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The MatchMakers Match **UPDATES RESUMED**

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**On Hold** Major edits and replotting on the horizon. Keep us on your reading list and stay tuned for updates. After being gone for 8 years traveling the world to attain the education she so badly yearned for only to come home and be reminding of The Match Makers Ball, An archaic event where single inhabitants of Valhalla are paired together for life.

Fantasy / Romance
Kamaria Sweet
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Author Note

Hello, welcome and thank you for taking the time in considering my little story here. Just a few things to keep in mind while going into this

1. I am a writer not an author being such I will make mistakes and while constructive criticism is accepted I will not be relentlessly badgered because of my grammar or lack there of.

2. My stories are written for me so they won’t always follow the rules of the genre they’d normally fit into (ie Werewolves and other fantastical creature tales).

3. While the majority of my writing falls within the fantasy realm some are more real world housing real life situations with a touch of dark whimsy.

4. There will be trigger warnings. Each of my stories house triggering moments but I will notate the chapter {Trigger Warning} as well as mark the actual moment with ** at the beginning and end respectively.

5. These stories stem from dreams I’ve had so any likeness to any character live or fictional is purely coincidental. Unless the fictional/live character is named as such. Though I wouldn’t put live characters in my writings.

6. My beliefs might not be your beliefs, My likes might not reflect your likes and that’s ok. To put it lightly: Please don’t yuck my yum.

7. I will update when I feel I have something worth updating with. You shouldn’t go more than a few days before seeing an update in my stories though.

8. If you aren’t a fan of the following I would turn back now

Alpha Men and Women

Plus size women and the men that love them

Interracial romance

Werewolf Romance


Real life situations (I.e racial insensitivity, rape and things of the like)

Creative interpretation

Reverse Harems (non monogamy)

Smut (Sex)

Vulgar or offensive language

You have been dutifully made aware and warned ahead of time about my shenanigans so please kick up your feet, grab some wine and join me on an adventure.

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