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ice cold

short tales for inspiration

ice cold

The air was cold against my skin as I closed the door behind me, the icy and falling snow clouding my vision “Alex, where are you?” My voice echoed in the distance, no answer ” Alex where are you ?” I screamed at the top of my lungs, but no answer. The snow was too cold for me , my bones ached from the snow slowly seeping into my boots . I could not walk anymore ” Help , Alex ... Help me ” . I tried to move but stumbled in the snow and fell face down . I could not move , my whole body was paralysed . It was after midnight and I struggled to keep my eyes open and was forced to close them .

I closed them and then sleep took over.

When I woke up I was close to the fire, wrapped in a warm blanket, I was back in my house but Alex was not there. Where was she? Leave me alone! Alone, alone, alone, the words echoed in my head, which ached as if I had hit it against a wall. Reluctantly I tried to stand up , but the pain exploded in my legs and I sat back down . The slammed shut and I did not even realised it had opened at all

. Alex . Only her name filled me with happiness and betrayal at the same time . It was Alex . ” Where were you ?” She did not answer , instead she just took her jacket and covered me with it . I touched Alex’s jacket and a realisation hit me . It was not wet .

Despite it was raining the whole night the jacket was not wet. I started asking Alex questions about where she was and why she did not come. She just said, “I did not have another choice, I had to”. I was confused. After she finished talking, I was alone in the room again. Except for the pain in my legs, I was starving. I could not remember the last time I had eaten anything apart from snow Then I heard the sound of breaking glass turned as slowly as possible. There were millions of little pieces of broken followed by a large log of wood on the floor. A man dressed up in a black suit bearing blue streaks barged through the window shattering even more of the glass I screamed and the man muffled my scream by thrusting his black-gloved hand in my mouth before kicking me in the stomach and shoving me against the wooden cupboard. My stomach was screaming in pain but what hurt, even more, was seeing Alex being dragged away by the man in the black suit while he held a knife at her neck and knowing I could not do anything about it “ Alex .... who are they?” I said in between tears “ people I hope you will never meet “ she replied “ Alex, why ? Please what is going on ? Really ? “ “ run before they catch you too” I did not hesitate the second I managed to stand up to the pain in my stomach a darted for the door.

After that, the only thing I remember is coming back after a while a finding the men gone. I ransack the house looking for Alex or anything that’s left of her and find her lying in the snow just outside the window with an intricately decorated stiletto lying in a heap of bloody snow about 2 meters away tears start pouring down from my eyes before I even try to make sense of what has happened. This was meant to be a happy holiday in the mountains full of drinking hot chocolate, ice skating, and skiing, not full of blood, nightmares, and crafty daggers. Alex is dead.

Alex is dead. I am meant to cry but not a tear pores down my cheek. I can’t believe it, it’s not possible. “ You’ve got to be kidding me” I shout at no one. “ Alex please .. Wake up” I grab her by her shoulders and shake her unconscious body “ wake up” I say one last time before bursting into tears hugging her. she is as cold as the snow around her. please wake up. I slowly bend done feeling for her heartbeat. ” please wake up, tell me what going on, and then everything can go back to normal.

I examined Alex for any cuts but found none . No one stabbed her . Which sent chills down my spine because it meant that the bloody stiletto was not coated in her blood but the person Alex had stabbed . How could Alex who was scared even of a lightening could have stabbed a person ? How could Alex be a murderer ? I dragged Alex inside and lay her close to the fire and covered her with every blanket available . Then I looked for the phone and called Alexis parents .

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