Being a Girl

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Life of a girl is really very tough, We all agree with this statement This story is about an innocent girl and and her experience of being a girl. The girl was too young when she went to some pains , what were those pains Let's see

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You are too young to understand...

This story is about a happy family who used to live in Angola. Ajda Asghar was a cute, little and special member of that family. She was very happy and she was living a normal happy life with her family, friends and Sibling. She had one elder brother whose name Iman. He had a very caring nature and was decent. He loved his sister a lot and never let her cry. He was 3 elder than her. Her mother and father were well educated and both were working in same department. Her life was all normal till she was of 11 years.

After that she started to notice many changes in her body as well as in her family too. The changes in her body was normal everyone go through those changes but changes in the behavior of her family was a bit strange.

She started to notice that her father used to have a distance with her, he often used to talk to her and never hugged her after that. Her mother doesn't allow her to go out to play and never let her talk to her friends as all were boys. She was not understanding what is happening why is everyone changing,

Once she went to ask something to her mother

"Mom what's the problem? Why I can't go out to play now, why I can't talk to my guy friends?Why is dad distancing with me and often talk to me unlike before? What's the reason? She asked slyly

"Keep calm darling I am telling you everything"

"Life of a girl is tough, she has to go through many pains like menstruation, pregnancy, rapes, acid attack and many more so they deserve respect but some brainless people never understood this, they Always tease girls this is why I don't allow you to go out"
Her mother said tenderly.

"Huh what, if we are getting raped that our fault you mean? If boys are teasing girls then they should be not allowed to go out, why us?"

Her mother was not getting any answer so she said You are too young to understand"

After many day she noticed everything without any changes.

One day while going to school she was unaware that she is going to face the most challenging part of every girl's life, she was unaware that she has to go through an eve-teasing.
While going to school she found some guys who were looking at her very inappropriately. She was not understanding what to do so she changed her way. After some time she saw another group of some guys who started to scream loudly when they saw her. Ajda became afraid and ran away.

The next day she found those guys once again and this time it was something more challenging. They all bullied her, broke her glasses, touched her inappropriately and even tried to molest he on a busy road. Everyone was watching but no one helped her. This started to happen everyday. She decided to tell this to her mom but she already knew the answer so she didn't told. Now this was going up to limits and
then she did something very challenging......
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