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Alpha Ares(Draft)

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Chapter 3

I having a dream less sleep when I felt a presence barged into my quarters then felt rough callous hands dragging me out of sleep. It was so sudden and unexpected that instantly a headache started to form. The headmaster's big cold hands clamp down on my tiny wrist threatening to crush the bone in that area. A feeling a dread swelled inside of me as I thought of the many things that would happen to me.I wondered if he finally found out that I wasn't at the ceremony yesterday and came here to punish me, how could I even think that he wouldn't know I wasn't there, nothing goes unnoticed by these werewolves. Many thoughts ran through my mind, would I be humiliated in front of everyone, beaten or even worse, burnt?. I certainly didn't know why he was basically pulling me through each corridor and down every staircase. But my words stayed dormant in my throat, too afraid to ask a question and be punished further.

After bending many corners and going down about 2 staircases without falling down after constantly being pulled, I finally saw a large gathering of servants in the hall room. Relief washed over me when I realized that he was going to have a meeting. He then came to an abrupt stop after which I was roughly pulled but had to dig my heels in the floor to prevent myself from colliding in his frame. Then he sneared down at me.

"I dont care if your on the verge of death,once you have breath in your measely lungs you will continue to work especially while the Alpha is residing here. Do I make myself clear?"

I quickly nod my head and broke free from his wet ass palm. Eww. What the headmaster said didnt scare me but what did scare me was his stinky breath. God, I didnt know a persons breath could step in shit, I had to hold my breath the whole time he was breathing his words in my face. I scurried over to the gathering just in time to overhear a few things a group to my right was gossiping about.

'I can't believe she's dead...'

'Her death is truly tragic...

'May her soul rest in heaven'

I was curious as to who they were talking about and my heart leaped when Scarlett's face popped in my mind. They couldn't have possibly killed her for being late yesterday I thought in horror. Thinking about it I didn't see her since being here and that just made my heart drop. As I was about to walk over to the group of servants who were gossiping, I had to stop because of a booming voice.

"Silence!" He barked out. And in less than a second everyone's undivided attention was on the headmaster. There was a pause until he began to speak once more.

"Today...I must attend to a matter that took place yesterday. Our Alpha who will be staying here for a week and a half told me to let you all know that he is truly sorry for what happened to your fellow member..."

As he was speaking , my heart was just flipping in my chest with anticipation, why couldn't he just say what happened already. And where the hell is Scarlette? And just the thought of the Alpha had the hairs on my skin rising. So he was finally here.
And that too for a dreadful week. I could already see myself working none stop and constantly looking over my shoulders for any signs of him. The fear of what he looked like, the things he could do was just tickling my spine.

"...And he just wants you all to know that his sympathies are with you all... Now go back to work!" He commanded

The headmaster turned to walk off but stopped and shouted when he saw some servants were still lingering in the hall. They all looked so gloomy. And I didn't even hear what happened because I zoned out for like a second and missed everything that was said.

"All of you!" He barked while looking straight at me, and that was enough for me to turn on my feet and scurry away with the others.

Turning a corner, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Scarlette walking towards me. And I don't know what got into me, but I ran up to her and just gave her a hug, that caught her off guard, but she hugged me back nonetheless. She pulled away then looked around to see if anyone was watching then pulled me into a nearby room.

"Did you hear?" She asked. I figured it was the same thing the headmaster was talking about this morning that she was going to tell me.

"I didn't hear all of what he said, but I know someone is dead. " I answered truthfully. But she just stood there silent while looking at nothing in particular.

"What happened? Who's dead?" I started to ask again when I saw that she was making no attempt to talk. And I was just dying for her to speak up.

"Primrose... Its Primrose" she sighed out with a look of defeat.

But I on the other hand wasn't taking the news too well. My heart clenched. I just saw her yesterday and now she is dead? And then my eyes widened.

"Is it my fault?" I asked terrified.

"Oh God, no!" Scarlette interjected.

"Then how is she dead then, she looked just fine yesterday!" I said almost shouting as my breaths were becoming ragged. I could feel my legs giving out under me and I plopped down on a nearby bench.

"Lower your voice..." She whisper yelled then creaked open the door and peaked outside. But I didn't even say anything more. After some moment of silence, I heard her walk over to me and stooped down in front of me and began to explain.

"She died of semen"

I furrowed my eyebrows in a questioning look, and almost laugh out loud.

"She what?" I asked incredulously.

"Yesterday, after the ceremony...the headmaster chose her to be the Alpha's mistress for the night. While they were having intercourse...he ejaculated inside of her and it completely burnt out all of her insides".

And I gulped. Hard

So he was just here for less than 24 hours and he's killing people already. How ruthless can he get, just killing off innocent people like that. God, he's such a monster. And that thing this morning about sympathy. He has none. If he really cared he would have drawn his dead ass and addressed us than to do God knows what.

My anger was probably higher than the Eiffel tower by now. She was just a little older than me by 2 or 3 years. She didn't deserve this. I bet they forced her to do it. Oh God, I can only imagine how scared she was. I felt something wet drip on my leg then realized that I was crying. My heart ached at the cause of her death.

That monster!

" What the hell are you sitting here doing nothing for!"

I didn't even hear him come in. Both Scarlette and I stood quickly. And I wiped my tears.

"We were just-"

"Shut up!" He silenced.

"Why hasn't the Alpha gotten his breakfast yet?" He directed his question and my heart palpitated. He couldn't possibly be asking what I'm thinking.

"We are not in charge of breakfast duties" I said timidly.

"I. Don't . Care...now go and give then Alpha his breakfast" he ordered.

Oh my God

"I'll carry it to the Alpha" Scarlette offered and turned to take up the tray of food but was stopped on spot by the headmaster.

"Not you...her" he point to me.

"But I can carry it-" Scarlette quickly stated.

"No... I want her to do it" he said glaring at me
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