Cherished Lady: Part 2

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I was pacing impatiently in my wolf form, the thud of my paws echoed throughout the cave as I waited for confirmation from my Beta that the bitch was dead. She had defied my plans one time too many I should have killed her when she first denied me. Instead she chose my weak pathetic brother. It would all be fixed now. The only thing that would have been more satisfying, would be to deliver the killing blow myself.

My warriors stood wary around me. They knew I was on edge. Their wolves cowered and shook as I radiated my Alpha power. One wrong move and I would rip out their throat without remorse.

It had been several hours now. Why have I not heard anything? Something must be wrong. I knew my Beta Brent would follow my orders without hesitation, it was that brat of a boy I was worried about. I had literally beat him in to submission, crushing any hint of free will out of him, but he had been gone for two years now. He would grow complacent without regular beatings to remind him of whom he serves. If something went wrong, it would be because of him.

Another hour passed and I paced. I was ready to find any excuse to tear into someone just to ease the tension I felt. Suddenly I felt a sharp tug in my pack bond. Brent was hurt. Furious I tackled the nearest warrior slicing in to their hide tearing their limbs apart. I felt as the life bled out of him his lungs struggling to breath as they filled with blood.

In his final moments Brent used the last of his energy to send me a scramble of images through the link. At first they made no sense, but looking through them I started to connect the events in order. There were still some holes but I understood the overall message.

The boy was a traitor. He sabotaged Brent to raise the alarm alerting the guards to their presence. Brent never even made it to the bitch queen before being attacked and thrown out a window. I saw images of Brent running through some woods. He was chasing somebody. I wasn't sure what. In the woods Brent was attacked by a steel gray wolf and the traitor boy. He dispatched with them quickly. Good. I had no use for those who lost their loyalty.

My pleasure dissipated when I saw the silver wolf with he gray eyes. I snarled upon seeing him causing those around the cave to tremor more. My pathetic nephew, the usurper King like his father, stood against Brent. I saw flashes of a fight before the images changed to Brent lying on the ground obviously wounded. I let a roar out into the cave. It was a promise that I would exact my revenge on my nephew ten fold for what he did.

The images came in more hazy as Brent began to lose unconsciousness. I was able to see flashes of guards swarming the area running the the usurper king and their fallen warriors. Behind me nephew was a hazy figure I could not quite make out. I pushed my energy through the link trying to give Brent one last burst of energy to se he could focus.

Slowly the image cleared until I could see. On the ground was a wolf with fur as white as snow. My mood went from apocalyptic rage to maniacal glee. . I was furious when she was lost to me all those years ago and even more so when I thought my warriors had killed her in their attempt to recover her. I had heard reports of a young woman with similar features up among a northern pack but my warriors were never able to investigate without giving our position away. None of that mattered now. Her destiny was always with me and soon she will return to me.

It made sense now why the boy turned traitor. I spent years conditioning him, making him forget, but the moment his wolf saw her, he still ran to protect her. Nothing has changed there.

The images began to fade once again as the energy I sent Brent was spent. I heard my Beta give one final message to the usurper.

You may have her now, but Ralack will rip her away from you. Just like he did your father.

The usurper lunged at my Beta and the connection was lost. I tugged at the pack link only to have it pulled away with frayed ends. Brent was gone. My wolf roared again in rage at the lost. The walls shook and rocks fell from the cave ceiling. No one believed in our cause more than Brent. No one had my trust more, but with his sacrifice I had a new plan. Forget the Ingrival girl. She was just a means an end anyway, but she was no longer needed. I have a more worthy Luna to stand by my side now.

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