Cherished Lady: Part 2

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15- Artemis

My mind was in chaos after that disastrous run. I still wasn't so sure what happened at the end of it. I remember running into some rogues and then my mind goes all fuzzy most likely because my wolf took over.

Thankfully Dalton was there. He helped calm me down from the panic attack I was on the verge of. He also explained how he took care of one of the rogues and was pretty sure my wolf took care of the other judging by the strong smell of him I had on me. I didn't want him to elaborate what he meant by "taking care" of it. My stomach rolled at the thought of actually killing someone. My wolf on the other hand didn't have the same inhibitions.

Upon arrival of the palace I was immediately called to the queen's quarters. She had become suddenly ill with a fever. The doctors were all rushed in and assured the king that his mother would be fine. That her body was over-exhausted and needed some rest but that didn't stop him from visiting everyday. Most of the time when he visited I busied myself with something so I wasn't in the way. Other times he stayed awhile reading a book while we silently ignored each other. I didn't expect for him to talk to me much. I was just a lady's maid after all.

I didn't think much of it when he came on the third evening while I was in queen's bedroom. I was surprised to see she preferred to have a pile of blankets and furs to sleep on rather than a bed. Dalton thought I was the only one who did that.

I was placing a fresh washcloth on her face when he walked in and stood right at the door and stared while I worked. I tried to ignore him or at least as best as one could ignore an Alpha.

"How's she doing?" he murmured. My actions paused for only a minute before resuming.

"She's a little better today. She actually woke up a few times to eat." The alpha hummed his approval and continued to watch me work. His stare was driving me nuts. "You can come closer if you want?" I called out before looking at him. "No need to stand by the door." He answered with a short chuckle.

"My mother never cared for anyone in her den. Once I was grown, I learned to stay away from her space. She would bite my head off if she knew I was in here." Well that's odd.

Once I have finished everything I gave one last once over before walking toward the door. When I got close he didn't even try to move forcing me to squeeze past him. Only then did he turn to follow me out.

"You're really good at that," he said behind me.

"Good at what?" I said confused.

"Taking care of fevers and things." I shrugged my shoulders at the comment.

"I had a lot of fevers growing up. I was lucky to have people there to take care of me. I'm only happy to help someone else." I turned back to the Alpha to see his eyebrows furrowed.

"You had fevers growing up? Why?"

"I lost my wolf for a while. I'm sure it had something to do with that."

"But she's back now, your wolf?"

"Who said is was a she?" I couldn't believe the nerve I had in saying it but the shocked look on his face was priceless. I could only hold my composure for a few moments before a giggled broke out. The Alpha furrowed his brows again and that caused the damn to burst as I let out a very unlady like chuckle. That clued the Alpha into my antics and he gave a relieved sigh.

"Oh goddess your messing with me," he said with relief.

"I'm sorry I could help it." I said with an amused smile still on my face.

"Oh no I deserved it. Serves me right for being nosy."

I finished putting away all the supplies and medicine I had logging what doses I gave last. Once I was finished I sat down on the couch.

"I see why she like you." The Alpha walked over to sit on the couch opposite of me. "You're spunky. I bet everyone underestimates you." That brought a small smile to me face.

"Well not everyone." I said looking at my hands.
"See I knew it," the King said with a laugh.

"Never underestimate the quiet ones. You never know what they are thinking." I smiled back at him. We sat in pleasant silence for a while before he spoke again.

"Can I ask you one more nosy question?" It wasn't hard to guess what it was about. I had been asked it many times since I arrived at the palace.

"You want to know about my scars and limp."

The Alpha winced at the candidacy.

"Am I too much of a jerk for asking?"

"Nope, not a jerk." I took a quick breath before answering. "Rogue attack." I said quickly like it was a normal thing for little girls to be attacked by wolves. "Happened when I was five."

"I'm sorry." The Alpha's voice was sad and sincere.

"No worries. I don't remember much about it. The limp isn't usually a big deal and none of it has slowed me down at all so I can't complain."

"Well I admire your tenacity."

"Thank you."

The King stay for a few hours waiting in his mother's sitting room. We didn't speak much after that but I no longer felt as nervous around him. His mother woke up enough to talk with him for a while. After she fell back asleep he thanked me again for everything I did, and then left to go to his other duties.
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