Alpha Ares

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Available on Galatea July 18, 2021 She was a slave her whole life Until he came along ●●●●●●●●●●● He was an insurmountable alpha werewolf. Some say his powers was a gift from the God of war himself, while others said it was a curse. Rumors had it that he was more wolf than man that relished in his opponents blood. He was basically a killing machine and for that everyone feared him. Upon on visiting one of his branched estates he encountered this timid,fragile human who had brought his dinner to his room. He stealthily watched in the shadows as she carried the meal with shaking hands and placed it on a table beside his bed. He could tell she was scared but who wouldn't be. He didn't really have the best reputation. But something about her was abnormally strange. She carried this strong vanilla scent which he couldn't get enough of and he found himself coming out of the shadows and slowly crept up behind her, just like how a predator approached it prey. When he was 2 steps behind her, he waited for her to turn around. And when she did, his world came crashing down... NB* Not your typical werewolf story

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

My life isn't like the ordinary. From the day I was born my status in Werewolf Society was to be nothing more than a servant. It was inevitable. And humans were treated poorly while the werewolves reigned over us. Certain rules were set to keep the so call Law and Order between Werewolves and humans from rebelling but we all know that it was made to benefit them and not us. And a mere human wouldn't stand a chance against a typical werewolf.

I worked as a domestic slave under the Blood Moon Pack on one of their branched Estates far away from the actual Blood Moon. It was the largest and most powerful Packs among five. My days began before my masters woke up and ended after they were asleep. And the cycle continued. At each estate there were Headmasters who worked for the Alpha. Since the estates were scattered over the country and needed someone to run them efficiently, hence the need for a headmaster, a werewolf at that. And this was what it was like for the other five Werewolf territories.

The Alpha of the pack that I worked in was the deadliest, you could almost say he was crazy, well that's what I heard. He was like a ticking bomb ready to explode, a blood thirsty monster. People say he was blessed by the Gods for making him insurmountable and indestructible that even other alpha's feared him but that blessing also came with a curse. And the very thought of him made chills run down my spine, anyone's spine. But then again he protects the pack from rogue wolves because they wouldn't dare step foot inside his pack , but that didn't mean life was any easier for us, human. While we were ensured safety from being killed by rogued wolves, we weren't promised our freedom.

From what I have picked up from the hushed whispers was that the Alpha was a cursed being, causing him to be more wolf than man and also being mateless. This meant that he will never have his other half and seeing other wolves happily with their mates must have taken a toll on his perspective and making him this ruthless by confining himself in the darkness, only coming out when a matter of importance arises. And that's the time when he comes out to kill. He was an unforgiving soul that relished in his opponents bloods and scattered their flesh like the wind carrying ashes. And for that everyone feared him-


I squealed upon hearing my name being called but then an arm masterfully made its way covering up my mouth blocking off the sound. I finally looked up and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw who it was.

"Scarlette... don't scare me like that!" I whined while dramatically grabbing onto the left side of my chest.

"Oh please, you and I both know what you were thinking about that had you behaving like that" she scolded.

"How did you know?" I asked while giving a nervous chuckle.

"Because you were just standing there not doing the dishes like you are suppose to're sweating profusely" she pointed out.

What she said was in fact true. I looked down and saw my hands being soaked in the sink with a mountain of unwashed dishes. And my eyes bulged at the thought of the headmaster coming and seeing me being unproductive instead of Scarlette. Thank God she was always looking out for me.

"I don't even know why you're so scared of him" she stated while rolling up her sleeves to help me wash.

"Well who isn't?" I asked faintly.

I felt when soft hands touched my face and gently turn my head.

"Worrying won't do you any good, look at it this way, he would never hurt a simple human such as yourself and even if he did, wouldn't he just be breaking the Law, the same one he justified?" She explained.

"I know, I know, he's just scary ,that's all, but I'll try to not make my thoughts waver from now on." I sighed and giving her a reassuring smiling.

Scarlette, she was a mother figure to me, when my parents died and I was brought to the estate to work, she was the one that took me under her wings and cared for me since then. I dont really know, the details of my parents death, but I know for sure they died in a rogue attack.

"Ok, since that's out of the way, I came here to tell you something, even though I dont think you're ready to hear this" she said skeptically as she looked me in the eyes.

"So didn't come here to help me wash the dishes?" I asked jokingly.

"Silly girl, no way I came here to help you wash the dishes" she said while playfully pinching me on the arm even though she was rolling up her sleeves to help me awhile ago.

"Then what are you here for then? I asked.

But then I saw her whole demeanor change and she looked at me seriously and placed an arm on my right shoulder.

"He's coming here in a weeks time" she exhaled. And I was a little confused by what she just said. As I looked at her, I saw that she looked exhausted and was just barely pressing on.

"Who's coming?" I asked, uncertainty dripping in my voice. But she just sighed and gave me a small smile.

"Ares...Alpha Ares" she calmly said.

But my breath hitched and my heart began to palpitate horrendously. The thought of even breathing the same air as him was enough to put me in a frenzy and now he will be visiting estate, where I'll probably have to be in his presence.

"How do you know?"

"The headmaster told us" she answered knowingly.

"Oh" I whispered.

"Yea, Ill try my best to let them give you other tasks so that you won't have to be near him" she said while placing a kiss on my forehead.

"Thank you"I spoke softly giving her a hug but pulled away and went back to washing the dishes while Scarlette walked away to attend to her duties.

As she left what she said kept ringing in my head. 'Alpha Ares, will be coming to the estate' and for what reason? I dont know. But I was glad she told me a week before he came. Honestly I dont know why I was this scared of him. I was behaving like the kid who had monsters under their bed or in their closets. 'Get a grip Skyler' I mentally cursed. 'The Alpha wont even look your way'. And besides Scarlette said she wont let me go anywhere him. Reassurance washed over me as I remembered what she said and if things go downhill I could alway call in sick. But I wonder how long he will stay for?.

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There is no more chapters to this book and will be found on Galatea on the 18th of July. So hope to see you there,😊
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