Cherished Lady: Part 2

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14- Oberon Whiteclaw

"No! I will not agree to it!" The sound of my roar vibrated through the words I yelled. "I can not and will not agree to this arrangement." For the last four hours I had been in a so called emergency meeting with the high counsel. The only topic they wished to discuss: my mate or lack there of.

"This counsel has been patient enough." Lord Ingrival was the leader of this latest policy coup. Of course he would be. He had the most to gain from this. "We have given you every opportunity to find your fated mated but now it is time to put the fantasies aside and take up the responsibilities you should have fullfilled before you were even crowned king. "

"That woman is no Luna!" I bellowed back.

"That woman is my daughter and you will take great care in how you speak of her. She is a fine choice for a mate and this counsel believes she is the best candidate to serve as our Luna."

"And what about her mate? What is to stop some other man from stepping forward and claiming her as his." I was mateless, yes, but she could still had a mate out there.

"Lady Crescent lost her mate a long time ago. Another reason why she is a perfect choice. There is no chance of her being pulled away from you."

"And the Ralacks? How do you expect me to protect a mate when we already struggle to protect its citizens from radicalized rogues?"

"After weeks of investigating there has been no evidence of Ralack activity. It was obviously some ploy Lord Edmon developed to defy the counsel." I stood as my fists banged on the table.

"Are you calling him a liar!"

"Of course not your majesty. I do not process the same affinity as him. I would never know for sure whether he is lying or not." My wolf roared again at the disrespect he spat out. Lord Ingrival shuddered and bowed his head but then immediately returned his gaze at me. This was all too clean, too neatly planned. They had a way around every obstacle I presented to them.

"And what if I refuse your choice?"

"Then the counsel will have no choice but to vote to suspend your authority and assume control of the kingdom until you come to you senses."

I looked around the room. Lord Ingrival's allies were staring at my confidently. Some even dared to wear a smirk on their faces knowing that they had won. Others though bowed their head in shame but would not stand up for me in my time of need. Cowards!

I sat back in my chair with a sigh. Could I do this? Was I really willing to lose my position and power for this? I thought of all the citizens and people who were depending on me and relying on me to be their voice. I couldn't just abandon them now. I was trapped in a perfect box. Well done Lord Ingrival.

"Alright then, Lord Ingrival. Then you will-" I didn't finish my thought when the counsel doors flew open followed by my mother stomping in to stare icily throughout the room. I could feel as the room filled with despair and hopelessness. My mother was trying to manipulate their emotions to force them into submission. They would not like that.

"Your majesty." Lord Ingrival yowled out. "This is a private meeting. We are trying-"

"I know exactly what you are trying to do Lord Ingrival!" My mother's voice was harsh and unyielding. I saw her a handful of times like this and in never ended well for other people. "You are trying to meddle in matters that you have no authority over." Lord Ingirval scoffed at her statement.

"I assure you madam we have every authority to do what we must."

"Over affairs of the state perhaps, or even with travel and trade policy but what you are infringing upon is the realm and power of the Moon Goddess of which you have no say."

"With all due respect ma'am, if the Moon Goddess had any intention of appointing a fated mate, she would have done it by now." My mother's eyes turned lavender and the room flooded with power as all the males in the room were forced into submission. Even the walls began to groan and crack. This was the power of the Moon Goddess flowing through her chosen Luna. My mother stood tall through it all as if nothing were amiss.

Once the room stopped shaking, the various counsel members began to gather themselves back to gather. Many had to pulled themselves off the floor. Furniture and chairs that had toppled over were left where they fell. Everyone warily looked at my mother, her eyes still a blaze.

"Don't test the Goddess on this," she warned. "My son will wait until his fated mate is found as the goddess deems fit. As long as I am still here to act in the Goddess' stead, you will not force a mating pair on him." My mother gave each member one last glare to ensure they heard what she said before turning back to me. "When you're finished here Oberon, I would like a word with you."

I didn't hesitate run after my mother as she stomped away. I looked at some of the members as I left. Some wore faces of anger but most were down right scared. I don't blame them. My mother was a terrifying woman.

I followed my mother as she walked confidently down the halls back towards the royal apartments. I didn't dare to say anything to her for fear of being overheard. It wasn't until we were tucked away in her apartments that I finally spoke.

"Damn mother, I didn't know you had that in you." My mother was a badass. She brought those sniveling men to their knees.

Instead of responding My mother collapsed where she stood. I quickly rushed to catch her. Her entire body felt warm and sweat was breaking out on her brow. "Mother are you alright?" It wasn't like her to collapse like this. Her eyes drooped as she looked at me while I held her. It took her a moment before she could focus on my face.

"Mother are you ok?" She lifted her hand to stroke my face gently before falling unconscious.

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