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There was a time when he was my everything. Back when loving him was my source of rebellion. But, that was then and this is now. My freedom comes first. I have taken a new path. Yet, my parents still used my pass transgression to judge me. As punishment for my rebellious decisions, I was sent to a new University in my native town. A new, yet, the same hall I had tried to escape. However, this was my opportunity to redeem myself. The gods were even on my side when a mystery a raised. Solving it would surely get me what I wanted. But, there was one problem: he was there. ........................................ Secrets. Everyone has them, and Kyle is not an exception. He hugs his and show the world a camouflage of who he wants. However, like always secrets are meant to come to life. And, what a sweet, misery it will be for him when his does. Life in Redwood will never be the same. Contains Involves: Vivid Violence, Explicit Language, and Detailed Sexual Scenes. The author does novel discussion on discord. Join if you want to be apart of the creation process. https://discord.gg/CwzSAZ76n7

Fantasy / Romance
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Brianna Five Centuries Ago

I hated them.

They were all hypocrites and I wasn't going to stand by while they dictated by life. I was a living being, too, with actual feelings. I could hate and love like all of them. Yet, why could everyone else fall in love except me? And, no one, not even my parents cared about my misfortune.

The curse of a vampire was to live forever. What kind of life would I live without love?

My grasp tightened on my backpack. I sieved through the bushes as my journey took me deeper into the forest. Taller trees circled me. Small insects watched as I stomped by.

I had to leave. Everyone in this God-forsaken town called Redwood could go to hell for all I cared.

A shuffling reached my eardrums. I froze with my breath held. Then a figure flashed in my peripheral vision. My heart sped up.

It was him. The broad shoulders and strong back belonged to one person. Kyle Anderson. The wolf of my dreams. The shoulder-length platinum blonde hair could never be mistaken. The same hair I yearned to play with.

He cocked his head to the side, and I prayed he didn't hear my rapid heartbeat. As if the Gods were on my side, he straightened and continued walking.

My heart took over, and all thoughts of running away were forgotten. I exhaled and changed course. He became the center of my interest. I followed him at a small distance, using the help of trees and bushes to stay discreet.

He strolled up to a large tree and paused. During the times I had spent watching him in the past, he seemed to have some kind of hidden sanctuary beneath this very tree. More often than I cared to admit, I would be whisked away by the possibility of him inviting me down there.

A smile tilted the edges of my mouth.

If only that day would come.

"Why are you following me?"

I jumped at how near the voice was. A squeal attempted to fall through my lips, but a large palm covered my mouth, stifling the sound.

"Easy, witch. We don't want to alert anyone," he whispered against my ears.

The slight wind from his lips tickled my pinna and sent shivers down my spine. At my quaver, he dropped his hand and backed away as if I had a contagious disease.

My heart sank at the action.

I hated this town.

"You shouldn't be following strangers around." He eyed something over my shoulder.

I was tempted to look, but resisted and whispered, "You're not a stranger."

My words caught his interest. And, for the first time since I've known him, he looked at me. Silver eyes peered into mine. My heart played hopscotch in my chest.

A long breath left his lips. "Get lost kid. Your parents are probably looking for you." With that, he walked past me back to the tree.

Kid? Ugh!

"I'm not a kid," was my pathetic reply.

Sure, I was eighteen. A baby in vampire years. However, I could be classified as an adult in witch years. So, he was several centuries older, but I was still an adult-ish.

A soft chuckle floated with the wind. "Right. If that makes you feel better." He stopped in front of the tree and crouched at its roots. Masculine fingers brushed the vines laying on the ground.

Oh, how I dreamt of those fingers caressing me.

A pang of jealousy was aimed at the vines.

"Are you going to leave or what?" His eyes were still on the vines.

Leave? Yes, that was what I was doing before he came along. Yet, I couldn't move. The wheels in my head turned, formulating a new plan. I had always watched Kyle from the shadows. Now, I was right in front of him, and he noticed me. I was given the opportunity to talk to him; to be with him before I leave. I would be a fool if I allowed this chance to pass.

My index finger was tapped against my chin. "Or what?"

His gaze shot to mine. "Look—"

"I could leave," I interrupted, and he relaxed. "But, I would come back with friends." Two tiny lines pinched between his brows. "I wonder what the citizens of Redwood would say if a sapphire-vampire child told them she saw an adult werewolf in vampire territory?"

Silver eyes darkened. My heart hammered against my ribcage, but my lips refused to be sealed. "Not to mention that he touched her." I rubbed my thumb against my lips. "I think I have your scent on me. Don't you think so?"

A deep growl rumbled from his throat. My eyes widened. Before I could exhale, he was on me. A sharp pain rippled through my back at the impact from colliding against a tree.

