The Missing Queen Alpha

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Rogues take over the Royal Woods pack territory. Killed Alpha King Ryan, but Luna Lillian barely escapes with her life and Beta. Hawk, the rogue alpha sent his deadliest assassin to track down and kill the Luna. Not knowing she carried the future for the Royal Woods pack.

Fantasy / Romance
Stacie Sloan
Age Rating:

The Dark Beginning

“Sira! Hurry and come quick its time.” Lillian screamed as she lowered herself down on the bed.

Sira rushes in the front door of the cottage in panic. “No ma’am. You can not have the baby yet. We have to run; HE has found us.” She rushes over to me and grabs my arm in an attempt to get me up.

“The baby is coming whether we want it to or not. Hopefully, we can do this quick and escape.” I said putting on a hopeful look so not to make things worse.

‘There will not be enough time and you know it.’ Blair said emerging from my mind

‘I know, but I need Sira to focus. She is panicked enough and we need her she will be the only chance the baby survives.’ I replied through my mind link as I watch Sira get the supplies ready for the delivery.

“Okay ma’am, I have everything ready. Are you sure its time?” Sira asked

“Yes Sira, it is time. After the baby has come bundle it up tightly our escape will be a cold one.” I told her what she needed to hear.

At that moment the contraction hit and I gritted through the pain and began pushing. In the distance a howl could be heard. I noticed Sira’s eyes got big, but she kept on working with me.

“One more push ma’am. I see the baby’s head.” Sira said looking up at me and then back down.

So when the next contraction hit I gave my all in pushing. There was silence as I gazed up at Sira, then a cry as she brought my baby over to me.

“It’s a girl ma’am.” Sira said smiling down as she handed my beautiful daughter to me.

As I take her, I kiss her forehead and name her.

“Rain, for you are going to bring the storm with you when you return. You also will reign over all of them my sweet, beautiful daughter. Stay strong and all will come to the light.” A single tear fell on her forehead and I wiped it away.

I can feel myself healing, but it will not be fast enough. I know for her to get away and live; I have to stay behind and hold him off as long as I can. I look up to see Sira collecting our things to make our escape. I know she is going to balk at me when she hears what I have to tell her.

I clear my throat and call her to me. “Sira, come here please.”

“Ma’am I need to finish packing; if we are to make it out before he gets here.” She replies, but still stops and comes to my side.

“I am sorry Sira. I have mislead you. There is not enough time for us to escape.” I told her watching as she processed this information. Her eyes got a determined look to them as she stated “Then I shall go and meet him as you and the baby escape.”

“No. I do not have the strength to run as much as is needed to escape.” I told her truthfully. ” You will take Rain and escape to our next hideout. You know enough of them to continue hiding until I can catch up. How long are you to stay at each safe house?”

“I will not let you stay ma’am” she said in defiance.

“You have no choice in this matter. If you do not do as I ask; I will make you. You know I can. Now how long are you to stay at each safe house?” I asked again.

She looked as if she wanted to argue further, but chose to listen to me. She knows I don’t like to force my will on anybody, but she also knows I will do it to protect who I love.

“We stay at each safe house for 3 months and then move to the next. Leave nothing behind that could leave a scent for them to track.” She replied defeated.

I nod my head at her answer and get up to help her gather the stuff needed for the escape. Once everything was gathered and ready by the tunnel door I turned to my daughter. She is sleeping soundly completely oblivious to the turmoil she was born into. I pick her up and cuddle her to me; trying to imprint her scent and looks into my memory.

′ We will try our best to get back to her Lillian. She is all we have left.′ Blair emerged in my mind. ′ They have to leave now. I can sense him, and that means he is too close.′

I know she is right. I just wish things were different, and I could hold her forever. I turned to Sira, and handed Rain to her.

“You have to go now. He is close.” I told her.

Sira didn’t respond. She just threw on her cloak, and wrapped it tightly around herself and Rain. She picked up the bag. As she opened the tunnel door she looked back at me.

“It has been a great pleasure to serve you ma’am. I hope to see you again soon.” With that she climbed down in the tunnel and sealed the door. The tunnel doors were enchanted. Once they were shut, you can not see them. I just stood there and watched as the door disappeared.

‘Now, he will be here in a moment. We need to eliminate all traces of Sira and Rain.’ Blair stated to get me into action on what needed to be done.

Once everything was burned to crisp, I stood in the middle of the cottage waiting. I didn’t have to wait long though. There was a thud at the door and then the door splintered apart. Knowing He was in the dark I chose to shift. I need to buy Sira time to get far enough away. From the dark emerged a large ink black wolf. As he entered so did his smell; he smelled of death. His head was low to the floor with his teeth bared. He snapped and growled as he moved further into the cottage. His wolf was tiny compared to us. It made Blair laugh in my mind.

‘Don’t underestimate him Blair. He is the deadliest assassin there is. He has no soul, and has no care for the lives he takes.’ I warned Blair cautiously.

“Malcolm.” I growled out.

“Lillian. Did you really think you would outrun me forever?” Malcolm said in a deadly tone.

“I ran long enough. I am ready to face you.” I spoke with confidence. I know his secret; he always thinks females as stupid and beneath him. He believes women know nothing of fighting. I was the strongest, most train warrior in the pack. He has no chance.

‘He will never see it coming.’ Blair chuckled in my head ‘He doesn’t know it but he is already dead.’

The fire popped. I turned my head giving him the signal he needed to think I was distracted. He leaped in the air aiming for a for sure kill shot or so he thought. As he was coming at me I slid underneath him with a claw extended up, slicing through his chest. I felt his bones break and shoved my other claw in his chest ripping his heart out. I stood, shifted back into human form and turn back to him. He was slumped on the ground his chest gaped open. There was no healing from that. I walked over to the corner and put my clothes on. My adrenaline fading, spots littered my vision. I was not up to full strength as I had thought. As I looked at the floor and the red puddle forming at my feet, I knew I was not recovered from birthing.

‘I don’t feel so good. We need to rest before we make our way to the next safe house or we won’t make it.’ Blair stated weakly.

‘Yes, I agree just a short nap. We already burned the bed thought so the floor will have to do.’ I said as I laid on the floor facing the door. I did not want Malcolm to be what I saw as I fell asleep.

Just as my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer. A figure I never wanted to see again stepped into the doorway.

‘NOOOOOO!!!!!!’ Blair screamed. ‘Get up. He will kill us and we won’t see or be able to protect Rain.’

‘I am too weak Blair. There is nothing we can do, but hope she will forgive us for leaving her.’ I said sorrowfully with tears running down my face as my vision kept fading.

“This is the end of you, and the royal family. I will rule this world now.” He stated triumphantly. In his hand was a needle, and I knew it was the end.

.........................My world went dark and I felt myself slipping away as I felt the pinch of the needle in my arm.

Goodbye my sweet Rain. Mamma loves you with all my being. You are the Queen Alpha.

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