Cherished Lady: Part 2

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16- Ace

My nerves had been shot since the failed meeting in the woods. I was looking around every turn for someone from the pack to show up and end it. They would have known by now that Tybold was dead. It’s not like I could have told them. Mind linking didn’t work when the pack bond was spread this thin. It was best to just go on like everything was normal until I was told otherwise.

I knew the jig was up when I was called into Lord Ingrival’s office. I hated the man and so did most of the pack, but he was useful so we put up with him. Upon knocking on his door I received a curt “enter.”

Walking inside I was greeted by the oily man. His dark graying hair was slicked back. The dark lighting of the room caused shadows to fall over the angles of his face. I rolled my eyes at the theatrics.

“What do you want Ingrival?” There was no point in being respectful. I didn’t respect him and he didn’t respect me so why bother pretending.

“We have a problem.”

“Yeah what else is new?” He always had some emergency or something that he wanted the pack to deal with.

"Tybold is dead." A deep voice called out. I instantly stood at attention. That was a voice you did not ignore. A large man with ice blond hair walked forward. He had a permanent scowl on his face. Brent. My father's beta. If he was here it was serious.

I immediately lowered my eyes so as not to provoke him. I had been on the wrong side of the man's fists too many times before.

"Were you there, when he was killed?" Brent continued.

"No sir." Technically I wasn't.

"Were you able to see him at all at his last schedule visit."

"No sir." I couldn't admit to him that I had failed to act when Tybold was attacked. It would have been a sign of weakness and weakness is cut out. Brent gave me a hard stare determining whether I was lying or not. So far I never gave him a sign to doubt him. I hope he didn't see one now. Brent nodded his head.

"Well then you aren't aware of what's happened. There is a complication with our plans." I was never included in any of the plans. That was Ingrival's job. I was suppose to just sit and wait and report what was happening so my father knew Ingrival was following through. “The Luna Queen seems to be interfering in a most inconvenient way.”

"What are we going to do?" I asked. Brent's mouth grew into a wide grin. It was a terrifying thing. My spine shivered at the sight of it.

"We're going to kill the queen." My eyes flew up to his face.

"How? The queen is guarded heavily."

"That's where you come in buddy boy. You're going to get us in. You've been here for what? Two years? Three? You should be able to think of something." My my flew through all the security details I knew. The night patrols and entrance checks. If I had enough time I could possibly come up with something.

"Alright. Give me a week and I'll-"

"Tonight!" I was cut off by Ingrivals' desperate voice. "It has to be tonight." I narrow my eyes at his demand.

"That's impossible. This sort of thing needs time." And I needed to figure a way out of this.

"The Queen's brother is on his way back as we speak." Lord Ingrival desperately argued. "Once he arrives she will be untouchable. It has to be done now, before he returns." Ingrival winced when a large hand began to pat him on the shoulder.

"Clam down." Brent chuckled. "Don't worry. We'll get the bitch." Ingrival leaned away from Brent's hand as if it smelled. "You heard the man. Let's go."

"You mean right now!" This was suicide! He couldn't possibly be this stupid to spontaneously try to pull a royal assassination off.

"No time like the present. And it's been a while since I've seen the lady. I'd figure it's time to pay my respects. You get me in and I'll take care of the rest. Now let's go." Brent said the last part with a growl making it clear I didn't have a choice.

I walked out of Ingrival's office with Brent's arm around my shoulders. As soon as the door closed I shrugged it off. Brent just chuckled darkly again and waved his hand to have me lead the way.

I led him down the the servant passageways. With it being the middle of the night they would be empty. We did have to duck and hid a few times when a late night maid walked by but other wise it was pretty effortless. The main hallways were a bit harder. I could tell Brent was annoyed at how cautious I was, but if you alert one guard they would mind link all the others and come running.

When we were near the Royal apartments I ducked into a random room.

"Where are we?" Brent growled. "This isn't the Queen's room." He was growing impatient.

