Cherished Lady: Part 2

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23-Oberon Whiteclaw

The next day Artemis still hadn’t woken up although the doctors kept assuring me that she would very soon. My wolf wanted nothing more than to stay by her side until she woke but there were important matters I needed to attend.

I heard a knock at the door before my uncle walked in.

“They’re ready,” he grunted at me. He would guard Artemis while I was away. I ran my fingers through Artemis’ fur one last time before walking out.

I was the last to arrive at the counsel room. Everyone else was waiting while grumbling and debating among themselves. The rumbling stopped when they saw me.

“Welcome gentlemen,” I greeted them cooly. “Let's begin shall we.”

“What’s this about?” Lord Threshald called out before I even sat. I gave him an impatient glare before settling in my chair. Looking around I saw a lot of curious faces. I’m the one usually summoned to counsel meetings. It is rare I would ever ask for one myself.

Gathering my whits I began.

“There has been an attack on the queen by Ralacks.” The room exploded. Lords were climbing over the table to scream at each other. Some were denying it out right and others were calling for blood. I did not have time for this. My wolf let out a roar silencing the room. I stared down each and everyone of them. This was my meeting.

“Forgive me your majesty,” Lord Ingrival chimed. “What proof do you have that these attackers were indeed actual Ralacks and not just some generic fanatics trying to make a name for themselves?” Oh Ingrival? Good. I was waiting to talk to him.

“We were able to apprehend one of the attackers. He had some very interesting information to share. Speaking of which... guards arrest Lord Ingrival on suspicion of high treason.” At my command several warriors rushed in to grab ahold of Ingrival. His lackeys tried to block their approach but old dimwitted men didn’t stand a chance against hardened warriors.

“This is an outrage!” Lord Ingrival cries. “You have no proof.”

“I have plenty of proof,” I replied with a smile. “I was told how you have been feeding information to the Ralacks for decades. How you made a deal with them to supply information and support in exchange for acquiring the means for your daughter to become queen. What would you call that if not high treason.”

“Traitor!” Lord Herold called out.

“Conspirator!” cried another.

For once Ingrival did not have anything to say. Thinking about the pain and malice he had caused made me want to beat his face until his blood splattered across the table. I wouldn't get a chance, but things had the be done in the proper way.

“Take him to the dungeons,” I spat. Counselors began to argue again as Ingrival silently let himself be pulled away in shame. I was somewhat amused by all the chaos. I had allowed myself to be ruled by it for so long that it was quite entertaining to see it knowing I would not be a part of it anymore.

I called out a rumbled warning for everyone to quiet. I stood up to look down on the scum.

“Gentleman I have only one other piece of business for today. It is my honor and privilege to announce that I am disbanding the great council and rescinding all of it’s powers effective immediately.”

Their reactions were pure poetry. Shock, anger, fear all swirled together as the realization of what I was doing settled on them. Some sank in their chair defeated and other refused to give in. I took note for the latter to be investigated thoroughly.

“You do not have the authority to do this your majesty!” said a panicked Lord Harris.

“I don’t?”

“No! Only the true Alpha King has that power.”

“Well then we’re in agreement. I have the power as I am the Alpha King.” Lord Harris scoffed at my statement. I’ll admit I was having fun fucking with him.

“You are not a true King until you have a mate,” he continued.

“Really?” I said with a snarl. “Then it’s a good thing I found her...”

Deafening silence coated the room. I guess they didn't expect that one. Each member of the council stared at me in my shock. Some hadn't even noticed that they sat there with their mouths hanging open.

"Gentlemen I said the queen was was attacked, you just assumed the wrong queen. During the attack I was able to find my mate, who, as fate would have it, is the goddesses next chosen Luna, which means that I am the true Alpha King and with that authority, I can and will disband the counsel. Thank you for your service." Before they could gather themselves to respond I stood to leave.

"One moment your majesty?" Lord Randall called. Lord Randall was more calculated than the other members. He rarely spoke but whenever he did, his words held weight. I turned to look at the lord annoyed before he continued.

"If I may be bold, may we see your mark?"


"Your mark. If this Luna is indeed your mate then you should bear her mark." I started to abruptly walk away not wanting to admit I was still lacking my mate's mark. Lord Randall would not let it be dismissed. "If you do not bear the Luna's mark then you are not the true Alpha King." My wolf growled at the man questioning our authority. "In fact if what you say is true, then that would make the Luna the highest ruling authority until such a time as she marks her mate." Lord Randall walked up to me and gave a short bow with his head.

"Please tell the new Queen the counsel looks forward to meeting her. We are, as always, in her service."

