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The Occult's Caretaker

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The Aniceta family has had a rather, peculiar occupation for millennia. Ever wonder who takes care of the occult's more mundane tasks? That is, care for the occult, and not get eaten? Generation after generation of Aniceta women have been tasked with providing everything from transport to fresh guts. And rarely get paid for it! This is a story about the women that walk the fine line between humanity and the various beings that are amongst us.

Fantasy / Humor
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The women of the Aniceta family have been caretakers of the occult for centuries. It all started with my great, times about 100, grandmother. Rumor has it, it all began when her husband got turned into a fox after insulting a fox spirit.


In order to change him back, she had to do a hundred good deeds for the spirit world. Whether or not this is true is up for interpretation, but we have been providing our services ever since. I often ask my mother why we do so, as it is an under, often unpaid job that doesn’t seem very necessary given their superhuman abilities. To calm my pestering, she often tells me what my great-grandmother told her:

“The occults are few and far between. While we humans have grown in number, we have actively diminished others. They bring a balance to our lives that without them, humanity, would unknowingly not survive.”

And with those words, I continue the Aniceta family tradition of caring for the supernatural beings that live and walk amongst us.

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