Cherished Lady: Part 2

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20- Ace

I woke up feeling like I was drowning when really I just had a bucket of water thrown on my head. My lungs gasped trying to inhaled every bit of oxygen in the room. My body shivered as the cold began to cling to my wet skin.

Frantically looking around I saw I was in a dark concrete room. My body struggled against the chains that bound me to a steel chair. Slowly the events the had happened earlier filter through my mind. A reminder of why I was here.

I remembered Brent showed up out of the blue. He wanted me to help him kill the queen but upon entering the queen’s chambers we ran into the white wolf. I was terrified of that wolf. Both times I had run into her, it felt like she ripped my heart out. The first time I got away. The second I was not so lucky.

After she did whatever she did, my wolf went berserk. Instead of capturing the white wolf like Brent commanded, he fought to protect her. That was stupid. Even with the gray wolf helping, we didn’t stand a chance. But somehow we survived.

I was rushed to the barracks hospital long enough for them to find my mark that named me a rogue, and not just any rogue. A Ralack. The crown’s worst enemy. It didn’t take them long to realize what I had done. Before my wounds could even start to heal I was thrown into the dungeon.

My eyes adjusted to the dim light as I tried to blink away the water still dripping from my hair. I was finally able to focus on the figures in front of me. One was sitting in an identical steel chair. I recognized the golden blonde hair before the strong jaw of his face came into focus.

Captain Nathanial of the King's Guard. I had seen him around of course. Everyone knew him as he was second in command. His face didn't give away any of the emotions he felt. He was leaned forward with one arm propped up on his knee so he could rest his chin on his fist. If I didn't know any better I would say he was almost bored with the whole situation.

Behind him stood the first lieutenant of my company, Lieutenant Hayward. He on the other hand couldn't choose which emotion to show. His face would morph from shock, to disappointment and then rage before going back to shock. I was a good soldier. Did everything I was suppose to and he never had a problem with me. Really I was just a good spy. I knew how to stay under the radar.

After staring for a while, Nathaniel reached behind him towards Hayward who handed him a document folder. No doubt it held my records. Most of the information on there was fraud. It's not my fault they didn't catch it.

Thumbing through the document he scan the various information looking for something to guide his questioning. I knew that information like the back of my hand. He wouldn't find anything useful from it. Closing the folder he looked up at me again for a moment before speaking.

"So, Alexander Knight, according to your file you're here as part of the Alpha training program from the West Wood pack. You are 24 years old, father's name is Harold Knight, Mother's name is Diana Knight. You have one sister, no mate and this file is filled with complete horse shit...none of that's true now is it?"

It took some serious self control not to snort at the captain. Of course none of that was true. But like the good spy I was, I didn't given any reaction. Instead I stared at the floor and tried to block everything out while Nathaniel continued.

"So Alexander, let's start with something easy." The captain gave a shrug. "What's your name?" I didn't answer. I just stared at the floor. Nathaniel waited for a minute before he turned to Hayward and gave him a short nod. I saw Hayward legs and body walk towards me before my head snapped to the side from his backhand. Looking at the left hand wall, my mind focused on the different imperfections in the concrete.

"Let's try again. What's your name?" Silently I turned my head back to look at the spot on the floor. That spot of the floor and I were about to get real friendly, cause they weren't getting anything from me.

WHACK! THUD! CRACK! They had been at this for over an hour now. Asking me questions and then pummeling my body when I wouldn't answer. A normal person would have broken by now, their body not able to deal with the pain of being constantly beaten. I wasn't normal. My dad had done way worse to me. This was tame in comparison.

It wasn't that I had allegiance to my father and the pack anymore. In some ways I believe I was never loyal to him. I just did what he said out of fear. But that didn't mean I would automatically jump into bed with the royals. Maybe it was my pride, or stupidity. Either way I was too stubborn to open my mouth.

I was hangin from my hands while Hayward was paying particular attention to my ribs when the metal door in the far corner opened up. Heavy footsteps walked in and stood behind me.

"Enough!" A deep voice commanded. The rhythmic blows to my chest stopped. "Nathaniel explain?" Nathaniel immediately shot up to stand at attention. Whoever this was, outranked the poor captain.

"My lord, this traitor was discovered in the aftermath of the attack on the queen. I believe he knows vital information about the recent activities of the Ralacks."

"So you beat him to a pulp? How do you expect him to talk if he is unconscious?... Both of you are dismissed." Captain Nathaniel and and Lieutenant Hayward remained still. When they didn't move a low growl echoed throughout the chamber and the men both scrambled to leave. I couldn't help it when the corner of my mouth lifted at their retreat.

The steel chair that I was in before scraped along the ground as it was brought near me. I felt as strong arms lifted me from the hook that held my hands before my entire body lowered to sit hunched over in the chair. My head rolled to one side as I had no energy to lift it up anymore.

The man responsible for my relief grabbed Nathaniels chair and sat right in front of me. This finally let me see who my new interrogator was. He was an older man in his 40's with dark hair and a short beard. His dead pale blue eyes stared right at me. Staring at those eyes, I could feel his dominant power. My wolf began to whine in my head and wanted nothing more than to roll over and show him our belly.

"Alright now what do we have here?" He continued to stare at me for a moment before his eyes narrowed in confusion. He learned towards me as his eyes moved from side to side searching for something. "Now why would she..." he didn't finish the thought but just kept staring at me.

His head tilted to the side for a moment before I felt a tug from my chest. My whole body fell over unable to withstand the momentum. My stomach rolled at the odd feeling.

"Well this just got a whole lot more complicated." I looked up at the man who now wore a scowl on his face. My heart started rapid firing as I became alarmed for the first time after waking up.

"What did you do?" I desperately cried. He did something to me. I don't know what but it was the same thing that she wolf did to me in the woods.

"Sh sh sh shhh," he hushed my questions as if he was trying to comfort me. "I'll be asking the questions. What's your actual name?" I might have been sacred out of my mind now, but that just gave me more reason to keep my mouth shut.

"I'm not telling you anything." A sneer grew on the man's face.

"Oh really?" he said amused. I felt him pouring his power into me, a cold feeling trickling through my limbs. "What is your name?" he repeated. The power filling me clenched tight. My wolf struggled against it relentlessly. I could feel the need to speak brewing in my mind. The more I resisted the bigger the pain in the back of my head became. Soon I was almost blind from the pressure I felt. Unable to resist anymore my voice exploded with the answer.

"ACE!" I yelled desperately. The pain was immediately released and I sagged again with the relief. "My name is Ace," I said again breathing heavily. The man smiled softly.

"Hello Ace," he said confidently. "My name is Lord Edmon. Welcome to the pack. I'm your new Beta."

"What? How?"

"The white wolf. I'm pretty sure you remember her." She wasn't really someone you could forget.

"Well she has picked you to be her Delta, which make me your wolf's superior." Pack? Delta? Was that what she was doing when she ripped my guts out? If what he said was true and he was the Beta that meant he could command me to speak and my wolf would have not choice but to do so. He could make me sing like a canary without having to lift a finger.

My eyes widened as the realization of my situation sinked in.

"Ah, connecting the dots are we? Good. Let's begin then?"

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