The Elementalist's: The Rimdan

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Chapter 2

Dario's POV

"Dario!!!!! You're brother!!!!! He's drowning!!!!! Save him!!!" My mother screamed.

I sat up covered in a cold sweat. That dream puzzled me. Aston was sleeping in the room across the hall. I pulled myself out of my bed and showered. I was 6'ft, with beautiful chocolate eyes. I was a 15yr-old teen male. I was also somewhat athletic. I made my way downstairs and made breakfast for Aston and I. Our parents were away on a business trip and it was a holiday. As I ate my food I thought about what the dream could mean. It had been a repetitive dream for two months. I had only come up with 2 conclusions. I had to save Aston from drowning but we lived in a desert nation. That one was a total flop. The second one was I had to help my brother with his problems. This also was weird because why give it to me in
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