Cherished Lady: Part 2

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24- Artemis

I could feel as my consciousness slowly seeped in to my body. I was struggling to open my eyes still but it didn't matter. I was the most comfortable I had ever been since arriving at the palace. It was like I was back in my old den back in the Ever Green pack.

When I arrived I wasn't allowed to pile the bedding like I had before and sleeping on a stiff mattress wasn't the same. Where ever I was felt soft, warm and safe. I stretched my body out enjoying the feel. In response I felt and arm reach out and pull my back against something. I was lying next to something hard and by the smell of it, masculine.

My eyes popped open. Slowly I took in my surroundings. I didn't recognize the creme walls with gilded paintings nor could I remember why all the furniture and bed was toppled over. There was one thing I did know...I wasn't suppose to be here.

Slowly turning my head I looked over my shoulder behind me. Sleeping next to me was a large man with dark brown hair and a short beard. It took me a few seconds to process who it really was. King Oberon.

Flashes of images filled my mind. They were too jumbled to make sense of. Panic filled my lungs as my heart pumped adrenaline throughout my body begging me to run. Sounded like a good idea to me.

I started to pull off the sheet wrapped around my body only to rapidly wrap myself back in it. I was naked. Why was I in King Oberon's room and why am I naked? That was a future problem to solve. I needed to get out of here first.

Clinging to the sheet I gently lifted his majesty's arm. I had just about enough room to make my escape when his other arm grabbed me from underneath and turned us pulling me with him until I laid on top. So here I was, naked, on top of the King, in his room. My cheeks began to flush as I tried to look for any way out of this.

Before I could come up with any sort of plan, Oberon grumbled before opening his eyes. As they came to focus on me, a soft smile grew on his face,

"You're back?" he muttered in a warm tone as his hand came to cup my face. I winced at the contact trying to put as much distance between us as possible.

"Artemis what's wrong?" he asked confused. I was released as he began to sit up. Before he could grab me again, I scrambled away pulling the sheet I had with me. "Artemis what's the matter? Are you ok?" King Oberon's voice grew more panicked as he began to crawl towards me which only cause me to scramble away more.

"Artemis you're starting to scare me." Of course he would think something was wrong. Why else would I be in his room?

"Um... forgive me your majesty...I don't know..." I couldn't string more than a few words together. I was so embarrassed all I wanted to do was climb in a hole and die from it.

"Artemis my wolf is going nuts with how upset you are. Tell me what's wrong?" I looked around the room for any logical explanation I could give for why I was there. Before I could, realization dawn on the King's face.

"Artemis do you remember how you got here?" Busted. Rather than saying anything I frantically shook my head before looking at the ground.

"Artemis," the King continued, "we're mates." I looked up at the King confused at his statement. I obviously knew what mates were but looking at King Oberon I couldn't believe it. I saw none of the signs of him being my mate. There was no pull. I found him attractive, yes, but I felt nothing more than admiration for my King.

'Forgive me your majesty, I think you may be mistaken," I whimpered. The King gave an impatient sigh and stood up to walk over to me.

"Here I'll prove it to you." Once he got near he knelt down to meet my level. I gave the bedsheet and extra squeeze to make sure it was secure. Reaching out with his hand he paused it near my upper arm and looked at me asking permission. I wasn't sure what he was doing so I gave him a small nod to let him know he could. Lightly with the back of his fingers he stroked my skin.

"See?" He said with a smile. "The sparks, do you feel that?" I looked at him in bewilderment.

"No," I said alarmed. This caused his face to fall into confusion.

"No?... That's not possible. You have to feel it." The more he spoke the more distressed he became. He then grabbed my wrist holding it up to my eye level. "This! You don't feel this?" He voice was desperate at this point. I stared where his hand help on to me wishing I felt what he so wanted to believe.

"No," I said shaking my head. The King released my hand as his whole body sagged. My heart broke for him. "I'm so sorry your majesty-"

"Don't!" he cut me off wincing at my words. "Please don't call me that." He rubbed his eyes obviously stressed. "Call me Oberon," he continued. "I want you to call me Oberon." I wasn't sure if I could really call the King by his given name but I felt so bad for him that I nodded my head rather than disappointing him again.

Giving a sad sigh he looked up at me again.

"What's the last thing you remember?" I tried to sort through my memories. I remember the queen being attacked, but things got fuzzy once I shifted into my wolf.

"I remember running into the woods," I said hopefully. Oberon gave me a small smile.

"Yeah, that's where I found you," he said assuringly. "Do you remember anything else?"

"I remember my friend Dalton came to help me."

"Yes, and then?" I scrubbed through my mind trying to find any trace of information of what happened after Dalton showed up but all I found was darkness.

"I'm sorry," I said regretfully. The king nodded his head with a sad smile. Obviously something had happened and the fact that I couldn't remember was killing him.

"It's ok," he said reassuringly. "We'll figure this out."

We were interrupted by a knock at the door before it began to open. In a flash Oberon ran to the door slamming it shut with a growl. A voice shouted from the other side.

"Your majesty, please forgive me! We have a situation!" I recognized Lord Edmon's voice as he yelled through the door.

"Wait one second," Oberon yelled back. Turning back to the room he ran around looking frantically for something. Running toward the pile he scrambled through the different fabrics until he was able to pull out a black t-shirt. Returning to me he crouched down to hand me the t-shirt.

"I should have given this to you sooner,' he whispered before standing and turning his back to me. I quickly pulled the shirt on covering myself more. Once it was on I called to the King with an "ok." He turned and nodded at me before walking over and opening the door.

Lord Edmon entered the room and walked in further but once he crossed an imaginary line my wolf growled at him causing him to pause and raise his hands in surrender.

"Forgive me your majesty," Lord Edmon quickly apologized. "I forgot your wolf had claimed this as your den." What is he talking about? Of course Oberon's wolf would claim his room. Lord Edmon furrowed his brown seeing my confusion then looked at the King to speak.

"You haven't explained everything to her yet have you," The King shook his head.

"No, but we have a problem," Oberon explained. "she can't feel the bond."

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