landing a hard kick square to his stomach.

"Hayley you need to calm down before someone gets hurt!" I heard Kaleb shout but the words didn't calm me in the slightest, merely fuelled the panic that was coursing through my limbs. The only person that would get hurt was me.

As my kick landed, it pushed the other man, who I'd guessed was Colin, off me enough that I flipped off my side and onto my stomach, my hands and feet digging into the floor as I manically tried to find my footing. Fingers gripped at my ankle, tightly ensuring I couldn't run any further.

"Get off me," I screamed, trying to twist and turn out of Colin's hold. I felt the gunshot as it exploded into the air before I heard it, like a millisecond difference, the air seemed to ripple in advance of the sound as if clearing the way. My movements stilled instantly as my hands lept to over my head.

"Everybody needs to stop right now," a woman's voice, the same woman from inside the house, calmly drifted to my ears. I lowered my arms shakily and stared at the ground. I was scared that if I looked up I might reveal the barrel of a gun aimed right at my head. I had no idea how good of a shot she was and wasn't about to risk finding out.

"Jesus mum, I had it under control," Kaleb shouted, annoyance clear in his tone. I rolled my eyes at the ground knowing full well that was a lie.

"You had nothing under control. Colin, can you lift our guest to her feet please and bring her back inside," she instructed and I heard as her footsteps started to recede, the muffled crunch of the hard dirt underfoot. Colin gripped my arm after releasing my leg, dragging me upright. As I was pulled to standing I saw Kaleb stood to my left, eyes full of regret as he met mine. Well his regret would do fuck all to help me. I had started to wish he had just left me to die in the field infront of my house.

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