Cherished Lady: Part 2

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18- Oberon Whiteclaw

I rushed to my mother's room as soon as Nathaniel mind linked me. Someone attacked my mother and that someone was going to die. Entering her apartments the room was filled with soldiers bustling about, doing who know's what.

"MOVE!" I roared causing a path to instantly appear. I raced passed everyone with a single minded focus on getting to my mother.

Walking into her den I let out a sigh of relief upon seeing her sitting up in her blanket pile talking with Nathanial. Her eyes were red from tears.

"Nathanial you need to send the warriors out now. You have to find her!" My mother's voice was shrill in her desperation. I rushed to embrace her so I could comfort her. She jumped at first in my arms but then upon realizing who I was turn her desperate pleas to me.

"Oberon thank the Goddess you are here. It's Brent. Brent was here and he took her. You need to go get her now before he gets away." I could feel her heart beat in a panic rhythm.

"Mom it's ok. We'll send a the palace warriors out to get him. What's important is that we make sure you are ok."

"Will someone fucking listen to me for once! He has Artemis!" The entire room fell silent. Unlike me they have never heard the queen swear before.

"Who has Artemis mom?"

"Brent. He came he for me but she tried to stop him and got in the way. They flew out the window together." My heart clenched at the thought of that evil brute having his hands on the poor girl. She had been through enough.

Looking to Nathaniel I gave my orders immediately.

"Captain Nathaniel. Take you best men and go after them immediately." Nathaniel bowed his head and ran out of the room.

"Oberon that's not good enough you need to go. You need to get her now!"

"Mom I promise we'll get her back."

"She's a white wolf Oberon." I whipped my head back in shock.

"What?" There is no way that could be true.

"I saw her. She shifted right in front on me. You know how important she is. You need to find her now." We both turned our heads as a long howl came from the the nearby woods. My wolf immediately focused every sense we had on the sound. I could feel as he whined and then held his breath hoping to hear the sound again.

After another minute the howl was heard again but was cut off with a yelp.

MATE! my wolf cried. No, that was impossible. Our mate was gone. My wolf frantically tried to pull us to the window. I was so confused. What was happening?

I felt a hand brush my cheek which caused me to turn to look at my mother.

"She's calling to you isn't she?" she whispered. "Go to her."

That was all the encouragement my wolf needed. He instantly took control and stomped towards the window. Hopping onto the ledge he grabbed both edges and let out a monstrous roar. That roar was not a threat. It was a promise. We were going to find our mate and kill whoever stood in our way.

Leaping off the ledge my body shifted into my wolf and together we ran down the outer wall before dropping to the ground at a full run. Trees flew past us our nose fell to the ground sniffing for any sign of our mate. Our feet pounded like thunder as adrenaline pushed us onward.

Slowly the sweet scent of lavender and rain filled our nose, pulling us to follow. My wolf's heart skipped a beat knowing our mate was near. As the scent got stronger my wolf took large deep breaths to fill his lungs with it.

He came to a full stop when he saw a flash of white. Looking through the brush we could see a white wolf dangling from the mouth of a giant black wolf. I recognized the black wolf at once as Brent, Beta for the Ralacks. The wolf he held was small. Barely bigger than a runt.

To the right I saw two warriors unconscious. Their bodies were littered with claw marks. They had tried to defend the she wolf, yet failed.

The white wolf looked up at us and lavender eyes met ours. Upon our connection I cold feel a hum in my chest. Slowly pieces of a forgotten thread flowed together until the cord formed, became whole, and thrummed to life.

Mate. It was her. This was my mate! I thought I lost her all those years ago and here she was before my eyes. I couldn't help but stare in wonder.

My enamor was broken when the black wolf began to walk off with my mate still dangling from his mouth. My wolf's focus switched to saving our mate. With a new determination my wolf stepped forward to meet the black one. The acid of his rage spread to fill our muscles preparing to kill the threat that was before us.

Brent upon seeing us froze. He knew he was outmatched. As I approached him I threw every ounce of Alpha power to form one single command.

Drop her! The white wolf fell to the ground with a thud. That just pissed off my wolf more. He jumped at Brent he teeth ripping at his hide tearing off chunks of flesh. Our claws slashed through his pelt. Brent tried to fight back but he was nothing when compared to the strength of my wolf.

Brent fell to the ground his breaths coming out in a wheeze. The strength was leaving his body and his wolf was beginning to give up. He didn't deserve a quick death. He deserved to suffer for what he did but my wolf would not allow him to live.

He looked up at me one last time and gave a chuckle.

You may have her now, but Ralack will rip her away from you. Just like he did your father. Before I could stop him my wolf lunged forward and ripped the black wolf's throat. I watched as the life bled out from him. He gave one final gasp before fading. Tell that to your beloved Ralack.

I forced my wolf to spit out the blood in our mouth before I would let him run to our mate. He rushed over to her and started nuzzling at her body. She was on her side breathing heavy. At my wolf's prodding her eyes opened slightly so I could see those lavender eyes once more before closing. The mate bond hummed again reminding me what I had found. My mate. But she was hurt.

Nathaniel quickly. Bring help. I've found her. She needs helps.

My wolf was in such a panic, we almost didn’t hear the response through the mind link. He just sat there, watching as our mate took each breath. She was going to be alright. She had to be alright. Dear goddess let her be alright. We didn't listen as more warriors appeared and began to carry the fallen warriors away. We were only focused on the rise and fall of her lungs.

Nathanial tried to approach us but my wolf pushed him back with a snarl.

"Your Majesty, we have to take her back. She needs healing." My wolf didn't want anyone to touch her. I knew what needed to be done. I pulled on my wolf willing to let the shift happen. He was reluctant at first, but once I pointed out to him how our mate needed us, he reluctantly pulled back.

Back in human form I was able to lift my mate's sleeping body carefully onto my shoulder. The rest of the soldiers followed as we walked back towards the palace.

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