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Chapter 4

Colin dragged me forcefully towards the house. I resisted a little but mainly just to piss him off, I knew that I wasn't faster than a bullet. His grip was tight enough to hurt but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of hearing the pain escape my mouth. Instead I bit hard onto the inside of it, hard enough to taste the copper as blood trickled a little onto my tongue.

As he pulled me through the front door and I heard the click of the door behind me, I felt as someone else grabbed my other arm. I knew who it was strangely before I'd even looked into Kaleb's eyes, his grip being softer than everyone else. His eyes met mine and a small smile pulled at the corner of his lips but I met it with a scowl. I didn't want to be here and it was his fault I was.

"You can let her go now, I've got it from here," Kaleb said, his gaze flicking to Colin who dropped his hold instantly. He shot a cold look in my direction before turning and heading back out the front door. Kaleb pulled me forward hesitantly and I followed, trying desperately to concoct a new plan. As we passed back through the kitchen I noticed the table set, a light oak dining table sat to the right with 8 grey placemats that mirrored each other and 8 plates with golden flowers sprinkled around the edges. They twinkled a little in the light, reminding me of fairy dust. As the blue carpet crept under my feet, my gaze rose to the living room I was now back in. The woman from earlier was stood over by the window, framed by light blue curtains, shotgun thankfully no longer in sight. Joseph was sat on a green three seater sofa that had maroon scatter cushions, glaring darkly as I came into view. There was the same man sat in the high backed green chair that I had collided with earlier who merely looked me up and down before turning his attention back to his paper.

"Shall we call this take 2? Kaleb bring the girl a glass of water, she looks thirsty," the woman instructed before turning to face us. Kaleb manouvered me onto the couch, pausing a moment before leaving me.

"So I'm guessing your name is Hayley Wren and you've got yourself into quite the pickle at the moment. Running off like that with nowhere to go was a very stupid idea," she continued, saying the last three words slowly and full of warning.

"I have somewhere to go," I interjected angrily but the second I said it I realised that might not be true anymore.

"That's exactly what your uncle Paul thought," the woman replied, her tone holding a hint of sadness at the statement. I thought back to the last time I had even seen my uncle, remembered when he had come to us unexpectedly in the night. Dad had welcomed him into our home but his movements had been stiff, like he was going through the motions but wasn't fully there in the moment. I remembered helping to settle him into the spare room, Jasper had given him Gus, his black gorilla soft toy so he had something to cuddle that night as he had thought he looked a little scared. Looking back he had looked worried about something. My dad had ushered us out of the room after telling us to say goodbye to our uncle. The instruction felt heavy, like he was actually wanting us to say goodbye forever. Like he knew something we didn't. We never saw Paul again, the room was empty by the morning, the only thing left was Gus. But my father had explained that Paul had been needed elsewhere, Hunter business. I shook my head from the memory as I realised someone was laughing.

"You don't honestly expect Christopher, your father, to welcome a Werewolf back into his family? The man has slaughtered hundreds of us. Family means nothing to him if they are turned," the woman laughed outloud, all sense of sadness had vanished from her tone as I focused on what she was saying. She was right, my father was the head of the hunters, which I always thought was a stupid name given the fact we were actually the prey. But he was among the first few who had set up groups, arranged hunting trips to kill as many monsters as they could. Because it was them or us, it was what was right. I glared at her angrily trying to focus on that singular feeling instead of the hurricane of emotions swirling through my chest, making it so I couldn't breathe. Surely my father wouldn't of killed uncle Paul? He was his brother! No this woman was a liar aswell as a monster.

"And you have slaughtered thousands of us. You've taken children, killed families in their sleep! You're monsters!" I yelled, standing mid shout. As the woman walked slowly towards me, part of me pulled at me to sit back down but the other part of me was stronger so I held my stance and her gaze as she approached.

"Which us are you referring to?" Because you're part of a different us now. And Christopher Wren, Christ, any fucking hunter is going to put a bullet in your head before you even make it past your own front door," she replied, her tone low, animosity fueling her words Fear crept over my body like spiders and was just as unwelcome. But I shrugged the sensation off, shaking my head clear of her lies. My father wouldn't of hurt his own brother.