A soft groan was ripped from my throat. I squeezed my eyelids shut; afraid my mind would be tainted by the beast, pinning me to this tree. If I saw the anger in his eyes, the good Lord knew I would never forget it.

"You think you're so clever? Don't you? We both fucking know that tree is not in your territory." His breath fanned my face.

"No, but half of it is." I wanted to kick myself for responding.

Another deeper growl rumbled.

What had I expected? Tormenting the future alpha was a punishable crime. How could I even forget he had a temper?

Ugh, I had calculated wrong.

Within the next second, the athletic body pressing against mine went missing. I peeked through an eye to find Kyle staring at me with an arched brow. The silver iris had returned.

He sighed aloud and went back to his vines. "Since you've been such a nice girl, you can stay."

My heart backflipped. I swallowed the squeal begging to be released.

One of my dreams was coming true. Oh, I could kiss him right now.

"But," he went on. "Don't talk to me and don't come near me."

I could work with those. So, I said, "Sure. Mums the word." Two fingers slid across my lips before flicking away an imaginary key.

He rolled his eyes with a, "Would you mind?" while pointing at the ground.

My eyes twitched to return an eye roll. I had seen him open the hidden door under these vines a million times. This time wouldn't be any different.

Oh, wait! He didn't know that.

At the realization, I swiveled around and counted to ten.

At the count of ten, he announced, "You can turn around now."

When I did, he jumped into the sanctuary below ground. The vines were now laying to the side and an iron door was opened. I peeked into the dark below.

"Don't tell me the big bad princess is scared?" Came from the darkness.

I scrunched up my face and wiggled my nose.

Ugh, show off!

With the help of the ladder embedded in the wall, I was able to get down into what appeared to be a tunnel or room. It had a large space like a room, but also had a similarity to a tunnel.

The minute my soles touched the bottom, the metal door slammed shut. My ears rang from the thunder it caused. Kyle once again chuckled at my handicap.

Ugh, such a gentleman.

He paid no attention to my glare while he lit the lamps in the corners of the room. The soft glow illuminated a mattress, trunk, and a…

What the heck?

Excitement course through my veins at the spectacle before my eyes.

"Is that a pool?" I beamed.

Kyle narrowed his eyes. "What happened to mums the word?"

Oh, that.

I responded with a cheeky smile. Stepping past him, I dropped my backpack and went to admire the sparkling water. Its blue glossy surface called for a swim. No wonder Kyle was always coming down here. "Where is it coming from?"

Soft footsteps padded behind me. "I'm not quite sure, yet. One of these days I plan to take a dive to find out."

Alarms went off in my head. Before I knew it, I was stripping my clothes.

His eyes bulged and a step was taken back. "What are you doing?"

The corners of my lips tilted. "I'm going to take that dive."

If anything, his frown deepened.

"I can't die, but you can," I hastily added. And, I would never survive without you.

He eyed the pool. "Who said anything about dying?"

My gaze trailed after his. "We can never tell. Anything can happen."

His gaze slid over to me. "And, what if something happens to you? I can never tell anyone we were together."

True, but at least, he would be safe. "Then don't."

I kicked my pants from my foot and folded it to the side with my blouse and shoes. When I straightened, he, too, was adorned in underwear.

My breath hitched. My fingers were balled in fists to prevent from touching the attractive body before me. My teeth sank into my bottom lip as my eyes devoured him.

"Stop looking at me like that. Haven't you seen a male before?"

My cheeks heated at his words.

He didn't wait on my response, but bundled his clothes in mine. They were thrown on the mattress on the floor.

Yes, of course, I had seen a male before. However, not a naked one. Or half-naked. Wait, except in my daydreams. Well, Kyle was the only man I daydreamed about. And, I was never going to forget this.

He sprinted on his journey back from the mattress and jumped. The splash I expected never came. The water opened and sucked him under. His body plummeted.

A short while he emerged with, "Well, good to know you are enjoying the water."

For the second time in the past minute, my cheeks warmed. "Right."

I plodded to the opening and slipped inside. The cool water caressed my skin and calmed my nerves. My eyes drifted closed, and a moan slipped past my lips.

"Stop that!" Water splashed my face. My eyes snapped open, and a startled yelp escaped.

Kyle slapped the water surface, and it splashed.

"What did I do?" I backed away from him.

"Nothing. Let's just get this over with." With that, he dived under.

I had no other choice but to go after him.


Several dives later and we still hadn't found the bottom. In the water, Kyle pointed up, and I followed. Gasps echoed in the tunnel when we emerged above the surface.

"What's the matter?" I questioned.

He pulled himself out of the pool, and went towards the trunk beside the mattress. "I'm starving. I can't continue like this." He plucked out a towel and held out his arm. "Come."

Not wasting any more time, I exited the pool and went for the towel. "I packed snacks. If you want we could share it."

