Darker Souls

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Displacement is all Thallia has ever known. She felt different from others with absolutely no understanding as to why. On her 22nd birthday, Thallia is taken from her home and winds up in a forest all alone and amnesic. Sometimes it takes forgetting who you were to discover who you really are. ------------------------------------- WARNING: This book contains mature content such as; Explicit sex, depictions of abuse, violence and gore, and profanity.

Fantasy / Erotica
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A moaning wind silently crept through my balcony doors. The silk curtains hanging above them began to sway in sync with the wind as if they were dancing together hand in hand. The cold air gently kissed my eyelids as I laid naked sprawled out across my burgundy silk sheets. The full moons reflection glistened across my marble floor as if it was determined to capture my attention. I responded with a half cocked smile as I slowly moved my hands across my sheets taking in silky the sensation. Most would take a moment like this and imagine drifting into the most peaceful or perhaps euphoric sleep. Not me. I was wide awake. Waiting. Waiting to feel something.

I stand up from the bed. Sliding my feet across the smooth ice cold floor until I reach a large mirror with golden rose trimmings. I keep my eyes closed. From what I am consciously aware of, this is my first time encountering myself. I place my finger tips on the mirror for grip as I slowly begin to open my eyes. I take my time lifting my face up as I peak through my eyelashes at the distorted image in front of me.

There I see a girl. Long straight hair, so black it almost appeared as blue. Big green eyes, like emeralds. I turn around and she joins me. Back is bare with a large tattoo centered tracing down from the nape of her neck . It resembles a tree of some sort of perhaps a diagram. I extend my arm slowly, but as soon my finger tips brush the cool glass the girl in the mirrors eyes flash to a blue. The mirror begins to heat up, my fingers burning as I struggle to pull away. I’m taken captive by the blazing sapphire eyes peering at me.

She smiled at me emptily lowering her eyes as red droplets begin to stream down her face staining her porcelain skin. My free hand reaches up to touch my own face in fear. Her smile expands looking up at me slowly, biting her tongue. She places her hand where my fingers are glued to the burning glass and says in a hush;

“Welcome home Thalia”

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