The Elementalist's: The Rimdan

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In a world that is not ours, everyday normal persons are being transported to The Elementalist Silver Sanctuary. Once there they are told all about the different Elements. They are Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. Water is the most common thus forth being the easiest to master. Wind is the second most common thus being the second easiest to master. Earth is the third most common but is harder to master. Fire is the least common and the most difficult to master. When you turn 16 years old you're eyes change to the colour of your element, but not everyone gets an element. Only 5% of persons get an element. Follow our 4 different personalities as they get their element and go to The Elementalist Sliver Sanctuary. Follow them on their journey of learning the elements and finding the Rimdan. They must find the Rimdan before the Calctu does. They must race against time to accomplish their mission because they are the prophecied ones. Watch as they become friends and fight through peril together.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Avalon's POV


I sighed and got up. 5:oo That's what my clock said. I swung my feet over my bed. I groggily got up and went over to my vanity. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was flying all wild over the place and I looked like I hadn't slept in weeks which was not true. I was an average height teenager with a petite frame. I had long brown hair and beautiful amber eyes.

Today's gonna be just as boring as the others. I thought.

I sauntered into the hallway outside of my room and walked to the bathroom. The floor was cold as it was winter and I felt extra chilly because I had no socks on. I bathed, made my bed, tidied my hair, ate breakfast, and left a note to my parents that I hand left for school. I made my way out the door and pulled up the hood of my hoodie as the wind battered against me. I checked my watch and saw that the time was 5:30. I had two hours to get to school which was fine.

I walked up the frozen walkway into the Weapon Practice building at the back of my school. I placed my bag down on a bench and flipped on the lights. I scanned the room and found my daggers and strapped my daggers to my arm as our instructor had taught us to do.

I was practicing until I saw the door open. In walked Cammie Pillet. She was horrible at the daggers but still chose it. That is something I would never understand. She picked up her daggers and strapped them to her arm.

"Hello Avalon," she spat. She had always been jealous that I was the best student at daggers.

"Hello Cammie" I replied.

I continued to practice until she tried to throw her dagger at the target and failed miserably. I spun around to face her as that dagger nearly hit me in the head.

"Be careful!" I told her.

"You were in my way" she retorted in her usual snobby voice.

"I was not in your way you horribly failed at throwing the dagger so don't come at me with that I was in your way nonsense" I snapped at her.

"How dare you insult my skills!" She yelled at me.

"I was just stating the obvious" I informed her.

"You are a show-off" she huffed.

"I did nothing to indicate that I was showing off" I stated.

"You were" she pushed.

"Why don't you move over to the target farthest from me? That way I won't be in your way" I said to her in an annoyed voice.

"Fine" she puffed.

"Good with me," I said and continued practicing.

"When Bastilline lead his army of 9,000,000,000,000,000 men to take down Cistopaline they lead the biggest attack on a city in history. After they took down Cistopaline they moved their attacks north up to the City of Ice. They then were met with their biggest enemy the City of Ice."

"They attacked with the intent to destroy the city. They expected the Ice City to be a pushover but they had terribly underestimated the Ice City. What they were met with was googolplexianth's of warriors. The City of Ice was and still is the largest city in existence. So when they attacked with 9,000,000,000,000,000 men it was like 1 man to 10."

"They tried to flee but were immediately overpowered by the immaculately trained warriors. No Ice warriors were killed in the battle of the Ice City but every one of Bastilline's men including himself died that day. The City of Ice still stands strong only a few thousand kilometres away from our own city, Rectonda" lectured Mr. Perice.

"Umm Mr. Perice who was the leader of the Ice Cites army?" Asked Petunia.

"Does anyone know the answer to that question?" Asked Mr. Perice.

"I do sir," I said.

"Avalon, yes what's the answer?" He asked.

"The answer is Talamin the Fearless" I answered in a monotone voice.

"That is correct Avalon well done and there's your answer Petunia," he said.

"Now class is dismissed you may leave and head straight to Weapons class. We don't want any more accidents" Mr. Perice said.

We all collectively shuddered at the thought of what happened to Jake Dale. He ran into the forest when going to Weapons class and got attacked by a wild forest animal.

I collected my books and placed them in my locker before making my way straight to Weapons class. Once inside I sat down in a seat next to the door. The inside of the building was large spaced out and airy. It was painted in beige paint with benches lining the wall next to the door on the right side our weapons were on the left side. The room was illuminated by ceiling lights. There were practice dummies and targets. There were also circles outlined with red that dedicated to dueling. Only the 15, 16, and 17-year-olds were allowed to train with weapons, and each and had their own Weapons rooms.

When our instructor entered all talking seized. She walked all the up to the front and stood in front of us with her stern look.

"Okay, so some of you will be turning 16 before your semester ends. So that means you will be transferred to the class of 16-year-olds. That will not happen, you will be staying in this class until the end of the year. "

"Now get ready we'll be dueling with each other so chose a partner with your weapon and get into the fighter's stance I taught you" she announced.

Chatter filled the air as people chose their partners and got into the fighting stance. I sighed but moved over to the weapons board and picked up my daggers. They were intricately carved and welded by my uncle a well-known smith.

The handle was made of cedarwood and had the pommel wrapped in leather. The blade was made from the gleaming ore of the Rectonda Mountains. It shined like an emerald and was as sharp as could be. At the base was a small well-done dragon carved onto the blade.

I strapped them to my arm and went to find a partner. I chose Mia.

Mia was my best friend and came from the Ice City. She was shy but gifted. She was a kind person if she opened up to you and would be a friend for life. She had pale white skin and baby blue hair. Her eyes were an extremely pale blue just like her hair.

We got into the red circle and got into our fighter's stance. We waited for our instructor to blow her whistle then we started.

Mia stabbed forward with her dagger but I blocked it by striking her dagger. That set her off her balance and I took the chance to attack. I swung my dagger in an arc to strike her but she dodged it. She then got up and swung her legs under mine causing me to fall. She then brought down her dagger to stab my shoulder but I spun around and brought her crashing to the ground. I took that chance to put my dagger at her throat symbolling that I won our duel.

After everyone had finished dueling we were told to sit back down. We were all tired and sweaty but luckily this was the last class of the day.

"Alright, guys you all did well as usual. But as exams are coming up you will be carrying your weapons home, okay. You are required for your Weapons exam to have an essay on your weapon. I need you to practice what I have taught you since you started this class."

"I need you to also study the parts of your weapon, the ore used for your weapon, the wood used to make your handle weapon, and anything else on your weapon must be remembered."

" So for example, if you have a katana that has inscriptions on it you must be able to tell me what they mean. Now with all of that out of the way class dismissed have a nice day you may leave" said our instructor.

Mia and I left at the same time together. Since we lived on the same street we spent a lot of time together. We walked down the street passing a few old houses and buildings. When we got to the outskirts of the forest we stayed far from it.

People knew not of what was in the forest so we weren't eager to be the first to know. When Mia reached her house we parted ways. When I made it home my mom was home. I greeted her and went upstairs to my bedroom. I plopped down on my bed and fell asleep boy was I glad it was Friday.

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