"I'll take my chances thanks. I'm his daughter he will let me explain. He knows I could never be a monster like you," I spat, my eyes glaring into hers.

"Bit fucking late for that. And you wont get the chance to explain. Your eyes will be a little hard to hide," Joseph replied and I hadn't missed the annoying pleasure in his tone. I turned towards him but my movements were abruptly halted when the woman was suddenly next to me, forcefully grabbing chin and twisting my face painfully towards her.

"Hey! Get the fuck off me," I shouted, trying to pry her hands from me but she held firm, staring intently into my eyes as if she could see into my mind.

"Your eyes aren't golden," she stated as she dropped her hand. I brought my hand up to nurse my stinging jaw as the memory collided into the forefront of my mind. When I had gazed at my reflection in the mirror this morning it indeed had lied. My eyes still held the green from before.

I still had my human eyes!

Kaleb, get in here now!" She yelled, her expression twisting with annoyance. I watched as Kaleb came in holding a glass of water, his expression one of confusion as he neared my side. I sat back down slowly, trying to process exactly what all of this meant. Even though it didn't make any sense. I ran my hands instinctively to the bite on my ankle and when I looked down could still see it faintly in the light, the soft purple seemed to sparkle lightly on my skin.

"What?" He asked, handing me the drink. I took it although didn't take a sip, merely placed it on the floor next to my feet.

"You said she had been bitten! You said she was going to die if you left her behind. But instead you merely invited a hunter into the heart of our community," the woman growled, strolling back to gaze out the window. Her body was clearly full of tension, as if it rippled through her muscles as she moved. I could tell Kaleb hadn't realised what we all had by now due to the look of pure confusion still on his face. He looked over towards Joseph as if willing him to back him up but he simply crossed his arms silently.

"She was! You all saw the bite, it was a Were! She had the fever, the confusion, she has the half crescent on her ankle now the bite has healed!" He yelled in exasperation, dropping down to my foot and grabbing it at the ankle. "See it's right fucking there, I didn't make it up to kidnap her or something!"

"Don't lie to me Kaleb," her tone was low and full of malice as she held his gaze, clearly a warning not just an instruction.

"I'm not,"

"Well then why haven't her eyes changed? She looks like a normal mortal to me?" She continued, turning to face him as he still held firm to my ankle. I pulled it free and he let me, rising slowly as he rubbed his hands through his hair.

"How am I meant to know that? All I know is that Joseph found her bleeding outside her house in the pitch black. She was already succumbing to the fever, delirious and out of it. He tried to leave her to die," he replied as he sat heavily to my side. The green couch jumped a little at his weight, as if it was surprised to be sat on. His left side rested softly against mine, the heat from him seemed to soak into me and I shivered a little like someone had walked over my grave. He turned to me and instantly started to rub my arms up and down to warm me. I stared at him in complete confusion, disliking how close he was to me but not wanting to move all at the same time.

"You could of done it yourself," Joseph offered, smug grin on his face at the thought of getting Kaleb into trouble instead of backing him up. The woman and Kaleb looked over at him in unison, dumbfounded by his stupidity. A smile spread across my face as I waited for him to realise but he never did.

"I'm sorry, do you not understand how turning works?" I chuckled out when Joseph still stood there smuggly, clearly not going to arrive there himself.

"If I had bitten her myself she would still turn you moron," Kaleb chimed in, wiping the smile straight from Joseph's face although I wish I had been the one to do it.

"Not bitten her arsehole. Cut her in a crescent shape,"

"And humans suddenly have super healing powers? She would have a scab not a scar," Kaleb reasoned, rolling his eyes at Joseph's poor attempt at making this situation worse. And Kaleb was right. If I hadn't been turned then I wouldn't of healed so fast from the bite. Or had the fever. Not that I wanted it to be a fact but I clearly was no longer human. So the question still remained...

How had a survived the bite, been completely healed, yet still held my human eye colour?

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