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Chapter 22

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"...why do humans have different blood types?" Millena asked, her face red from trying to suppress a chuckle. It was quite concerning how we were just randomly walking about aimlessly but now we were engaging in cringe worthy jokes, I guess comical moments can indeed creep up on you when you least expect it.
"I honestly don't know" I giggled and watched as she rolled her eyes before answering.
"It's so that mosquitos can enjoy different flavors, get it? because mosquitoes drinks blood and all" she explained and I gaped at her amused.
"You gotta be kidding me, there's no way that's true" I laughed.
"Well good thing its only a joke" she chuckled. "Come on, you try"
I felt when her right shoulder brushed against my left one in a friendly bump ,as she stared at me expectantly.
"And don't you dare be a little wuss"
"Ok, fine since you insist". I tried to come up with something that was as equally corny as her jokes but it was a bit challenging thinking of one on the spot, and when I was about to give up an idea miraculously popped up in my head.
"What should a bird do when it gets sick?" I questioned, after pausing and eyeing her reaction.
A smile broke out on her face as she stood thoughtful of what she was going to say, before we both moved to sit on a bench under a weeping willow tree with her still thinking hard.
"I give up, because I have no idea" she admitted with her hands up in absolute surrender. "What should a sick bird do?"
"They should get tweetment" I replied dryly.
A dramatic pause fell between us, and there was a brief moment where we turned our heads simultaneously to look at our one another but that solemn moment was broken with our hysterical snickering that followed.
"I would have never thought of that" she said in between laughing. "Who knew you were so funny, I wonder what else you have hiding up under that sleeve of yours" she joked and turned her head away from me to stare out in the distance.
I felt when my heart dropped off its rhythmic pattern and my eyes grew slightly bigger than its normal size. I knew she wasn't insinuating anything, but her statement had taken me by surprise.
"Yea, I wonder too..." My voice tapered off.
Once again, a short silence filled the spaces around us, but that was until I felt a prolonged, prickling sensation slowing shooting up to my spine.
At first I was slightly confused by the sudden feeling, but I dismissed the faint inkling.
And if that wasn't weird enough, my sixth sense seemed to come unwound when I detected the cliché feeling of someone throwing a dagger gaze in my direction.
I glanced to my left to look at Millena, but she wasn't even looking at me.
How odd.
With the still growing feeling, I glanced ahead of me to see nothing but the naked skin of huge concrete buildings, my eyes took me to my right to see a wide, not so big, but not too small baronial building with a spacious terrace.
And that too with someone standing on the terrace.
It was Ares.
My eyes seemed to pop out of my skull at his two, dark solemn eyes that were already pinned on my face, with a perplexed expression, however, his body didn't give away any form of emotion.
For a brief second, his eyes flickered past me to where Millena sat, staring out sightlessly before his flattened gaze found me once again.
I didn't know why he was watching me like that, almost as if he was scolding me with his eyes, but whatever it was, it started an uneasy feeling inside of me.
I couldn't blink, couldn't look away, when his orbs seemed to be pulling me into his infernal soul but that soon changed when I saw a hand slowly came up on his left shoulder and Cyrus came to stand beside him.
Immediately my attention was diverted and my eyes locked with that of Cyrus while he gave me a warm smile but it was hard to return it, with Ares unwavering glare.
From where I sat, I noticed when Cyrus turned his head towards Ares then proceeded to say something that was beyond my ears reach.
The feral look that he displayed seemed to harden in concentration at Cyrus' words and then he turned his head languidly to levy a glare at him. But Cyrus only responded to it with a sheepish grin.
Instantly, I realized where his mind had gone and I was starting to feel the rebound of why I even asked to leave anyway.
Today wasn't even one of the days that I was supposed to leave, but here I was, idling under a tree.
With one last look made of steel, he turned and walked away authoritatively, not even sparing me a glance.
Finally, Cyrus turned to me from the terrace, mouthing something along the lines of 'be back at 6' , but even though he was far away, I understood him clearly. Then he too began to retreat.
I turned away with a sigh and placed my face in my palms, and just like that my fun evening had turned into a grim one.
Why did I feel so bad for feeling I had possibly disappointed him.
"Hey, is everything alright?" Millena asked and my head shot up to look at her. I didn't remember that she was even here.
"Uh, yea I'm good" I answered in a rush and she looked at me weirdly.
"Are you sure, you look a bit, out of it" she pointed out.