He was silent for a while as if pondering my comment.

"Do you have something else?" I wrapped the towel around my body.

He scratched the back of his head. "Okay, I guess, we could share."

A smirk graced my mouth.

I went rampaging through my bag and pulled out a small bread. "Ta-dah!"

"Just bread? Oh, great," he drawled. The enthusiasm hid somewhere behind those words.

An index finger was held high. "Wait!" Other items were pulled from my bag: three fishes, a bottle of orange juice, and a pound of meat. All were snatched from my mother's kitchen. I doubt she would miss it, or me.

A brow was arched. "What? No blood?"

In my haste to impress him, I hadn't noticed his sarcasm until now. "No, I am a witch, too."

There wasn't a response this time. Kyle went back to his trunk and brought back a mat along with two bowls. "We can use these."

The mat was spread along the concrete ground. Two minutes tops and we were seated on the mat with our meals.

"So," Kyle started. "You want to tell me why you have a bag packed with food?"

I eyed my plate.

Should I tell him? Would he rat me out?

I snickered at my silliness. Of course, Kyle wouldn't tell anyone. He was a werewolf for crying out loud.

"I'm running away."

I expected him to laugh at my statement. It even sounded silly spoken aloud. But, the laugh never came nor a judgemental statement. Instead, he said, "Hmmm, and how is that working out for you?"

I sighed. "I'm here, but I'm still leaving. No one would miss me anyway." Maybe my dad would, but not my mom, and not this town.

He broke a piece of bread. "Hmm, why?"

"Isn't it obvious? The town would probably say good riddance when I'm gone." I sipped my water to drown my grief.

"Hmmm, so what's the plan?"


He swallowed, and his adam's apple bobbed. "Yeah, if you're going to run away you must have a plan cooked up in that brain of yours." His index finger tapped my head.

I slapped his hand away. "Ah, well. I plan to travel. I like Italy. Maybe I'll go there for a while."

"Hmmm, good for you. I hope you find what you're looking for." He bit off a big chunk of the bread.

I wasn't sure if he meant it or he was mocking me again, but I smiled anyway. "Thanks."

Silence accompanied us as we finished our meal. After which we went back to find the end of the underground pool. Time went by within a flash. Before we knew it night had fallen.

"You can stay here for the night." Kyle threw over his shoulder as he hid his muscular physique with clothes.

"Are you leaving?"

"Yep," he replied, popping his P.

Who was the child now? Wait, he was leaving. That wasn't good.

"Then, I'm going to be left all alone. In the dark," rushed out. Silver eyes flashed to the lamps. A nervous laugh slipped out next. "I mean, this is your sanctuary after all. How are you sure I'm not going to lock up properly?"

He braced against the wall. His hands folded across his chest, advertising his biceps. "So, let me get this straight. I should stay because you," an index was pointed at me, "the vampire; a nightwalker is afraid of the dark."

Well, that sounded stupid.

"Wait, I'm not finished." Silver eyes twinkled with amusement.

Ugh, I was glad to know I amused him.

"And, because you want a guardian to prevent you from ratting out my hiding place. A place you're going to stay the night. I thought you were going to run away? When would you have time to rat me out?" He cocked his head to the side, studying me.

"Well… ah...I," I stuttered. My brain worked overtime to formulate a coherent sentence.

A smile brightened his face. Somehow, it made him appear cuter. Was that even possible? No doubt my face was bright red, but my loss of word seemed to make him laugh.

The sound sent shivers down my spine, and erotic thoughts swirled in my mind. "Whatever. I want the company, okay?"

The laughing ceased. "Why?"

"I dont know." I collapsed on the mattress.

Seconds ticked by, then, "Hmmm, okay, I'll stay." The mattress jerked when he dropped beside me. “Just don’t come near me.”

Right, I wasn’t sure I could promise him that.

It didn't take long for him to fall asleep. On the other hand, I was too excited. Though Kyle was old he looked so young. In his sleep, he resembled a child.

Those pink luscious lips were slightly parted. I wonder how they would taste. Maybe this was my chance to get a kiss. Would he wake up if I try?

I gingerly crawled closer. He turned towards me and I froze.

Oh, God.

His breathing was steady; lids still closed. I went closer. Closer. His face inches from mine. I just needed to get closer. My tongue slid across my lips. Clos—

"What are you doing?"

My eyes widened and I pushed back. "Nothing."

He narrowed his eyes; a trait he seemed to love. "Right. You're too close." A large palm shoved my face away. He then turned his back to me. "Go to sleep, witch."

Ugh, so we were back to nick names.

I couldn't help the chuckle that followed. Don't you worry, Kyle Anderson. I was going to get that kiss.

I was going to marry him. And, we were going to have enough babies to fill a mansion. To hell with my parents and this town.

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