I stormed down the hallway, my mood was murderous. That was not how I wanted everything to go down. Even after finding my mate the counsel still tries to usurp my authority. What's more is they now demand to meet their new ruler and to immediately involve her in state matters. They were hoping to take advantage of Artemis' inexperience.

Walking to my apartment I see the doctors and nurses I left to watch over Artemis, cowering in the hallway. My uncle was blocking the door, leaning against it with his arms crossed. Behind the door I heard growling and thrashing followed by heavy thumps.

"What on earth is going on?" I bellowed. The doctors further cowered in fear while my uncle stood unfazed.

"Artemis woke up," he stated matter of factly. My wolf became excited wanting to run in and see his mate. Woah boy! We don't want to overwhelm her.

"Then what are you guys doing out here?" I asked. If she was awake she should be checking on her to make sure she was recovering properly.

"She claimed your room as her den. She's been spending the last hour or so rearranging it. Anyone whose tried to enter almostt had their head ripped off. Once I realized, I stood guard to make sure the poor girl didn't maul anyone. " he explained. "But, now that you are here..." He stood up from the door and moved away.

I paused at the door staring. I had dreamed of having a mate to care for but now that I actually had one I was nervous.

"Better get in there before she tears the whole room apart," my uncle called as he walked away down the hallway.

Hesitating still, I slowly opened the door and walked in. The room was a mess. The mattress had been ripped off the bed leaving the frame shoved up a wall on one side. The dresser was toppled over and the drawers were pulled out. Bedding and clothing were piled on top of the toppled mattress. Back in the large walk in closet I hear snarling. and ripping. What would make her do all this?

Not wanting to startle her I closed the door slowly only omitting a small click upon its closure. Despite how soft the click was, the snarling stopped at the sound. I didn't dare to move unsure of what I should do.

Out of the closet I saw a white wolf poke it's head out. Seeing her took my breath away. My wolf kept pushing me to run to our mate but I held back still not wanting to scare her. Her lavender eyes held a scowl as she critique me silently.

Before I could decide on my approach, Artemis charged towards me. Once close she leapt on to my chest throwing me off balance and toppling me backwards. Once on the ground she stood on top of me, her nose sniffing my body. I held my body completely still as she made her inspection. Upon it's completion the Artemis looked down at my face in a scowl.

I couldn't help myself as I raised my hand to touch her fur on the side of her head. She flinched away at first but then allowed me to scratch at the spot behind her ears. Her fur was soft to the touch, my heart melting upon contact.

"Hello there, girl," I cooed. "I see our wolf is still in control." Her wolf gave a huff before lowering herself to completely lay on top of me. I took the opportunity to wrap my arms around her feeling her weight. My wolf purred at having our mate in our arms.

We laid there for a few moment before Artemis' wolf rose and starting sniffing at my chest. With her teeth she grabbed the opening and started pulling my shirt, ripping the buttons off. As I sat up the wolf continued to pull on my shirt determined to tear it from my body.

"Hold on give me a second!" I said franticly as I pulled my arms out. Once they were free the wolf ran away with my shirt to the pile of bedding and clothing. Plopping the the shirt on to the pile, she started nudging at it with her nose carefully arranging it. Once satisfied with its placement she laid down again with a pleased huff.

I walked along the edge of the room to sit on one o the toppled mattresses not wanting to disturb the meticulous pile she made. Once my movement made obvious my intention, Artemis' wolf gave a soft growl declaring her displeasure. I stood back up understanding the correction she gave and returned it with a questioning look. Artemis whined at me with literal puppy dog eyes.

"Where do you want me?" I asked. This would be so much simpler if I could mind link her. Soon my wolf thought.

Shifting from the pile again, the wolf walked behind me and nudged me towards the pile. Climbing on I sat down in the middle looking to my mate for direction. She climbed on top of me again forcing me to lay down on the pile. Once settled together she laid her head on her paws and stared up at me.

My wolf was ecstatic. Our mate had decided to make a den in our room using our clothes and belongings that were covered in our scent and upon it's completion she wanted us in it. Her wolf had accepted us completely. Looking up at my face Artemis's wolf stretched to lick at my neck and cheek. I couldn't help at smile at the blatant act of affection.

I wiped at the wetness the licks left as Artemis settled back down on my chest and closed her eyes in content. I guess tearing apart my room really wore her out. Absent-mindedly I stroked the fur on her back, the worries and the stress of the counsel meeting long forgotten. After a while I drifted off as well. There was no better feeling than having your mate in your arms.
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