"Well, its just that...what time is it?" I asked and watched as she took out her pocket watch and studied the time.
"Its almost 5:30, why?"
Just as she said that, I speedily got up from the bench with my heart racing. Oh my God, I was going to be late if I didn't leave right now.
"I have to go" I replied, ignoring her question then turned to walk away.
"Stop!" She screamed and began to walk up to me. "Why must you leave so early, can't you just wait a little longer?" She pleaded.
"No, sorry, I have some unfinished work that I must do or I will be punished" I lied then begin to walk pass her.
God, I felt so bad for lying to her face, but it must be done.
"The Alpha doesn't punish slaves here for not doing work" she frowned "And besides, I was thinking you and me could sneak and watch the visitors arrive, its a childish move but I think it'll be fun especially for you".
Now this caught my attention. I remembered Cyrus uttering something about some people yesterday but I wasn't even paying attention to what he was saying too much.
And then there was Ares, who was telling me not to leave the house. It had me wondering if it was because of these same visitors that I couldn't leave, and if it was, what was so special about them.
"Visitors, who are they?" I asked,with curiousity dripping in my tone. There was now a building sense of defiance clawing at my insides ready to let loose.
"Well why should I tell you if you won't be able to see them anyway" she said in a barely audible voice then turned away from me.
Maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but I could swear I saw her lips turned up in a mischievous smirk.
Was she trying to influence me to go with her.
"Millena, as your good friend, I cannot let you do something that stupid" I frowned then watched as she turned to face me once again with a pout.
"...alone" I continued with a smirk coating my lips. I noticed that her eyes brightened when my words registered in her mind, then she held my hand pulling me with her.
"What are we waiting for, lets get going then"
Turns out, she was pulling me in the direction of one of the slaves barracoon because according to her, it had the best view for when they were arriving.
I didn't have time to admire how completely different the slaves baracks was compared to that of the estate that I came, since Millena and I were rushing to get there for the last 20 minutes.
At last we made it to the building and I found it very astounding that night was approaching quicker than usual . Finally she carried me around to a wash room where 4 others slaves were and it was indeed an ideal place to see the anyone entering the pack.
"Come on Millena, tell me who they are already. The suspense is killing me here" I pleaded.
Her hazel eyes met mine, and I could literally see excitement blossoming in them.
"Ok, but promise you won't go nuts" she said.
"Just tell me already"
"They're vampires" she exaggerated.
I blinked then suddenly realized that I was gaping at her. I didn't even have time to recover before another slave shouted something over her shoulder that had us moving to the closest window to us.
"Wait I think I see something"
I could see a group of people approaching in distance, though it looked as if it would take them some time to get closer.
Upon closer inspection, I could tell that the group consisted of 5 of them, who were covered from head to toe in casket black robes.
Was it me, or did the air around us seemed to be changing?
The shadows seemed to be muttering and the night appeared to be purring at their favorite creatures of the night. The Vampires.
"Why are they here for?" I asked randomly.
"I don't know, but this is actually the third time they are visiting the pack" a girl beside us answered.
They were close enough to be entering the pack at any second now and my heartbeat seemed to be sputtering a rapid pace.
The idea of vampires intrigued me, and seeing them for the first time made me both thrilled and terrified but I didn't understand what it meant to see humans as prey.
And why Ares would have them come here.
But then again that man was a real question mark.
The vampires stood stone like in a line with their shoulders brushing, now inside the pack. Their face were shrouded with the hood of their robe so there was no way I or anybody from this distance could see their faces, and to try and remove it was punishable by death.
The one in the middle walked forward, raising his hand and removing his robe and the rest followed. And what I saw had me wishing I was blind.
They were beastly creatures from the caves of hell.
And the unmistakable red eyes of the vampires made me gasp. Their skin were paler than a winters moon, and speaking of moon, the cold stillness of the one behind the vampires seemed to be glinting an evil smirk.
There was only one female among them and she soon stepped forward to stand beside the vampire that previously stepped forward.
"Thats his daughter,Octavia" Millena said probably sensing my questions coming. "And thats Aleister, her father"
I was so spellbound, that all I could do was turn and look at her, but she stayed focus on the vampires ahead of us that were sporting a don't-mess-with-me look.
I turned around to face them once more. Then it hit me. As I stared at them I realized something.
These weren't just some ordinary vampires...
They were some crazy eyed, death-touched vampires.

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