"The Queen’s room is heavily guarded, especially at night." I responded "There is no way we are getting in from the inside."

"So how do you expect to get there?" I rushed over to the balcony door and quietly opened them. Once Brent was outside I closed the doors quickly. Gesturing towards the roof I explained the plan.

"Use your claws to climb the roof down to the corner. The windows there are the Queen's apartments. Break in through them and there you go." Brent gave a sly smile.

"Not bad pup. Thinking outside the box. I like it." Yeah like it would help him. Breaking in the windows would set off the alarm and have everyone come running. "Alright then, get climbing." Brent looked expectantly at me.

"You said to get you in and you'd do the rest." I didn't want to be anywhere near there when he arrived.

"And once you get me there, I will, but we aren't there yet."

"You'll be less likely to get caught if it's just you." Brent growled at me his eyes turning red while he flashed his teeth.

"Listen here pup. You're sticking with me until the bitter end, so get climbing." I allowed my hands to grow claws and then walked towards the wall. Looking back Brent still glared at me. Taking a deep breath I climbed until I reached a roof overhang and then began to crawl across it in the direction I had pointed out. I could feel the vibration of the outer walls as Brent's claws dug in behind me.

It took us another 10 minutes to reach the Queen's balcony. My heart was pounding the entire time. There were still patrols walking around the palace grounds that could have spotted us but we were lucky. Once we landed on the Queen's balcony Brent went to smash the window but I stopped him.

"Wait!" I said pulling his arm.

"WHAT!" He growled back. Without responding I felt around for the wire that triggered the alarm. Grabbing it in the fingers of one hand I sliced it with a claw, then looked back at Brent. He grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me to snarl in my face.

"And when the fuck were you going to tell me about that!" Why eyes were wide with fear. He knew I had purposely left the alarm out in my explanation earlier.

"I- I just now remembered it." Brent shoved me back to the ground.

"Anything else you care to remember?" he growled. I just shook my head from the ground and looked way. Brent let out a huff and then punched through the balcony door with a crack before unlocking it from the other side. I scrambled to follow him in.

We had arrived in the sapphire room, which served as the Queen's sitting room. Brent looked around at the various couches and tables.

"What's this."

"The Queen's sitting room."

"Fine. Where is the Queen?" I pointed to the door that led to the Queen's room. Brent nodded.

"Alright. You stay here keep watch. I'll go in and do the job nice and quiet. No one should hear a thing." I couldn't even look at him. I knew being part of the pack I was expected to be ruthless like Tybold or even Brent, but I don't think I could hurt a person in their sleep. Brent must have seen the conflict I held as he groaned.

"Don't worry, you'll get over it." He strode to the door and gently opened it so it made no noise. That terrifying grin grew on his face again. He took one slow step and then another. On the third step I heard a growl and a white blur tackled him. Brent let out a yell.

"Shit!" His arms started flailing and grabbing at the white wolf that was now biting and clawing at him. Not being able to see, Brent walked backwards until he tripped over something causing him to lose his balance and to fall out another window. Both him and the wolf tumbled down the side of the roof until they hit another overhang.

Alarms started blaring due to the broken window. We had only seconds before they guards came swarming in.

"Help her!" A woman's voice called out. I looked further into the room and saw the Queen laying in a pile of blankets. If the Queen was there, then who was fighting with Brent.

"Soldier!" the woman cried out desperately. "You need to help her now." She must of not realized I came here with Brent and I wasn't about the correct her. Rushing to the window, I jumped out sliding down to meet them.

By the time I had landed the white wolf was on top of Brent again. He grabbed its pelt with both hands and threw it off causing it to hit the ground with a thud. It took the poor thing a good minute to pull itself up but once standing it looked up at us and growled a challenge.

Above us we heard the commotion as soldiers flooded the Queen's quarters. Some were even looking out the window down to us. Brent looked around surveying his options.

"New plan." he said. "Catch the white wolf. We're not going back empty handed."
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